Las Vegas Invitational 7s - 2015

February 14 2015

BC Claim Three More Titles in Vegas: Men's College, Boys U19 and Boys U16

posted Feb 14 2015

After UVic Women claimed the first BC title yesterday (scroll down for story), three BC teams took Gold honours today, UBC in the men's College division, BC U16 Boys and the BC U19 Elite Boys. It was expected that UBC would defend their College title but the U19 win was especially gratifying as there were some strong opponents including defending champions High School All Americans and Canadian rivals Ontario.

Congratulations to all the championship teams, and to the teams that made the finals (BC U17 Boys, BC U18 Girls).

Tomorrow is the final of the Women's Elite and a surprise result is that both Maple Leaf teams were eliminated. Aptoella which is BC based and organized by Barbara Mervin features BC Premier women (Velox, Burnaby, Capilano) - they will meet the Netherlands team in the final.

The men's Elite title was won by neighbours to the south Serevi Rugby based out of Seattle.

U19 Elite International Boys (formerly High School Elite)

BC 31 - HSAA 5


After a solid weekend build up to the final, the High School All Americans ran into a wall of Bears in the final of the Boys HS Elite 7s at the Las Vegas Invitational, as British Columbia beat the HSAA team 31-5.

It seemed as if BC had an extra spring in their step. They were quicker to the loose balls on the restart, they were physical in contact, and figured out what the referee needed in the breakdown.

The Bears scored two quick tries and really never looked back.

Men's College

UBC 38 v Brock 0

Boys U16

BC 12 v Atlantis 7

UVic Claim First BC Title in Women's College Division; UBC Men in Saturday Final, BC Second in Boys Open, BC Second in Girls Open, Four Canadian Teams in Women's Elite QF

posted Feb 13 2015

Women's Elite 7s

There are three Canadian teams in the final 8, two American teams, Argentina, Netherlands and Japan.

8:40 AM QF Cup Aptoella Angels 24 v Atlantis 12
9:00 AM QF Cup Japan 1 v Maple Leafs(1) Win
9:20 AM QF Cup Argentina v EY Ladies (Netherlands) Win
9:40 AM QF Cup Maple Leafs(2) Win v Serevi Selects


Aptoella Angels v Maple Leafs(1)
EY Ladies (Netherlands) v Maple Leafs(2)

Men's Elite 7s

There are no Canadian teams in the final four, both the Maple Leafs and Lionheart missed the semi-finals. The Maple Leafs lost to Germany (video below)

9:00 SF Cup Serevi Select 41 v Germany 0
9:20 SF Cup NE ODA 31 v USA Falcons 5

Women's College 7s

UVic won the championship, the only BC team so far to claim that honour with one day left in the tournament.

UVic 21 - Guelph 12

top row from left to right: Brittany Waters, Tiffany Picketts, Alanna Cryer, Jai Parhar, Sya Trafford, Caitlin Harvey
Second Row left to right: Julia Folk, Stefani Hanson, Lauren Kerr, Kara Galbraith, Maddy Graham, Angela Thompson
Bottom:Chelsea Palmen

Men's College 7s

UBC and Brock meet in the final, two Canadian teams. The final will be held in the main stadium on Saturday at 6:42pm, UBC are favourites to repeat as champions.

High School Girls Open 7s

Ontario won the final with room to spare, BC came second.

Ontario 31 - BCRU 0 (Cup Final)

High School Boys Open 7s

The BC U17 team came second to the American invitational side Atlantis. No score to report on that yet.

High School Elite 7s

They changed the name of this division to the U19 Elite so I guess you don't need to be in HS anymore. Not sure if the Canadian sides adapted to this change yet. The scores came in late but BC are in against Atlantis, both Ontario sides made it plus the Upright Academy side from Ontario. Utah look to have a strong side and tied BC in pool play, the Washington Loggers, neighbours to the south, look strong as well. One of the HSAA (All American) teams didn't make it, HSAA 1 are defending champs.

8:40 AM QF Cup HSAA(1) 46 v Rugby Ontario(2) 0
9:00 AM QF Cup Upright Rugby Rogues v Washington Loggers
9:20 AM QF Cup Utah 12 v Rugby Ontario(1) 34
9:40 AM QF Cup BCRU 26 v Atlantis 0

Day 2 Cup QF Matchups in Men's Elite, Men's College, Women's Open, High School Girls, High School Boys

posted Feb 13 2015

Men’s Elite 7's

The surprise in this group so far have to be the German side @DRVRugby, they defeated both Canadian elite sides, Lionheart and the Rugby Canada Maple Leafs. Of the four teams that made the semi-finals, two are American academy teams (Serevi, Northeast ODA), one is the official American development side (Falcons) and then the German side.

