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May 05 2005

Capilano Win 2005 Rounsefell Cup with a 33-16 win over the Vancouver Meralomas

By Jan-Christian Sorensen - North Shore News -
posted May 5 2005

THE Capilano Rugby Football Club's premier men's team is the best in the province.


Last May the West Van side won its first F.W. Rounsefell Cup provincial championship trophy in 49 years with a 17-12 win over the UBC Old Boys Ravens. Up to that point, a local team had not claimed the B.C. crown since the North Shore All Blacks won it back in 1955 - 14 years before the club merged with the West Vancouver Barbarians to form the current Capilano club.

On Saturday afternoon the Caps stamped a well-deserved repeat on the trophy when they dispatched the Vancouver Meralomas 33-16 at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium.

As they did the week previous in their BCRU semifinal match against the Velox Valhallians - the host Caps were behind 10-0 at the break in that one but rebounded for a 28-10 win and a berth in the B.C. final - the champs saved their best efforts for the second half of the game.

After two frames it was the Meralomas who held a 13-11 advantage. But the Capilano offence cycled up after the break, the defence clamped down and the Meralomas only managed to put another three points on the board before the boys in black and yellow once again celebrated as they held aloft the Cup.

"That seems to be the story with us week in and week out," said Capilano premier team captain Mike Andrew, who was named the man of the match after the dust settled. "The opposition just runs out of gas and we start holding onto the ball, keeping possession, and eventually break them down.

"The floodgates opened for us in the second half. We had a nice back move - Nick Belmar put in a nice pass to Tony Weller, who got off a nice pass to Chris Burk, who scored a try that was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. You could see it in the faces of (the Meralomas) after that. They knew they probably didn't have a chance to win. We were dominating the game at that point and we didn't seem to give up the ball at all in the second half of the game. They could not get through our defence. We really stepped up in that facet of the game."

The Capilano tries were scored by Ian Smortchevsky, Akio Tyler, Brent Steacy and Burk. Tom Larisch had a pair of conversions and a penalty, and Kevin Guidi added another two penalties to the tally. On the Vancouver side, Brian Erichsen scored the only try and Ian Breheney was good for the convert and three penalties.

Great rugby, great weather, cold beer [complete with a RCMP sniffing
station after the game!]; all occured at UBC in the Premier Mens' final.

by Jeremy Dalton
April 26, 2004

The final score Capilanos 17 Old Boys Ravens 12 of itself told a lot.
the 2 teams played each other 3 times during the year, and the scoring
difference was 10 points. Capilanos won all 3, so a BC title was
deserved, but not easy!

The Caps dominated the start, but a goal post (penalty kick) and
penalties against near the Ravens' line denied any points. The Old Boys
had a 3-0 lead at the half.

Capilanos crossed the line twice in the second half, and try scorer Tom
Larisch (fullback John Granander got the other) added 2 conversions and
a penalty. The trusty Troy MacDonald hit 3 penalties, and a drop goal
rounded out the Ravens' total.

The last 10 minutes saw a Old Boys march from their 22 to the Caps' goal
line. Not a kick in the entire effort, and it was the trademark Caps'
defence that made the difference. Cristof Strubin, a Canada 7s
international, showed why he is on that team, with his search and
destroy open field tackling.

A Ravens' penalty near the Caps' try line ended the relentless march,
and Hyde-Lay [his last game] blew up full time.

The Capilanos annual awards dinner that evening was very special. Forty
nine years betwen North Shore wins is a longtime!

The top two club sides in the BCRU Premier League regular season standings, Capilano Curtis Lumber and the UBCOB Ravens, have advanced to the "Rounsefell Cup" BC Club Championship final

Saturday April 17, 2004

At Klahanie Park, in West Vancouver, Capilano Curtis Lumber won out 19 - 15 over the Bayside Sharks. Capilano Curtis Lumber moved ahead 19 - 9 after the half time break, a break which saw both sides enter the mid point of the match tied at 9 - 9. The Bayside Sharks fought back to 19 - 15, but, tenacious defence by Capilano Curtis Lumber saw the home side hold off the visitors on their goal line, in the final minutes of play. The absolutely packed stands at Klahanie Park erupted with a standing ovation in appreciation of the tense encounter played out before them.

