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September 27 2016

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Burnaby Travel to Brockton to Claim Three Wins: Full Match Videos

by Mike Devlin
posted Sept 27 2016

BLRC 3rd Div Men 39 – Vancouver Rowing Club 5

A big day of club rugby kicked off at 1130 at Brockton Oval. The rugby gods were smiling as the clouds parted and the sun started shining just prior to kickoff. The sun dried the pitch and allowed for some expansive and exciting rugby throughout the day beginning with the 3rd div match. The BLRC 3rds have a solid squad with a lot of size AND a lot of speed. The speed was on display early with young gun Kishan Karunathasan creating a turnover and dashing half the length of the pitch for the opening try. The Rowing club responded through some hard work from their back row and were rewarded with a try in the far corner but that would be the last time they moved their side of the scoreboard. The BLRC ended the half with a penalty kick from Jarret Richardson and a try from Captain Paul Murphy off the back of the scrum. Half time score 13-5

The 2nd half would be all BLRC as big Lock Juan Videla had a 30 yard run before tossing the ball to Andy Drummond who finished with a try. Newcomer Oliver Smith would get on the board as he dashed in from the VRC 10m line untouched after some nifty back moves from the BLRC. Big Prop Steve Sawchuk answered next. The veteran picked the ball from the back of the ruck near the VRC goal line with plenty of options but as team mate Trevor Flynn would say of Steve afterwards: “No one falls forward like Sawchuk”. Steve dove forward, and since the Rowers didn’t field any brick walls or strong elastic bands, there was nothing to prevent Steve from touching the ball down. The final try on the day would come from another new comer, Mark Higgins. Marky Mark caught a pass with some space in front of him and dashed in under the posts to end the game.

The BLRC 3rds have 2 BIG wins under their belt so far this season but face a huge test in UBC this Saturday. The UBC match should go a long way in telling them how good they really are.

BLRC scorers:
Try: Karunathasan, Murphy, Drummond, Smith, Sawchuk, Higgins
Conversions: Richardson (3)
Penalty: Richardson

3rd Div Men – Jarett Richardson prepares for the first of his 3 conversions vs Rowing Cub

BLRC 1st Division Men 30 – Vancouver Rowing Club 15

The BLRC Firsts had another strong outing, controlling the play and pace of the game for 70 of the 80 minutes. Credit to the Rowers for never giving up, and never believing they were out of the game. This allowed the VRC to mount a 2nd half comeback which almost swung the momentum too far for the Burnaby Lake Firsts to recover from.

The BLRC pack got to work early, methodically worked the ball downfield, putting good phases together that ended with Captain Adrian Longbone crashing over the try line about 3 minutes into the game. Shortly after, a big run from veteran center Adam Martin had the BLRC threatening before the ball was spun wide to Dylan Marshall who capitalized and put the BLRC up by 10. Geoff Ryan kicked a penalty to add to the lead before flanker Cole Mosychuk took a Jack Caithness pass at the 22m in for his first try of the game. That would end the half with the BLRC ahead 18-0.

The mid game stretch seemed to wake the Rowing Club up as they came out firing. Their backline put some phases together for the first time in the game and it paid off with their #12 finding some space out wide and scoring a try. The Rowers chopped away at the BLRC lead with big Tight head Greg Crowe showing his Rugby League prowess, taking a crash ball & bouncing through a few would be tacklers (gotta tackle those big boys low!!) on his way over the try line and cutting the BLRC lead to 8 points.

David Dinbandhu would interrupt the VRC comeback, taking a quick tap at the Rowers 10m line and dancing through a few tackle attempts before offloading to Cole Mosychuk. The flanker took the ball at full pace and ran the rest of the field to score. The Rowing Club weren’t throwing in the towel just yet though. Off the ensuing kickoff, the BLRC backline had gotten their coverage wires crossed and the VRC fly half picked up on it. There was no one home and his punt was corralled by the Rowers centre in a foot race. 23-15 was now the score but it would be as close as the Rowers would get. The Burnaby Lake forwards went back to work, controlling the game through mauls and slow ball, eventually finding themselves at the VRC 22. Scrum half Jack Caithness would see a lack of “post” coverage on the side of a ruck and take the gap, fixing the FB before popping the ball to the trailing Ed Swire who scored to finish the game. Final score: BLRC 30 – VRC 15

BLRC scorers:
Try: Mosychuk (2), Longbone, Marshall, Swire
Conversion: Ryan
Penalty: Ryan

Match Video

1st Div Men – Cole Mosychuk scores his 2nd try of the game vs Rowing Club

BLRC Premier Men 32 – Vancouver Rowing Club 15

The game started all BLRC producing some terrific play… but no points. For 21 minutes, the Blue + White did everything but score, before finally giving away a penalty to the Rowers. The VRC took full advantage of the penalty, entering the Burnaby half of the field for the first time and taking it all the way in beside the posts courtesy of their #14. The Rowers #13 was good on the convert. I didn’t recognize either player, but both stood out for the home side all game.

At the 32 minute mark Ryan Ackerman was the catalyst of a BLRC drive that ended with 7 points being added to the visitor’s side of the scoreboard. Ackerman had the ball and entered contact, driving his legs and pushing the defenders back until eventually 4 of them dragged him down. Rockson took advantage of the numerical advantage on the short side of the field and the ball popped through a few sets of hands before Andrew Lackner took off down the sideline. Lackner eventually tossed the ball back inside to Cole McQueen at the 22m and Cole took it in beneath the posts. Mike Goodall converted the try to tie the game.