8:00 AM QF Cup Serevi Select 36 v Elite Select 1 (Tiger Rugby) 0
8:20 AM QF Cup Maple Leaf 0 v Germany 15
8:40 AM QF Cup Northeast ODA 19 v Elite Select 2 (Tiger Rugby) 14
9:00 AM QF Cup USA Falcons 14 v France Development 12

Men's College 7's

8:00 AM Cup QF Univ. of Texas v Regis
8:20 AM Cup QF Brock Badgers v Bermuda
8:40 AM Cup QF Univ. of Regina v Duke Univ.
9:00 AM Cup QF British Columbia 59 v Ithaca 0

Women's Open 7s

9:20 AM Cup QF Pterrodacklys Neon v Atlantis
9:40 AM Cup QF Toa Rebels v Scion Sirens
10:00 AM Cup QF Arongatahi v Alcholhooligans
10:20 AM Cup QF BCRU 24 v Angels 5

High School Girl 7s

9:20 AM Cup QF Rugby Ontario v Rugby Ontario 2
9:40 AM Cup QF Atlantis A v Toronto Rugby
10:00 AM Cup QF BCRU v Edmonton Green
10:20 AM Cup QF Upright Rogues v Rugby Oregon Red Hawks

High School Boys 7s

8:00 AM Cup QF Atlantis v South Side Irish -
8:20 AM Cup QF Littleton Eagles v Tennessee Tri Star Blue -
8:40 AM Cup QF View Park prep v Utah Lions -
9:00 AM Cup QF BCRU 17 v Capilano Black 12

Day 1 Updates Undefeated Teams Include BC U17 Boys, BC U23 Women, BC U18 Girls, Maple Leafs, Serevi, Falcons, UBC Men and Women

posted Feb 12 2015

Getting results from the LVI is always a bit hit and miss. The official site is virtually useless for providing timely results, they usually update them all late in the evening or next day. BC Rugby and Rugby Ontario do a credible job providing scores for their teams. Serevi as usual is the King, not only on the field but in reporting results for their teams through Twitter. Upright Rugby provided some results from their squads. Lionheart 7s the same. did a good job on the Elite men's results. @UBCRugbyAlumni cover the UBC teams well. There is an app called Real Time Rugby but I gave up after 5 minutes of entering information about favourite teams, etc and never got to actually finding any results.

So a brief summary, in the Men's Elite Serevi the defending champs look on target to make the final again. The Maple Leafs are 3-0 but haven't played any of the top teams yet. The USA Falcons are looking strong and are 3-0 as well. It wouldn't be surprising if the champion comes out of that group of three.

The Boys High School Elite (BCRU U18), the Boys U16 and the Women's Elite divisions start Friday.

The BCRU U17 Boys look strong in the High School Open division going 3-0 and not giving up any points. The BC U23 Women are also undefeated as are the U18 Girls in the Open division.

In the men's College division UBC look on track to defend their title, especially with rivals UVic in Germany. It's still too early to tell in the women's College division without the other scores.

UBC Results (from Twitter)

UBC 38 - Duke 0
UBC 28 - Brock 5
UBC 62 - Regis 0

UBC 53 - Colorado 0
UBC 22 - Gryffindor 5
UBC 33 - Midwest 5

BC Results (from and Twitter)

BC U23 Women

Win 51-0 BCRU v Pterrordactyls
Win, score TBA BCRU v Atlantis
Win, score TBA BCRU v Utah Vipers

BC U23 Men

Loss 19-12 BCRU v Open Selects 2
Loss 17-12 BCRU v Beverly Hills RC Brothers
Win 28-0 Rexburg Yeti

Girls High School Open (U18)

Win 29-12 BCRU v Northside Lady Dragons
Win 30-0 BCRU v ICEF
Win 24-12 BCRU v Tundra

Girls High School Elite (U18)

Loss 15-24 BCRU v Girls HS All American 2
Loss 26-24 BCRU v Edmonton Gold
Win 40-0 BCRU v Orem Lady Stallions

Boys High School Open (U17)

Win 38-0 BCRU v Tennessee
Win 22-0 BCRU v Celtic Barbarians
Win 17-0 BCRU v Mavericks

Men's Elite (from

Pool A: USA Falcons, Selects 1, Laie Lions, Cayman Islands

Falcons 33-0 Laie Lions
Selects 41-5 Cayman Islands
Falcons 35-10 Cayman Islands
Selects 26-15 Laie Lions
Falcons 35-10 Selects
Laie Lions 12-14 Cayman Islands

