From the Editor's Desk - April 2016

April 05 2016

Gainline Africa Tour in June; Pro Rugby Updates; Nate Ebner from Rugby to NFL to Rugby

posted April 5 2016
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From David Marchesseault of Gainline Africa

"This summer, share your love for rugby in Northern Uganda! Join us for Gainline Africa’s 5th annual Coaching Tour this June 2016. You and a small team will have the opportunity to travel to northern Uganda, where you will work closely with Gainline Africa’s community leaders to facilitate our after-school rugby program. During your two-week stay in Gulu, you will be paired with a secondary school rugby club and community leader to assist in coaching, training and will contribute to community activities as a mentor. As a tour participant, you will experience Ugandan culture at a grassroots level, build relationships with our Ugandan partners through a shared love of rugby and have the opportunity to explore the region through small day excursions and a safari in Murchinson Falls National Park."

The link for more info is

Pro Rugby

A couple of articles on Pro Rugby North America.

The Rugby Today article looks at the impact the new league has on local clubs and leagues like the Pacific Rugby Premiership. It might be a relevant read if Pro Rugby comes to Vancouver or Victoria next year.

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The article from Adweek focuses on the marketing strategy for the league. Their focus is on Millennials so they're pushing social media a lot, more so than the website. If you want updates then Facebook is the place to be with Pro Rugby. I've seen this strategy used before, particularly with some of the new 7s tournaments, World Club 7s and Central Coast 7s. Not sure I agree with it but then I've got 40+ years on most Millennials so it's a different mindset.

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Nate Ebner - From New England Patriots to Rugby 7s

This is a very well written article from ESPN that is emotionally charged and will capture the reader. It mentions the death of Nate's Dad who raised him as a rugby player and Nate's journey to the NFL and then back to rugby in a quest to become part of the Olympics.

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