At Jericho Park, in Vancouver, the UBCOB Ravens defeated the visiting Castaway-Wanderers from Victoria 34 - 20 to claim the other spot in the Rounsefell Cup final to be played next Saturday.

In the BC 1st Division semi-final, which also doubled as the VRU 1st Division Final, the Meraloma 1st Division claimed a 24 - 17 victory over UBC to advance to next Saturday's BC 1st Division Final against Abbotsford, at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium.

Abbotsford 1st Division, being the highest seeded team after the BC 1st Division Quarter-Finals, received a bye through the semi's into next Saturday's BC 1st Division Final.

In the "Bell-Irving Cup", VRU 2nd Division Final, played earlier at Klahanie Park the Vancouver Rowing Club 2nd Division claimed a 29 - 9 victory over the Capilano RFC 2nd Division.

The Vancouver Rowing Club 2nd Division advance to next Saturday's "Province Cup" BC 2nd Division Final against Kelowna, also to be played next Saturday at the BC Rugby Men's Club Championships, at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium.

In the VRU 3rd Division Final, played at Klahanie Park in West Vancouver, the top seeded UCC-Kamloops team came away winners over the Capilano 3rd Division by a score of 26 - 3, to claim the Hump-Payne Trophy. Both the UCC-Kamloops 3rd Division side and the Capilano 3rd Division side will represent the VRU in the upcoming Sarotoga Cup BC 3rd Division Championships, to be held May 8th & 9th 2004, in Kamloops.

Rounsefell Cup Semi-finals
BCRU Premier League Men's Playoffs

Capilano Curtis Lumber 19 vs Bayside Sharks 15 @ Klahanie Pk
UBCOB Ravens 34 vs Castaway-Wanderers 20 @ Jericho Pk

VRU First Division Final &
BC Mens First Division Playoff Semi-final

UBC 17 vs Meraloma 24 @ Wolfson Fields

Bell-Irving Cup
VRU 2nd Division Men's Final

Capilano 2nd Div 9 vs Rowing Club 2nd Div 29 @ Klahanie Pk

Hump-Payne Trophy
VRU 3rd Division Men's Final

Capilano 3rd Div 3 vs UCC-Kamloops 26 @ Klahanie Pk

BCRU Premier League Men's Playoffs
Rounsefell Cup Semi-finals scoring details:

Capilano Curtis Lumber 19 vs Bayside Sharks 15
Capilano Curtis Lumber
Try: Bob Bremner
Conversion: Tom Larisch
Penalties: Tom Larisch - 4

Bayside Sharks
Penalties: Joe Haley - 4
Drop Goal: Wayne Bremner

UBCOB Ravens 34 vs Castaway-Wanderers 20
UBCOB Ravens scorers:
Tries: Jim Douglas, Jason Hartley, Mike Smith
Conversions: Troy MacDonald - 2
Penalties: Troy MacDonald - 3, John Graf
Drop Goal: Troy MacDonald

Tries: Garth Cooke, Scott Franklin, Ty Spicer
Conversion: Derek Daypuck
Penalty: Derek Daypuck

Men's Rugby
Upcoming at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium
BC Rugby Club Championships
Saturday April 24, 2004

Rounsefell Cup
( Presented by F.W. Rounsefell 1921)
BCRU Premier League Men's Club Championship Final

Capilano Curtis Lumber
UBCOB Ravens

BC 1st Division
Club Championship Final


BC 2nd Division - Province Cup
(formerly the Daily Province Cup – Presented 1902)
Club Championship Final

Vancouver Rowing Club

BC U-16
Club Championship Final

BC U-14 - Forsberg Cup
Club Championship Final

( formally Bruce Howie Cup and then Columbia Cup)
BC Rugby Club Championships
Men's 3rd Division Rugby
Upcoming in Kamloops
May 8th & 9th 2004

