BC Age-Grade Teams 2016

July 16 2016

More of the Same in USA vs BC Encounters: U16 Best of the Bunch

posted July 16 2016
[ed. comments below]

The BCRU are in media lock down mode after the shellacking mid-week. They didn't stream these games and you won't find reports of the scores on their website. We had to check the USA sites as they love this stuff, 'merica comes north and kicks ass. It's was a dubious decision by BCRU to host these games two years in a row. Nationally selected sides will prevail over provincially selected sides, I'm not sold on the benefits to BC.

As a side note, BCRU media guy Brendan Munro, has decided to move on and is leaving July 22nd so there may be a slight dip in BCRU media output while they break in a new intern. We'll try to be gentle.

Scores today according to the Goff Report were:

High School All Americans 54 - BC U18 3
Eagle Impact Academy U17 38 - BC U17 7
Eagle Impact Academy U16 31 - BC U16 10

USA Regional and National Academy Teams Clobber BC at U16, U17 and U18 Levels

posted July 13 2016
[ed. comments below]

USA High School All Americans 48 v BC U18 0
Eagle Impact Rugby Academy 58 – BC U17 19
Eagle Impact Rugby Academy 39 – BC U16 17

If the point is to prove that USA nationally selected sides are much better than BC or Ontario provincial sides, I'd say the point has been proven. Second year in a row for BC where they got hammered. Is this what we want for our age-grade development? It might be good for rugby league, they're planning a U17 tour to take on powerhouse Jamaica in August which might look pretty good compared to the annual thumping that BC Rugby has lined up for its age-grade players. You might almost think this idea of pitting national vs provincial with lopsided losses is a master stroke from the rugby league recruiting office.

Seriously though why is BC trying to take on a team that's recruited from across the USA, wouldn't a match with an all star team selected from the age-grade national championships be a closer match for the Eagle Impact team? The scoreline two years in a row points in that direction.

The USA High School All Americans defeated Ontario U19 last week by 33 points and then we put our U18 team out against them? The USA All American teams were really regional teams, almost like a Canada East and Canada West. That would have been a better matchup. It's good to play up but it's also good to use common sense to make it a fair and winnable contest. National v national, region v region, province v state.

BC should be playing teams like California and Utah, two strong rugby states in the west. Canada U18 or U19 West should be playing the High School All Americans and Eagle Impact should be playing a suitable nationally selected Canadian team. The problem in Canada is we don't have a age-grade national academy program that's the equivalent of Eagle Impact, but perhaps we should.

In rugby 7s BC can get away with playing the High School All Americans because it's only 7 players, and the weakest link is not so apparent. In 15 vs 15 however BC just doesn't have the depth to compete against a nationally selected side, the gaps in talent create lopsided scores.

It was the same for the BC U18 women last year, they were steamrolled by the High School All Americans 58-0.

There's more of the same on Saturday with the same three matchups. The games were streamed live on bcrugby.com/live and are archived for viewing.

The BC U16 team were the closest of the three only losing by 22 points.

The men's U19 side is in Ontario for the national championship as are the U20 women.

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