BC Club Championships 2015

May 09 2015

Provincial Club Results UBC Claim Top Men's Title; Velox Claim Top Women's Title; Seattle and Lomas Battle it out at Brockton

posted May 9 2015
[ed. photo album from Klahanie]

A great day for rugby in two picturesque venues, Brockton and Klahanie.

Rounsefell Cup - CDI Premier League

UBC 52 - 22 UVIC

UVic were in the game until midway in the second half, UBC were scoring tries but UVic were kicking the penalties. UVic were within one point early in the 2nd half, 20-19, but then Nate Reese delivered a knock out blow that seemed to sap the spirit from the Vikes as he weaved his way through the defence to score a beautiful try. It was all UBC from then on. They were better on many levels, they were more dangerous at the breakdown, they were more physical, more varied in attack, won the back and forth kicking game - it was a comprehensive win. Sherry Trumbull was the referee and again looks head and shoulders above any other referee in the country. The game was well managed in my opinion.

Gordon Harris Memorial Cup - Women’s Premier League

Velox Valkyries 36 - 12 Burnaby Lake

Velox stormed out to a 29-5 halftime lead and it looked like a blowout was on the books but the referee decided to impose himself in the second half and only 7 points apiece were scored in the second 40. The penalty count in the second half must have been 80% against Velox, it was brutal to watch, and I haven't seen such a one eyed display of refereeing in a long time. It killed off the second half but it didn't effect the result. Velox had too much pace outside with Amanda Thornborough and Britanny Waters and #10 Meaghan Howat earned our tournament MVP.

Okanagan Spring Brewery Division 1 Final

Meraloma 25 - 26 Seattle

This was the second most important men's title this weekend. I had a feeling this was the game to watch and it seems I was right, this was no blowout like the Premier final but went down to the whistle. For all those teams afraid to play Seattle this season it showed a well coached and well prepared team can battle a team that has numerous national team players. I'm equally proud of Seattle and Meralomas. They play rugby on the field, not in the backrooms.

Library Square Cup - Men's Firsts

Burnaby Lake 25 - 20 UVic Norsemen

A closer game that expected but the Norsemen kept the game tight. The competition committee were up to their old tricks the night before threatening UVic for fielding a player whose 4th game was the default against CW. Lesson to be learned if the other team defaults against you, send in your signed game sheet with roster anyway because there are certain members of the competition committee who seem to take great delight in being a nuisance at this time of year.

Okanagan Spring Brewery Division 2 Final

Abbotsford 28 - 7 Richmond 7

Good on Abby, well deserved, they were the other club who weren't afraid to play Seattle in Div 1 so it was good to see that attitude rewarded.

Karen Moore Cup - Women’s Division 1

Cowichan 17 - 27 United

Cowichan were disappointed but these were the two top clubs in Division One and on this day it went to United.

Ged Griffiths Cup - Women’s Division 2

Kelowna 72 - 19 Comox

A mismatch between teams and Kelowna could probably play up a league next season.

Men’s Division 3A Final

Kelowna 51 - 19 Velox Valhallians

The old stars from Velox like 50 year old Lunk and 40 year old Winston Stanley couldn't keep up with a team that started life in the First Division in the fall. Kelowna would have been competitive with many Div 1 teams. Velox made too many errors and Kelowna capitalized on many of them. Although Winston Stanley did score a sweet try that shows you never lose the talent, maybe just a step or two.

Men’s Division 3B Final

SFU 45 - Chilliwack 3

SFU's first provincial title and coach Steve Bennett will no doubt be ecstatic.

BC Finals Preview: Nine Games Over Two Venues

posted May 8 2015

It's the final day of club rugby in BC so a time to gather, celebrate and do some networking. There will be rep rugby and 7s going on throughout the summer so as usual BCRN will be going 365 to keep you up to date on rugby news.

We'll post team rosters as they become available, email editor@bcrugbynews.com if you have a roster to publish.

Klahanie Park – Lower Field (in front of grandstand / pavilion)

11:45am – Women’s Premier – (h) Velox Valkyries vs Burnaby Lake

First game on tap at Klahanie features familiar foes, has it been 4 times in a row now for these teams in the final? Over the last 9 years these clubs have owned the Women's Premier title, Burnaby winning it 6 times, Velox twice and Caps the only other team to claim that honour. Here's a trivia question who won it before that in 2005, the answer might surprise you as the team isn't playing in Premier anymore.