Capilanos and Ravens win semi-final matches

Capilanos will face UBCOB Ravens in the Rounsefell Cup final next week. Capilano Curtis Lumber downed Bayside by a score of 19 to 15. Capilano were up by 19-9 and weathered a come back by Bayside which saw the hosts defending on their goal line at full time. In the other semi-final the Ravens defeated the visiting Castaway Wanderers by a score of 34-20 to set up a final meeting of the top two teams in the regular season.

Report phoned in by Cam McNaughton....more detailed reports to follow.

It’s Oracle Season –Out on a Limb for Rounsefell Cup Semi- Final Matches by Ben Buan

Here I stand saw in hand, ready to climb the prognosticator’s perch and lay down the first saw cut on the branch of prediction. By dinner time next Saturday you will know whether I picked the right side or not. I will either be in a heap of humility in the brambles of my bungled choices or on the heights of hubris ready to have another go at picking the winner in the April 24th championship. I currently stand in 20,153rd place in the Sportsnet Playoff Hockey Pool, if that helps you to decide how much weight to give to my crystal ball gazing prowess.

Even ignoring the puzzling format that sees the regular season champs have to play the higher seeded Bayside Sharks, on season form the oddsmakers would surely make the Capilano and Raven sides the prohibitive favourites. The 14-4 Capilanos, the picture of consistency all year must surely be favoured over the mercurial Sharks. Likewise the 12-5-1 Ravens should be prohibitive favourites over the 7-11 Castaway Wanderers who were a meagre 4-6 in the second half and limped into the playoffs 0-3 before knocking off the brave Meralomas in quadruple overtime.

But statistics are for losers you say, and playoffs are a new season – pick your platitude – the result should make for some high drama on Saturday.

Here are this scribblers predictions.

Capilano Curtis Lumber vs. Bayside Sharks

The Caps defend like demons and they allowed 100 fewer points on the season as did the Sharks. They were a full 5 points per game better on defence than their next nearest rivals, the Pacific Pride and Ravens. On the flip side, the Caps were only 6th in the league in scoring points but within ½ point per game on average of the Sharks. In head to head matches the Caps prevailed but only narrowly.

Both sides can play with a decided nasty edge to their game, though the Sharks seem to be more subdued away from their boisterous fans. The Caps can say they are the only side to hold aloft the vaunted Pacific Pride scalp with two first half victories. Bayside lost a heartbreaker to the Pride by one point in February, the beginning of the Prides undefeated second half run. By these rough measures Capilano certainly deserves to take the field as the favourite, but perhaps by less of a margin than one would expect.

There will be some interesting match ups to watch including Adam Van Staveren from Bayside and Christoph Strubin for Capilanos at open side flanker spots. Barry Creighton and Mike Langley will be the second row duo and captain Mike Andrew rounds out a very tough, mobile and experienced back row. Unless Pat Bickerton is back from a suspension, Capilano’s back row looks to have an edge over the fiercely competitive but smaller Bayside contingent. Pound for pound there is no tougher competitor than Bayside flanker Jason Blaak, but it may be tough for him to withstand the pounding.

At the halfback spots, Ali Shebani and Joe Haley have been wizards all season long and expect them to be big factors in the game on Saturday, with Haley carrying the kicking load. John Granander has carried most of the kicking load for the Caps, but Tom Larisch is steady in this area as well.

Both sides have some experienced and highly skilled back line players. Bayside centres Andrew Hufmann and Chris Pack can cause a lot of damage on either side of the ball, while Bob Bremner, when on form at his centre spot is definitely an impact player. Garth Prouse, Ryan Stewart and Akio Tyler give the Caps plenty of firepower out wide.

I am going to go with the favourites in this one. The Caps ability to defend and their admiration for Coach Ben Calitz and commitment to his system, should give them enough of an edge in the intangibles department to prevail in what should be a low scoring affair.

