Girls High School 7s 2016

April 15 2016

Girls high school rugby 7s 2016

Top Four Decided for Cup Semi-Finals: Brentwood v Oak Bay, Valleyview v Lake City

posted April 15 2016
[ed. comments below]

The top two teams in the tournament are likely meeting in the semi-final with Oak Bay v Brentwood. Brentwood went into the tournament ranked #1 while Oak Bay have upped their game with the insertion of Caroline Crossley and Sophie de Goede. The other semi sees two interior teams Valleyview from Kamloops and Lake City from Williams Lake.

Oak Bay decimated Cowichan 58-0 in the quarter-final while Brentwood had a more modest 39-5 win over Earl Marriott. Valleyview took down Edward Milne from Sooke 34-5 in the quarter-final and Lake City got by Vanier 20-5.

The Cup semis are at Royal Athletic at 10:20am on Saturday before the tournament moves to Westhills for the final matches.

Full results here.

Four Team Undefeated After Pool Round: Brentwood, Oak Bay, Valleyview and Vanier

Three Island teams plus Valleyview from Kamloops emerge from the pool round undefeated.

Brentwood won the Island championship, Vanier and Oak Bay just barely qualified for the Provincials coming 5th and 6th. The return of Canada development players Sophie de Goede and Caroline Crossley have boosted Oak Bay's playing strength since the Island tournament. Valleyview went into the tournament ranked 5th and have not disappointed.

Pool round form points to a possible Brentwood v Oak Bay final but the Cup quarter-finals are still to be played later this afternoon, with the semi-finals tomorrow morning. The Cup, Plate, Bowl finals will be contested in front of a large stadium crowd at the Canada 7s on Saturday afternoon.

Provincial Finals Start Friday at Royal Athletic Park: 16 Schools Represented

posted April 12 2016
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The BC Provincial Girls High School Rugby 7s Championship tournament takes place Friday and Saturday in Victoria in conjunction with the international HSBC Women's Sevens Series event in Langford. The provincial tournament features 16 high school programs from across the province.

The top ranked team is Brentwood, they are the defending title holders and current Island champions. Lake City Secondary from Williams Lake is ranked second.


#1 Brentwood
#2 Lake City
#3 Cowichan
#4 Marriott
#5 Valleyview
#6 Smithers
#7 Belmont
#8 Edward Milne
#9 Elgin Park
#10 Nechako Valley
#11 GP Vanier
#12 Handsworth
#13 Mt.Boucherie
#14 McRoberts
#15 Oak Bay
#16 Duchess Park


Match# KO Royal Athletic Park Pool
1G 09:00 AM Brentwood vs Edward Milne A
3G 09:20 AM Elgin Park vs Duchess Park A
5G 09:40 AM Lake Cit vs Oak Bay B
7G 10:00 AM Belmont vs Nechako B

10G 10:40 AM Cowichan vs McRoberts C
12G 11:00 AM Vanier vs Smithers C
14G 11:20 AM Marriott vs Mt. Boucherie D
16G 11:40 AM Handsworth vs Valleyview D

17G 12:20 PM Brentwood vs Duchess Park A
19G 12:40 PM Edward Milne vs Elgin Park A
21G 1:00 PM Lake City vs Belmont B
23G 1:20 PM Oak Bay vs Nechako B

Bowl Quartefinals
Bowl QF 3:00 PM A3 vs D4 1
Bowl QF 3:20 PM B3 vs C4 2
Bowl QF 3:40 PM C3 vs B4 3
Bowl QF 4:00 PM D3 vs A4 4

Cup Quarterfinals
Cup QF 4:20 PM A1 vs D2 1
Cup QF 4:40 PM B1 vs C2 2
Cup QF 5:00 PM C1 vs B2 3
Cup QF 5:20 PM D1 vs A2 4


Match# KO Vic High Pool
2G 9:00 AM Cowichan vs Smithers C
4G 9:20 AM Vanier vs McRoberts C
6G 9:40 AM Marriott vs Valleyview D
8G 10:00 AM Handworth vs Mt. Boucherie D

9G 10:40 AM Brentwood vs Elgin Park A
11G 11:00 AM Duchess Park vs Edward Milne A
13G 11:00 AM Lake City vs Nechako B
15G 11:40 AM Belmont vs Oak Bay B

18G 12:20 PM Cowichan vs Vanier C
20G 12:40 PM Smithers vs McRoberts C
22G 1:00 PM Marriott vs Handsworth D
24G 1:20 PM Mt. Boucherie vs Valleyview D


