BC U19 - 2013

July 21 2013

BC Win Canadian U19 Rugby Championship for Second Year in a Row with 15-13 Win Over Prairie Wolfpack

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posted July 21 2013

BC won all four of its games at the Canadian U19 rugby championships to successfully defend its title.

The final was a close contest with the Prairie Wolfpack leading for most of the game. The Wolfpack went ahead early with a try, BC narrowed the gap a little later to trail 5-3. Jorden Sandover-Best scored for BC with Quinton WIllms converting to take the lead 10-5, still in the first half. The Wolfpack replied with an unconverted try and a penalty kick to go into the half with the lead, 13-10.

The game would remain locked at 13-10 until 5 minutes left in the game when Jorden Sandover-Best blocked a kick and James Pitblado scored the winning try. The game ended 15-13 for BC.

BC (15 pts)
Tries: Jorden Sandover-Best, James Pitblado
Conversions: Quinton Willms
Penalties: Quinton WIllms
Wolf Pack (13 pts)
Tries: Wade Lavalee, Ben LeSage
Penalties: Adam McQueen

BC vs Prairie Wolf Pack
1-Liam Beaulieu, 2-Nolan Laderoute, 3-Neil Courtney, 4-Reid Tucker, 5-Connor Hamilton, 6-Jeff Nishima-Miller, 7-Nathan Hight, 8-Haydn Evans, 9-Jorden Sandover-Best, 10-Quinton Willms, 11-Crosby Stewart, 12-Joe Erlic, 13-Nathan Yanagiya, 14-Austin Karius, 15-James Pitblado
16-Jacob Collins, 17-MacBryan Bos, 18-Dylan Kiselbach, 19-Connor Weyell, 20-Cole Mosychuk, 21-Sebastian Gibson, 22-Gavin McLean

Wolf Pack
1-Trent Bennett (AB), 2- Matt Harrison (C) (MB), 3- Jack Sponarski (AB), 4- Wade Lavallee (SK), 5- Callum Moore (AB), 6- Kieran Lauridsen (AB), 7- Orrin Farries (AB), 8- Josh Hotchkiss (AB), 9- Jay Welsh (AB), 10- Adam McQueen (VC) (AB), 11- Brandon Wayean (AB), 12- Ben LeSage (AB), 13- Connor Macrae (AB), 14- Evan Beck (AB), 15- Brandon Harrison (AB)
16- Kaij Mychalchuk (MB), 17- Jared Goosen (SK), 18- Brooks Johnson (SK), 19- Jonny VanElslander (MB), 20- Matt Sutherland (AB), 21- Ben Pluck (AB), 22- William Jacklin-Watt (SK)

BC Defeats Prairie Wolfpack 33-15 to Claim Top Spot in Pool Round - Final Tomorrow

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posted July 20 2013

They'll do it all over again tomorrow but BC defeated the Prairie Wolf Pack in the final pool game. The victory just gives BC bragging rights for the day as they'll meet again tomorrow in the tournament decider.

James Pitblado scored two tries, Nathan Yanagiya scored twice as well as the game progressed 7-0, 7-3, 12-3, 19-3, 26-3, 26-10, 33-10, 33-15 for BC.

BC Scoring Info
Tries: James Pitblado x2, Nathan Yanagiya x2, Quinton Willms
Conversions: Quinton Willms x4

BC vs Prairie Wolf Pack
1-Liam Beaulieu, 2-Jacob Collins, 3-Niel Courtney, 4-Reid Tucker, 5-Connor Hamilton, 6-Connor Weyell, 7-Nathan Hight, 8-Haydn Evans, 9-Jorden Sandover-Best, 10-Quinton Willms, 11-Crosby Stewart, 12-Joe Erlic, 13-Nathan Yanagiya, 14-Gavin McLean, 15-James Pitblado
16-MacBryan Bos, 17-Nolan Laderoute, 18-Rob Fenton, 19-Jeff Nishima-Miller, 20-Dylan Kiselbach, 21-Titus Le, 22-Sebastian Gibson