Capilanos by 10

Ravens vs. Castaways

This should be the polar opposite style of match to the other semi-final. Both these teams can score points, and perhaps more importantly both have shown a weakness in being able to defend at times, particularly in pressure situations. Ravens ended the season losing 3 of 4 including a shocker against the Brit-Lions. The game made no difference in the standings to the Ravens, and an enormous amount from a pride perspective for the Brit-Lions, so it may not have been such a shock after all.

The Ravens certainly redeemed themselves with a clear win over James Bay, in a game many thought would be closer. The Castaways limped into the playoffs with 3 straight losses and squeaked by the Meralomas in the quarter finals so on paper the Ravens appear to be the much stronger squad. They scored the highest number of points of playoff teams, and had +154 differential in points scored vs. points allowed, compared to a -8 differential for Castaways.

The Castaways side just doesn’t look like the same side that lost 5 of its first 8 games at the start of the season, and three straight to end it. They have most of their injured players back, and Ryan Smith from his XV’s and 7’s stints in the fold to play either centre or stand-off. Ben Calitz might yet regret his comment that he would like to play Castaways.

The tight fives will be where a lot of the action will take place. Props Garth Cooke and either Adam Dowhy or Chad Plater will flank “Homer” Wray at hooker. The latter will have his hands full in the set pieces against the powerful Jim Yeganegi, who will be flanked by one of the trio of Mark Reid, Kevin Wirachowski or John Morelatto. Much has been said (perhaps too much at times) of the tendency of the Ravens forwards to do everything they can to slow the ball, but the fact of the matter they do, and it serves the purpose of forcing an opponent to play to the Raven’s strength. There is little to choose between the front rows, with the exception of Yeganegi having the edge in the front row match up against the smaller Wray.

Overall there will be some real battles between these two packs, and I would give Castaways the edge at the back row where Goodland and Steenkamp were towers of strength in the quarter final. Ravens might have the edge at second row where the underrated (by all but those who play against him it seems) Mike Burak gives them an edge with his height and athleticism. This Spence McTavish product via Lord Byng and UBC has a Mike James look about him. If Ed Knaggs has recovered from his injury, a Burak/Knaggs match-up would be revealing to students of second row styles.

If experience and guile wins games, then the Ravens will walk away victors on the strength of John Graf and Troy MacDonald. Mention continues to be made of Gareth Rees, but aura has very little currency in the trenches, so don’t expect him to make the difference.

The edge has to go to Castaways on the overall backline, with Ryan Smith and Derek Daypuck being outstanding tactical kickers, sure tacklers and dangerous on the attack. The Ravens wingers have appeared to be vulnerable to pressure at times and they should expect a lot of it on Saturday. Bruce Reid has been a real force for the Ravens from his inside center spot and he should force the Castaways to make a lot of tackles. Chris Lekakis has good speed on the wing, but Ravens have no real game breaker in their backline.

The key will be who wins the rough and tumble battles between the packs. If Castaways can produce quick clean ball and apply pressure to the Ravens backline, they should be able to put up enough points to win. If Ravens can dictate the pace of play and force Castaways to play to their strengths, the home side should win.

I look for a high scoring affair and give the edge to Castaways.

Castaways by 6

Oak Bay Edges Meralomas 32-27 in Sudden Death Overtime by Ben Buan

As the only surviving Island based team in the playoffs, and with the rich tradition of success which the classy Castaway Wanderers carry with them, it would be wise for the UBC Old Boy Ravens to be prepared for an outstanding contest next Saturday.

It is Victoria's loss and BC Ferry Corporation's gain, that there will be no more Premier League games played on Vancouver Island with Oak Bay being the lowest seeded team to advance to the next round. Oak Bay certainly picked up a large following of Island based supporters with their victory over the Vancouver Meralomas. And the VIRU came within a whisker of being shut out completely.

