BC High School Rugby Updates 2016

April 07 2016

Boot Game Between Oak Bay & SMUS on Tonight; Boys HS Overview; Girls 7s Provincials Next Week

posted April 7 2016
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Just a quick update on the high school rugby scene in BC.

A reader sent this in:
Not sure if too late for the website, but the annual Boot Game, 22nd to be played between SMUS and Oak Bay High, takes place tonight (Thursday) at UVIC's Centennial Stadium. KO 6:30PM

The Boot Game series record was tied 10-10-1 last year when the Oak Bay Barbarians overcame a 22-0 half time deficit, to score 26 consecutive points for a 22-26 win.

Should be a barn burner.

Talking about boys HS rugby, there are changes this year, well explained by Patrick Johnston in his article. Basically they've created a level above AAA so they can stick Shawnigan and St. George's in there, as they keep winning the AAA. It will include two more teams and be the pinnacle of boys HS supremacy in the province. It will include champions from South Island, North Island, Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Based on current rankings that would be Shawnigan, Oak Bay, St. George's and Yale.

They've broken both the AAA and AA into two tiers as well 1-8 and 9-16 so there will be five championships to be awarded. Also added is a Junior Grade 10 final that will be awarded during the May 25-28th tournament in Abbotsford.

Another point worth noting is the boys HS 7s season has changed, it used to be before the XVs season, the same as the girls. Now the boys HS 7s championship tournament will be held June 4-5. How that impacts the high school 7s participation remains to be seen but from the outside it looks like they're putting more emphasis on XVs and pushing 7s a bit to the back.

The girls 7s season is currently going strong and will culminate at the Canada Sevens next weekend in Langford. The tournament takes place Friday and Saturday at Royal Athletic Park and Vic High. The final games (Bowl, Plate, Cup finals) will be held at Westhills Stadium during a break in the international tournament.

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