BC Defeats Voyageurs 43-12 to go 2-0 at the CRC U19 Tournament

posted July 18 2013
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BC ran up a 43-0 scoreline within 50 minutes then put on the cruise control to finish 43-12 winners. BC are now 2-0 at the tournament with only the Prairie Wolfpack left to play on Saturday. The Wolfpack defeated Ontario 25-22 today creating a tie for top spot with both Wolfpack and BC having 2-0 records. The top two teams will meet on Sunday to determine the tournament winner and with Ontario and Voyageurs now sitting at 0-2 the finalists are guaranteed to be the Prairie Wolfpack and BC, an all west affair. The teams will meet on consecutive days, Saturday for the pool round game and Sunday for the final.

BC Scorers: 43 pts
Tries: MacBryan Bos x2, Nathan Yanagiya, Dyland Kiselbach, James Pitblado, Rob Fenton, Nolan Laderoute
Conversions: Quinton WIllms x4

It's almost a completely new look BC lineup today versus the Voyageurs. There's a new front row. Tucker is moved from second row to #8, and a new second row partner for Hamilton is brought in. The flankers have been changed so only two forwards from the Ontario game remain in the starting lineup.

In the backs Jorden Sandover-Best remains at scrum half but James Pitplado gets the start at #10, moved from fullback. Quinton Willms switches to fullback from #10. McLean is moved from wing to inside centre, Yanagiya keeps his outside centre position and two new backs are brought in.

BC Roster vs Voyageurs
1-Dylan Kiselbach, 2-Jacob Collins, 3-MacBryan Bos, 4-Connor Weyell, 5-Connor Hamilton, 6-Rob Fenton, 7-Nathan Hight, 8-Reid Tucker, 9-Jorden Sandover-Best, 10-James Pitblado, 11-Austin Karius, 12-Gavin McLean, 13-Nathan Yanagiya, 14-Sebastian Gibson, 15-Quinton WIllms
16-Liam Beaulieu, 17-Nolan Laderoute, 18-Jeff Nishima-Miller, 19-Titus Le, 20-Crosby Stewart, 21-Joe Erlic, 22-Cole Mosychuk

Voyageurs Roster
1-Chayse Moore, 2-Conor Mullen, 3-Jacob Chahwan, 4-Dave Matthews, 5-Malcolm Baird, 6-Broeghan Carrol, 7-Morgan Stone, 8-Ethan Sanders, 9-Weston Hill, 10-Jonah Nadler, 11-Dan Pelletier, 12-Charles DeBove, 13-Andrew Milne ©, 14-Kenny Boyce, 15-Nate Edwardson
16-Abdul Mansour, 17-Ryan McCaughan, 18-Alexy Leavitt, 19-Conor McCaffrey, 20-Pierre-Nicholas Perron, 21-Nick Rossi, 22-Laurent Jomphe

July 17-21. U19 Canadian Rugby Championship (Calgary Rugby Park, Alberta)
July 17th - British Columbia 22 - 20 Ontario Blues
July 18th, 11:00am - British Columbia vs Voyageurs
July 20th, 2:00pm British Columbia vs Prairie Wolf Pack
Playoff Rounds - Sun. July 21st , 11:00am - 3rd/4th Consolation, 1:00pm - National Final

BC Defeat Ontario 22-20 with Penalty Kick in Dying Moments of Game

posted July 17 2013
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The BC vs Ontario game at the CRC U19 tournament in Calgary started at noon BC time. BC have gone up 5-0 in the first half, that lead was cut short by an Ontario penalty, score 5-3 to BC still in the first half. BC scored a second try which was converted, sorry no names yet on the twitter feeds. That's how the scoreline stands at halftime.

In the second half teams exchanged tries in the first 10 minutes and the score differential remains 9, 19-10 for BC. Ontario have come back with two unconverted tries and lead 20-19 with time ticking down. BC have kicked a penalty with very little time left and regain the lead 22-20.

And it's over, a nail-biting close victory for BC over Ontario.


Quinton Willms (1T, 1P, 1C), Nathan Yanagiya (1T), Crosby Stewart (1T)

Read the BCRU Press Release here.