On a perfect day for rugby, the Castaways started strongly and put some early pressure on the Lomas. Some hard inside running by Garth Cooke set up a ruck near the Lomas 22 which produced a quick ball out wide right with the Oak Bay winger winning a foot race to the flag. The convert was missed.

The Meralomas responded led by a 35 metre romp up the middle by hooker Mark Lawson, from a ruck formed by his supporting pack, fly half Pat Fleck spied a seam and darted through it to sprint untouched to the posts. Darren Davies converted to give the Lomas a 7-5 lead.

A defensive struggle filled the next 15 minutes with neither team able to break through or put together long phases of possession. Lomas captain Brian Erichsen survived with a warning for dangerous charge into a just forming ruck, and penalty kick was missed. The Lomas put more pressure on and Erichsen was held up at the goal line by the furious defending of the Oak Bay forwards, and then they gave away possession on an obstruction penalty as they tried to drive over from a pick and drive off the 5 meter scrum - a play they used effectively through much of the game.

As often happens the goal line stand shifted the momentum and in a few minutes the Oak Bay forwards were mounting a big push with one of big props Cooke or Dowhy finishing the play. The conversion was missed. A few minutes later a penalty was awarded for a late hit by Lawson on Ed Knaggs, forcing Knaggs out of the game with what in hockey playoff parlance would be described as a lower body injury. It looked like a hip pointer or hip flexor. Lawson's stature as a player may have allowed him to dodge a yellow card on the play. The penalty was goaled and Oak Bay now led 13-7 as the half came to a close. (In one of those little subtext ironies, Lawson himself had to leave the field early in the second half with a rib injury)

The opening 10 minutes of the second half was all outside the 22's. Oak Bay fullback Derek Daypuck consistently either relieved pressure or gained valuable territory with his booming kicks from hand. On one break down the left sideline he chose to try the chip and chase but was unable to beat the defender to the goal line. Castaways attempted but missed a drop goal 10 minutes into the second half, but a later penalty was goaled to stretch the lead to 16-7.

Oak Bay's second row #4 was yellow carded for rough play, and the Lomas seized the opportunity with some powerful inside running by blind side Sean O'Leary. This set up another penalty and Fleck's quick tap and pass to Erichsen produced the try near the goal posts. Davies converted to narrow the lead to 16-14.

The Lomas winger misjudged the ball on the restart and knocked the ball into touch near his own 22. Oak Bay cycled the ball back into the centre of the field and a perfectly set up drop goal attempt was successful. A few minutes later and while still a man short, Oak Bay's pack again showed a higher level of desire and captain Ken Goodland from his number eight spot crashed over for a try which after the conversion stretched the lead to 24-14 with less than 10 minutes to play.

A well executed chip and chase gained 40 meters for the Lomas. A penalty was awarded and Davies slotted the kick from 22, to bring the home team to within a converted try. Then with only a few minutes remaining Mike Hall broke free down the left wing and outsprinted the last defender to bring the ball to ground under the posts. Davies nailed the conversion to tie the score 24 all.

The Meralomas were pressuring near the Oak Bay goal line but from a ruck just outside the Oak Bay 5 meter line a knock on killed the play. Mr. Patterson blew the whistle and overtime was at hand.

In the first 10 minute frame neither team threatened as the teams played solid defense and some tightness may have contributed to some poor ball handling or decision-making at times. As the teams switched ends, the north facing tilt of the Connaught Park pitch now favoured Oak Bay and only desperate Lomas defending and two Oak Bay knock ons prevented them from scoring a try. With time nearing expiry, Oak Bay was awarded a penalty and the kick was made from the 22.

With captain Goodland shouting out to his players as they gathered to take the restart - "No penalties boys, no penalties" - his exhortations fell on deaf ears. The receiver took the ball cleanly, but had poor position as he was taken to ground and an injudicious teammate's hand was discovered in the ruck trying to rescue the ball from being turned over. Davies made no mistake on the kick and the second half of overtime ended with nothing solved.

