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September 14 2016

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Update on Ticket Sales: First Day Hiccups But 60% of Stadium Inventory Sold in 24 Hours - Double Last Year's Figures

posted Sept 14 2016
[ed. comments below]

There was some angst and anger on Day 1 as people tried to buy tickets online through Ticketmaster. We received an email from one reader (see below) that seemed to sum up the problem many were experiencing. We also saw much of the same on social media as people ran into problems but eventually the problems were fixed and sales were brisk when the system was fully functioning later in the day. We were told more than 60% of stadium inventory sold in 24 hours which was double last year's figures.

There are apparently a limited number of reserve area passes left going into Day 2 with most of the remaining inventory in General Admission.

Tickets can be purchased online at

The CEO of Canada Sevens offered an apology to those who experienced the technical difficulties on Day 1.

Dear HSBC Canada Sevens supporters,

On behalf of the organizing committee and staff, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the technical difficulties that caused a delay in the launch of our online Early Bird pre-sale this morning. Please know that our staff worked with Ticketmaster to resolve the issues as quickly as possible this morning and we will continue to do so if and when further challenges are identified. As an example, we are aware that the GA Group Pricing discount for purchases of 10 or more tickets was not being applied this morning and have confirmed that Ticketmaster will ensure this is rectified when final billings are processed.

We know that our fans were taking time from their busy days to participate in our pre-sale, and we regret that your loyalty was met with a delayed and challenging transaction. We are hugely appreciative of your continued interest and support of our event and we are highly committed to mitigating and avoiding such scenarios from repeating themselves in the future.

This tournament is very much a fan-first event - please know that we shall be rolling up our sleeves even further in the coming weeks to ensure we have the ingredients in place for you to enjoy an exceptional weekend of rugby and celebration (despite our day one jitters). The support from our fans is everything to us, and we will continue to strive to provide you with the best service and entertainment value possible moving forward.

Thank you for your feedback, patience and understanding throughout this process.

Yours in rugby,

Bill Cooper
CEO - HSBC Canada Sevens

Letter from reader yesterday.

Hi Mark

Compared to last year which was a slam dunk, today’s experience buying seven’s tickets was beyond painful. Ticketmaster should be shot. I’m in at 10:00 exactly, site doesn’t work, and when I could get in for the reserved section 10 minutes later I couldn’t choose seats like last year, I had to piss around choosing best available, which was nowhere centre field but virtually on the corners, fight stupid robot questions, and re-fresh the whole site numerous times. Canada Sevens are going to get a blasting from me also, there should have been lots of seating mid-field. Either that or Ticketmaster is playing silly-buggers. Probably lost my business for next year, totally poor set up.


[ed. tournament passes go on sale tomorrow Sept 13th for those registered for the Early Bird list. Tournament passes for the general public go on sale Sept 20th.]
posted Sep 12 2016
from Canada Sevens

VANCOUVER, BC (September 12, 2016) - Canada Sevens Organizers are excited to announce that due to the high volume of interest in the premium seating sections at BC Place, they have expanded capacity and introduced a new option that will be available for the first time during Early Bird ticket launch on September 13th: The Elite 500 section.

This section will feature 500 additional premium seats with a hospitality option. Located in the centre of the stadium in the first few rows, the Elite 500 will deliver a premium viewing experience where Elite 500 fans will be granted access to ‘The Clubhouse’- a private pop-up lounge located at Gate E. This exclusive space will be equipped with televised gameplay, seating, and private bar access. Similar to other premium options, the Elite 500 will be priced at $220 for a two-day Tournament Pass.

The HSBC Canada Sevens Vancouver enjoyed an extremely successful Canadian debut, being enthusiastically received by fans from around the world. The heightened demand for premium seats resulting in the unveiling of the new Elite 500 section is a testament to the growing excitement surrounding the event as it prepares for it's second year.

To read more about the ticket options and view a seating map click here.

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