Match# Title KO
Semi-Finals Round
33G 9:00 Shield SF Loser Game 25 vs Loser Game 26 RAP
34G 9:20 Shield SF Loser Game 27 vs Loser Game 28 RAP
35G 9:00 Bowl SF Winner Game 25 vs Winner Game 26 ViC High
36G 9:20 Bowl SF Winner Game 27 vs Winner Game 28 Vic High
37G 9:40 Plate SF Loser Game 29 vs Loser Game 30 Vic High
38G 9:40 Plate SF Loser Game 31 vs Loser Game 32 RAP
39G 10:20 Cup SF Winner Game 29 vs Winner Game 30 RAP
40G 10:40 Cup SF Winner Game 31 vs Winner Game 32 RAP

Finals Round
41G 11:00 Shield Final Winner Game 33 vs Winner Game 34 RAP
42G 1:15 Bowl Final Winner Game 35 vs Winner Game 36 Langford
43G 1:35 Plate Final Winner Game 37 vs Winner Game 38 Langford
44G 16:15 Play Off Loser Game 39 vs Loser Game 40 Langford
45G 14:35 Cup Final Winner Game 39 vs Winner Game 40 Langford

Brentwood Win Island Title: Top Four Teams Qualify for Provincials

posted April 6 2016
[ed. update is top 6 teams are in Provincials so Vanier and Oak Bay get in as #5 and #6]

The top four teams at this tournament qualified for the Provincial tournament to be held next week in Victoria. The Provincial Cup final will be held on Saturday at Westhills Stadium during the World Rugby Canada Sevens tournament.

Brentwoood College were clearly the class of the tournament and were not fully tested. They won the Provincials last year and will no doubt face stiff competition from mainland teams like Abbotsford.

Other teams qualifying were Cowichan #2, Belmont (Langford) #3 and Edward Milne (Sooke) #4. Vanier finished 5th and may qualify as well.

Congratulations to Brentwood College School who won the Girls Island Rugby 7s championship today. The top four teams...

Posted by BC Rugby News on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Brentwood as defending champions will go in this year as one of the favourites, Abbotsford as last year's finalist will share that ranking as well. Brentwood have an abundance of speed as typified by Denise Roy one of their star players. Denise was a member of the BC U18 team that recently won tournaments in Las Vegas and Vancouver.

Island Provincial Sevens Qualifier on Wednesday at Brentwood College: Schedule & Teams

April 6th, 2016
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Eight teams go to Brentwood College on Wednesday, April 6th with the top four earning qualification to the Provincial finals being held in Victoria during the week of the Canada Sevens in ten days.

There are four North Island teams and four South Island sides. Brentwood are the defending Provincial high school champions in 7s, they defeated Abbotsford last year. The Provincial Cup final will be held in front of the 3000+ Westhills crowd on Saturday April 16th.

Pool A (Field #1) Pool B (Field #2)

1. Vanier 1. Brentwood
2. Cowichan 2. NDSS
3. Claremont 3. Oak Bay
4. Belmont 4. EMCS

10:00 A1 vs. A4 B1 vs. B4
10:20 A2 vs. A3 B2 vs. B3

11:00 A1 vs. A3 B1 vs. B3
11:20 A2 vs. A4 B2 vs. B4

12:00 A3 vs. A4 B3 vs. B4
12:20 A1 vs. A2 B1 vs. B2

2:00 Pool A #1 vs. Pool B #2 (Match 13) Pool A #3 vs. Pool B #4 (Match 14)
2:20 Pool B #1 vs. Pool A #2 (Match 15) Pool B #3 vs. Pool A #4 (Match 16)

3:20 Loser #13 vs. Loser #15 Loser #14 vs. Loser #16
3:40 Winner #14 vs. Winner #16

4:00 Winner #13 vs. Winner #15 (Finals – 20 minute match)

Matches will follow U19 Sevens Laws
Top 4 teams in the tournament will qualify for the Provincial Championships

Advancement in 7’s Pools
• Points will be awarded to teams based on their results in their pool play
• 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, 0 point for a loss.
• Ties remain standing in pool matches; there is no overtime.
• If at the completion of the pool play, two teams have the same number of points, the following procedure will be used to determine the leading team:
i. The winner of the match between the teams, if one occurred, shall be deemed the leading team.
ii. If the match in (i) is drawn, then the team with the highest point differential (points scored for less point scored against) shall be deemed the leading team. If the tie remains unresolved then,
iii. The team with the highest margin of tries scored for and against shall be deemed the leading team. If the tie remains unresolved then,
iv. The team that has scored the highest number of points shall be deemed the leading team. If the tie remains unresolved, then
v. The team that has scored the highest number of tries shall be deemed the leading team.
vi. If more than two teams are tied, then rules ii, iii, iv and v from above apply.
vii. If teams are still tied after consideration of above, the winner will be decided by the toss of a coin.

Disciplinary Issues
Any player ejected (Red Card) from a match is barred from further tournament play.

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