Heading north in the first 5 minutes of sudden death the Meralomas were pounding away at the Oak Bay goal line only to be denied by a forward pass. They then wheeled the ensuing scrum, and had a second crack from 5 meters. A knock on ended that chance. With seconds ticking away to end the first 5 minutes of sudden death a drive by the Meraloma forwards appeared to have found the try line but Mr. Patterson determined that Oak Bay had successfully held up the ball carrier.

Oak Bay now had the tilt of the field and it had to kick off. An attempt at a deep clearing kick by the Meralomas came up short and suddenly Oak Bay was threatening deep in the Meralomas end. A frantic series of short passes, desperate tackles and adrenalin induced last efforts resulted in an Oak Bay player finally securing the try line. Exhausted bodies were strewn on the field as Mr. Patterson signalled try.

It was a disappointing end to a tremendous season of recovery for the Meralomas, who last year were at risk of relegation. They have much to be proud of and to look forward to for next season with a solid nucleus and some exciting players hopefully to be signed up for next season.

For the Castaway Wanderers, another brilliant chapter is added to their fabled scrapbook of BCRU success, but only a week to recover from this gruelling match to face the powerful Ravens at Jericho Park.

Ben Buan
Vancouver, BC

BCRU Men's Rugby Club Championships - Quarter-Final Results

Finals - April 24, 2004 - UBC's Thunderbird Stadium

#8 Burnaby Lake 0 vs #1 Capilano Curtis Lumber 11 at Klahanie Park
#7 JBAA 17 vs #2 UBCOB Ravens 37 at Jericho Park
#6 Castaway-Wanderers 32 vs #3 Meraloma 27 at Connaught Park
#5 Bayside Sharks 51 vs #4 UVic Vikes 30 at Wallace Field

Rounsefell Cup Upcoming Semi-Final Matches
Saturday April 17, 2004 :

Bayside Sharks vs Capilano Curtis Lumber Venue TBA - VRU Home Field
Castaway-Wanderers vs UBCOB Ravens Venue TBA - VRU Home Field

Rounsefell Cup Quarter Final scoring details:

Burnaby Lake 0 vs Capilano Curtis Lumber 11
Capilano Curtis Lumber scorers:
Try: John Granander
Penalty: Tom Larisch
Drop Goal: John Granander

JBAA 17 vs UBCOB Ravens 37
JBAA scorers:
Try(ies): TBA
Conversion(s): TBA
Penalty(ies): TBA
Drop Goal(s): TBA

UBCOB Ravens scorers:
Try(ies): TBA
Conversion(s): TBA
Penalty(ies): TBA
Drop Goal(s): TBA

Castaway-Wanderers 32 vs Meraloma 27 ( double extra time )
Castaway-Wanderers scorers:
Try(ies): TBA
Conversion(s): TBA
Penalty(ies): TBA
Drop Goal(s): TBA

Meraloma scorers:
Try(ies): TBA
Conversion(s): TBA
Penalty(ies): TBA
Drop Goal(s): TBA

Bayside Sharks 51 vs UVic Vikes 30
Bayside Sharks scorers:
Tries: Scott Taylor - 2, Joe Haley, Tom Myring, Adam Van Stavern
Conversions: Joe Haley - 4
Penalties: Joe Haley - 6

UVic Vikes scorers:
Tries: Kyle Hayley - 2, Evan Hall, Steve Batie
Conversions: Ed Fairhurst - 2
Penalties: Ed Fairhurst - 2

This week's Rounsefell Cup games

BC Men's Rugby
BCRU Premier League Club Championships
Upcoming Quarter Final Matches
Saturday April 10, 2004 :

3:00 PM #8 Burnaby vs #1 Capilano Curtis Lumber at Klahanie Park
3:00 PM #7 JBAA vs #2 UBCOB Ravens at Jericho Park
3:00 PM #6 Castaway-Wanderers vs #3 Meraloma at Connaught Park
3:00 PM #5 Bayside Sharks vs #4 UVic Vikes at Wallace Field

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