Pool B: Maple Leafs, All-Armed Forces, Mana Utah Select, Florida Select

Maple Leafs 14-0 Mana Utah Select
All-Armed Forces 33-14 Florida Select
Maple Leafs 29-5 Florida Select
All-Armed Forces 17-24 Mana Utah Select
Maple Leafs 26-19 All-Armed Forces
Mana Utah Selects 12-40 Florida Select

Pool C: Ronin 7s, Northeast ODA, Arizona ODA, Kansas City Blues

Northeast ODA 28-10 Kansas City Blues
Ronin 7s 21-15 Arizona ODA
Northeast ODA 38-5 Arizona ODA
Ronin 7s 12-33 Kansas City Blues
Ronin 7s 7-36 Northeast ODA
Arizona ODA 26-12 Kansas City Blues

Pool D: Atlantis, Lionheart 7s, 7th Airborne, Germany

Atlantis 7-24 7th Airborne
Lionheart 14-19 Germany
Atlantis 10-27 Germany
Lionheart 19-14 7th Airborne
Atlantis 29-21 Lionheart
7th Airborne 0-31 Germany

Pool E: Serevi Selects, Air Force, Atlanta Old White, Mexico

Serevi Select 36-7 Atlanta Old White
Air Force 7-7 Mexico
Serevi Selects 42-0 Mexico
Air Force 22-21 Atlanta Old White
Serevi Selects 26-10 Air Force
Atlanta Old White 5-12 Mexico

Pool F: France Development, Stars, Austin Blacks, Selects 2

France 39-7 Austin Blacks
Stars 7-33 Selects 2
France 19-24 Selects 2
Stars 33-19 Austin Blacks
France 38-21 Stars
Selects 2 26-5 Austin Blacks

Pools and Rosters for BCRU Teams in Boys Elite 7s; Boys Open 7s, Boys U16 7s; Men's Open 7s; Women's Open 7s

updated Jan 28 2015

There are a number of BCRU teams heading to Vegas this weekend. The rosters and pools they're playing in are listed below. The tournament starts Thursday and we'll provide updates here.

High School Boys Elite 7’s

1. Utah Lions
2. Atlantis
3. Upright Rugby Rogues
4. Rugby Ontario 1
5. Rugby Ontario 2
6. Raptor Academy
7. Washington Loggers
  • George Barton - Shawnigan Lake School / Cowichan
  • Mitchell Cameron - Rockridge / Capilano RFC
  • Niko Clironomos - Lord Bying / UBCOB
  • Elias Ergas - Collingwood / Capilano RFC
  • Nic Gamracy - South Kamloops Secondary / Kamloops rugby club
  • Aaron Hersant - Brentwood College / n/a
  • Fraser Hurst - St. Georges / Rowing Club
  • Liam Mahon - West Vancouver / Capilano RFC
  • Callahan McMaster - Shawnigan Lake School / n/a
  • Anton Ngongo - Claremont / Castaway Wanderers
  • Ben Scher - St. Georges / Rowing Club
  • Liam Morrison - Earl Marriot / Bayside
9. HSAA 1
10. HSAA 2
11. Toronto Rugby
12. PV Rugby

High School Boys Open 7’s

1. Edmonton Gold 1
2. View Park Prep
3. Tennessee Tri-Star Rugby Blue
4. Tennessee Tri-Star Rugby Red
5. KC Cougars
6. Arizona Bobcats
7. Laie Park Side Boys
8. Maverick 7’s Blue
9. Maverick 7’s Red
10. Upright Rugby Rogues Boys
11. Atlantis
12. Edmonton Green
13. Utah Lions
14. Smoky Mountain A.C.
15. BCRU
  • Taylor De Souza - LadySmith / Cowichan
  • Wylie Gillette - Earl Marriot / Bayside
  • Jonah Hall - Oak Bay High / Castaway Wanderers
  • Kyle Joe - LadySmith / Cowichan
  • Gavin Kratz - Oak Bay High / Castaway Wanderers
  • Michael Mann - South Delta Secondary / n/a
  • Logan Martin-Feek - Claremont / Velox
  • Brennig Prevost - Glenlyon Norfolk School / Castaway Wanderers
  • Brandon Schellenberger - Oak Bay High / Castaway Wanderers
  • Michael Smith - Earl Marriot / n/a
  • Jared Thind - Southridge School / Bayside
  • John Jubenvill - Earl Marriot / Bayside
16. Bermuda
17. Celtic Barbarians Red
18. Celtic Barbarians Black
19. Littleton Eagles Boys Rugby
20. Southside Irish
21. Capilano Gold
22. Capilano Black
23. Buccaneers
24. LVRA