1:15pm – Library Square Cup – (h) Burnaby Lake vs Uvic

A new sponsor and a new cup name, previously the Ceilis Cup. Burnaby and UVic have won this the previous two years, Burnaby last year and UVic in 2013.


1 Adrian Longbone
2 Preston Petrovitch
3 Dustin Luther
4 Gurvinder Kalar
5 Mike Gough
6 Brad Mchugh - Capt
7 Sam Powell
8 Taitusi Vikilani
9 Rain De Guzman
10 Geoff Ryan
11 Adam Timler
12 Colin Thomson (i)
13 Steve Batie
14 Kimi Vunituraga
15 Linc Bowman


1. Doug Pearson
2. Thomas Choi
3. Noah Dobson
4. Jesse Burns
5. Liam Chisholm
6. Jonas Blomberg
7. Mike Harvey
8. Robbie Anderson
9. Gavin Rowell
10. Morgan Tate
11. Dave Morgan
12. Issac Kaay
13. Johnny Franklin
14. Jonathan Lorimer
15. Kapi Vataiki
16. Sam James
17. Jack Nyren
18. Oliver Winser
19. Mike Elliot
20. Drew Langer
21. Matt Sutherland
22. Cathal Long
23. Zach Sourisseau

3:00pm – CDI Premier - (h) UBC vs UVic

The main show, UVic won the title back in 2010, you have to go back to post World War II to see UBC's name on the list, 1946. UBC have had the upper hand this season winning both games. Some of the students have summer firefighter jobs and are coming back into town to lace up the boots one more time this season.



1 Casey Reed
2 Casey Cavers
3 MacBrayan Bos
4 Kevin Leask
5 Shea Wakefield
6 Luke Campbell
7 Jeff Nishma-Miller
8 Dustin Dobravsky
9 James Pitblado
10 Connor Llewellyn
11 Luke McClosky
12 Doug Fraser
13 Remi Anctil
14 Crosby Stewart
15 Fergus Hall
16 Joe Erlic
17 Nathan Stewart
18 Issac Kaay
19 Morgan Tate
20 Noah Dobson
21 Doug Pearson
22 Liam Chisholm
23 Kapi Vataiki


1. Paul Ahn
2. Alex Mascott
3. Neil Courtney
4. Connor Hamilton
5. Sam Clark
16 Thomas Roche
7. Charles Thorpe (c)
8. Sam Jeffries (I)
9. Jorden Sandover-Best
10. Bryan Tyrer
11. Erik Hunter-James
12. James Thompson (I)
13. Nate Rees
14. Brock Staller
15. Quinton Willms
17. Foster DeWitt
18. Ryan Singleton
19. Michael O'Toole
20. Jacob Ikeda
21. Manar Kulkhan
22. Nicholas Allen
23. Cole Keffer
24. Cully Quirke

Klahanie Park – Upper Field

12:00pm – Women’s Division 2 – (h) Kelowna vs Comox

Good to see a small club like Comox make the Div 2 final, Kelowna will have two teams at Klahanie with the men's 3rds also taking the pitch.

1:15pm – Men’s Division 3A – (h) Kelowna vs Velox Valhallians

Both Velox and Kelowna will have two teams in the finals and plenty of support.


1 Tobias Berg
2 John Lyall
3 Kevin Wirachowski
4 Paul Eby
5 Allen Hall
6 Mike Pletch
7 Mike Collins
8 Ray Young
9 Dale Grimston
10 Aaron Frisby
11 Niki Belyea
12 Kieran Dunford
13 Daryl Hall
14 Shane Smith
15 Winston Stanley

Brockton Oval, Stanley Park

11:00am – Men’s Division 3B – (h) SFU vs Chilliwack

I know both teams are pumped for the game and have been rallying their support on social media.

12:30pm – Women’s Division 1 - (h) Cowichan vs United

Cowichan are taking their bus filled with supporters to Brockton and United will no doubt be there in force.

2:00pm – Okanagan Spring 2 - (h) Abbotsford vs Richmond

Two competitive teams in Div 1, they should show well in the Div 2 final.

3:30pm – Okanagan Spring 1 – (h) Meraloma vs Seattle

This is a game I wanted to watch but seems like the rugby gods have put me at Klahanie this year, last year I took in the Brockton fixture. I hope someone writes up a report and Judy Teasdale will be there for photos.


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