In an earlier match the Prairie Wolf Pack (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) defeated the Eastern Canadian Voyageurs (Quebec, Eastern Ontario, Maritimes) 23-0.

BC Lineup vs Ontario
1- Liam Beaulieu, 2-Nolan Laderoute, 3-Neil Courtney, 4-Reid Tucker, 5-Connor Hamilton, 6-Jeff Nishima-Miller, 7-Cole Mosychuk, 8-Haydn Evans, 9-Jorden Sandover-Best, 10-Quinton Willms, 11-Crosby Stewart, 12-Nathan Yanagiya, 13-Joe Erlic, 14-Gavin McLean, 15-James Pitblado
16-MacBryan Bos, 17-Jacob Collins, 18-Conner Weyell, 19-Robert Fenton, 20-Nathan Hight, 21-Austin Karius, 22-Sebastain Gibson

BC Announce Team for National U19 Championship in Calgary July 17-21

posted July 9 2013
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BC announced their team for the National U19 championship in Calgary from July 17-21. BC are defending champions having gone undefeated last year.

The club representation this year is listed below. UVic lead the way with 5 players, overall the mainland clubs provide 17 players and the island 8 players. There are 14 rugby programs represented.

Club Representation

UVic – 5
Capilano – 3
UBC – 3
Bayside – 3
Abby – 2
Burnaby – 1
James Bay – 1
CW – 1
Comox – 1
Ravens – 1
Kelowna – 1
Surrey – 1
United – 1
VRC - 1

2013 Tournament Schedule - U19 Canadian Rugby Championship
Wed. July 17th
11:00am - Prairie Wolf Pack vs Voyageurs
1:00pm - British Columbia vs Ontario Blues

Thurs. July 18th
11:00am - Voyageurs vs British Columbia
1:00pm - Prairie Wolf Pack vs Ontario Blues

Sat. July 20th
12:00pm Ontario Blues vs Voyageurs
2:00pm British Columbia vs Prairie Wolf Pack

Playoff Rounds - Sun. July 21st
11:00am - 3rd/4th Consolation
1:00pm - 1st/2nd National Final

BC U19 Men's Roster
1. Neil Courtney - Loose Head Prop (UBC Thunderbirds)
2. Liam Beaulieu - Loose Head Prop (Bayside Athletic Association)
3. Jacob Collins - Hooker (United Rugby Club)
4. Nolan Laderoute - Hooker (Vancouver Rowing Club)
5. Macbryan Bos - Tighthead Prop (UVic Vikes)
6. Dylan Kiselbach - Tighthead Prop (Bayside Athletic Association)
7. Reid Tucker - Lock (Capilano RFC)
8. Connor Hamilton - Lock (UBC Thunderbirds)
9. Connor Weyell - Lock (Capilano RFC)
10. Nathaniel Hight - Flanker (Surrey Beavers AA)
11. Jeff Nishima-Miller - Flanker (UVic Vikes)
12. Cole Mosychuk - Flanker (UBC Okanagan / Kelowna Crows)
13. Robert Fenton - Flanker (UBCOB Ravens)
14. Haydn Evans - No. 8 (UVic Vikes)
15. James Pitblado - Scrum Half (UVic Vikes)
16. Jorden Sandover-Best - Scrum Half (UBC Thunderbirds)
17. Quinton Willms - Fly Half (Bayside Athletic Association)
18. Crosby Stewart - Wing (James Bay Athletic Association)
19. Austin Karius - WIng (Capilano RFC)
20. Gavin McLean - Centre (Comox Kickers RFC)
21. Joe Erlic - Centre (Castaway Wanderers RFC)
22. Sebastian Gibson - Centre (Abbotsford RFC)
23. Nathan Yanagiya - Centre (UVic Vikes)
24. Justin Douglas - Wing (Abbotsford RFC)
25. Titus Le - Back Three (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)

BC U19 Team Staff
Head Coach - Kris de Scossa
Assistant Coach - Dave Murphy
Manager - Clive Fairs
Therapist / Trainer - Alvin Tseng

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