Boys U-16 7’s

1. Atlantis
2. Mavericks Blue
3. Rugby Ontario 1
4. Mavericks Red
5. Bayside Sharks
  • Corben Bowen - (Sardis Secondary/Abbotsford Rugby Club)
  • Connor Byron - (Yale Secondary/Abbotsford Rugby Club)
  • Henry Davitt - (Sutherland/Capilano RFC)
  • Lachlan Kratz - (Oak Bay High School/Castaway Wanderers RFC)
  • Koro Korobasage - (Queen Elizabeth School/Burnaby Lake Rugby Club)
  • William McDougall-Percillier - (Brentwood College/Cowichan Rugby Club)
  • Jack Scher - (St. Georges/Vancouver Rowing Club)
  • Jake Scott – (Sentinel Secondary/Capilano RFC)
  • Conor Sinclair - (Mt.Baker Secondary)
  • Sam Sirlin - (St. Georges/Vancouver Rowing Club)
  • Jai Pereira - (Claremont Secondary)
  • Diego Zuniga - (Yale Secondary/Abbotsford Rugby Club)
7. Orem Stallions
8. Edmonton Gold
9. Capilano Gold RFC
10. Capilano Black RFC

Men’s Open 7’s

1. Selects 1
2. Selects 2
3. Yale Barbarians
4. Spenard Green Dragons
5. BCRU U-23
  • Darwin Guevara Abbotsford
  • Connor Hunter Abbotsford
  • Tyson Appeldoorn Abbotsford
  • Josh Tranquilli Doherty Rowers
  • Sean Hickson Rowers
  • Spencer Miller Abbotsford/UBC
  • Patrick Davis Rowers
  • Jason Gagnier Velox
  • David Alexander Dinbandhu Brit-Lions
  • Jonathan Manderson Capilano/UBC
  • Joshua Mark Oden Velox
  • Dave Matthews Rowers
6. Pittsburgh Pandemonium Pandas
7. USAF 7’s
8. Black Dragon Rugby
9. Beverly Hills Rugby Club
10. Beverly Hills Rugby Club Brothers
11. Jackson Hole Moose
12. Selects 3
13. Beaverlodge Lumberjacks
14. Brock Old Badgers
15. College of Idaho
16. Rexburg Yetis

Women's Open 7s

1. Rock Women
2. Utah Vipers Women
3. Arongatahi
4. Alcohooligans
5. NMSU Lady Chilies
  • Jessica Harvey- SFU - Brampton, ON
  • Chelsea Fowler- Abbotsford- Mission BC
  • Mackenzie Fowler- Abbotsford – Mission, BC
  • Allie White - Velox – Victoria, BC
  • Courtney Sims - Velox – Vancouver, BC
  • Cherisse Du Preez - Velox – Durban, South Africa
  • Demi Stamatakis - SFU – Vancouver, BC
  • Madelaine Thomsen - UBCO – Calgary, AB
  • Nenegh McCulloch - Cowichan – Duncan, BC
  • Karly Reum - SFU – Surrey, BC
  • Gurpreet Dhaliwal - UVIC – Abbotsford, BC
  • Kate Parkinson - Velox – Vancouver, BC
7. Stars Open Red
8. Toa Rebels
9. Pterrordactyls Neon
10. Pterrordactyls Glow in the Dark
11. Scion Sirens Open
12. Beaverlodge Lumberjacks
13. Atlantis
14. The Valkyries
15. Utah State Univ.
16. Angels

The BCRU just provided a combined roster for the Girls U18. The BCRU have teams entered in the Girls Elite and Open divisions.

U18 Girls combined rosters

Name School Club
Ciel Arbour-Boehme Brentwood Cowichan
Tanika Bonneville Elgin Park Bayside
Zoe DeFaveri Windsor Capilano
Kristine Osachuk Carihi Secondary Comox Kickers
Autumn Garrett Robert Bateman Abbotsford
Hannah Morten Cowichan Cowichan
Mackenzie Carson Yale Abbotsford
Lauren Sargent G.P. Vanier Comox Kickers
Madi Gold G.P. Vanier Comox Kickers
Katrina Moorthy Langley Fine Arts Abbotsford
McKenzie Saysell Ladysmith No Club
Sophia Belsher Bateman Abbotsford
Danika Elias Sardis Abbotsford
Nakisa Levale Abbotford Senior Abbotsford
Morgan Walker Robert Bateman Abbotsford
Cassie Baldo Earl Marriott Abbotsford
Lia Colasacco Earl Marriott Bayside
Sofie Kennedy Stelly's Castaway
Sophie DeGoede Oak Bay Castaway
McKenna Haz Brentwood Cowichan
Denise Roy Brentwood Cowichan
Shaye Tudor Claremont Sec Castaway
Avishag Sharabi Brentwood No Club
Mariah Fontana Cowichan No Club

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