5 minutes later (and just before halftime) the BLRC were threatening deep in Rowers territory before being awarded a 5m scrum. The scrum collapsed and while many on the visitors sideline were calling for a penalty, Taitusi Vikilani picked the ball up and rushed for the try. Vikilani was stopped but Andrew Lackner picked the ball up and dove in for his first try of the season. The half would end with the BLRC on top 12-7.

The Burnaby Lake pack would open the 2nd stanza with a try. Another 5m scrum in the Rowing Club red zone would be pushed back over the try line. Vikilani touched the ball down at the back of the scrum for 5 points. The Rowers would punish a BLRC penalty off the kickoff, adding 3 points to draw closer, 17-10 and cause some excitement on the home sideline. A big run from front row Ben Rowley set up the next BLRC try. Ben smashed into the defenders, making great “yards after” and moving the pile back to the VRC 22m before the ball was produced to Cody Rockson. Rockson whipped a pass out wide to Angus Fisher who strode over the try line. 22-10.

The Rowers responded and fired back immediately. The BLRC took a handful of penalties and the home team fed on this, pushing the BLRC back and back and back. Eventually the Rowers would quick tap and swing the ball wide where their hooker would take the ball in for a try. Conversions were hard to come by today, and it left the score at 22-15 where it stayed for 10 minutes.

Ryan Ackerman would once again kickstart a drive that would end in 5 points. Ack got the ball moving out wide, and made some yards before passing through the hands of Vikilani and Cole Mosychuk before it eventually found its way to Cody Rockson. Cody sprinted past the tired defenders into the end zone.

The game would end on another try set up by the BLRC forwards. The BLRC were awarded another 5m scrum and pushed it over allowing Taitusi Vikilani to drop on the ball for his 2nd try of the game.

Final score BLRC 32 – VRC 15
BLRC scorers:
Try: T Vikilani (2), McQueen, Lackner, Fisher, Rockson
Conversions: Goodall

Match Video

Premier Men – Cody Rockson avoids a tackle on his way to a try.

Another Saturday with big score lines from the BLRC, but a home day vs UBC looms large this weekend. UBC has had Burnaby Lake’s number the past few seasons (at least in the Premier league) and I see that UBC was able to put some points on the board last weekend at Klahanie… so this weekend should be a great game! I strongly encourage all rugby fans in Vancouver to make your way to Burnaby Lake this Saturday.

Big thanks to Brett Hay and his crew from the referee society for allowing the games to happen and big thanks to the Rowing Club for being gracious hosts.

Many Teams~One Club

Burnaby Start Season With Triple Win Over Meralomas in Men's 3rds, 1sts and Premier: Links to Full Match Videos

from Mike Devlin
posted Sep 19 16

Preseason match
BLRC Premier Women 5 – Capilano 21

A late change to the Women’s schedule produced a preseason game vs Capilano RFC. By all accounts the game was slogged out in the rain and mud but every player that I spoke to enjoyed it. The Caps were able to execute their game plan a little better and ran in a few more tries. Alicia Noger answered for the Blue & White but 21 to 5 was as close as the home side could get.
The full game video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfcVydAS4-g

BLRC 3rd Div 31 – Meraloma 3

The Palmer Cup commemorates the late Doug “The Bear” Palmer. Doug passed away tragically while on tour watching the 99 World Cup. Doug was a member of the Trojan Rugby Club who also had ties to the Meraloma’s. The Palmer Cup is a celebration of club on club rugby and is decided each year by the head to head results of the 2 clubs. The Lomas brought 3 teams to the Lake on Saturday and while they left 0 and 3 in this year’s competition, I hope that the club leaders hold their heads high. With rumours circulating of forfeits and “Premier” clubs not able to field 30 players on opening weekend, the Lomas got all 3 games off, enabling our club members to play the games they’ve paid to play. They made it work, and that is a mark of a good club rather than a good team.

The 3rd Div game would set the tone for the day as the BLRC were just a little bigger and stronger in the forwards and the backs were just a little faster and a little more organized. The BLRC rolled to a decisive victory over the defending Provincial Champs behind the play of Flanker Cole Mosychuk and Fly Half Jarret Richardson who were singled out by the coaching staff for their skil and leadership on the day! Also, a late roster change thrust Steve “Rev” Sawchuk into the starting front row just before kickoff. Steve is the only club member to have played for the BLRC every year since the clubs formation. 22 seasons of BLRC rugby = 22 seasons of Steve Sawchuk! I thought that was worth mentioning. Next week the 3rd Div Army heads down to Brockton Oval with the rest of the Men’s program for a 2nd straight week of club rugby!!

BLRC scorers:
T- Jung, Turner, Mosychuk, Richardson, Karunathasan
C- Menzies (2), Richardson

BLRC First Div Men 38 – Meraloma 3

A chippy affair in the pouring rain that produced 6 tries for the BLRC and also gave the coaching staff MUCH to work on if the BLRC hope to once again contend for the Library Square Cup.

There is much jostling for positions on the top teams at Burnaby Lake this year. The influx of a few new coaches combined with many familiar faces taking it easy in the final weeks of the summer has allowed some fresh energy to nab some starting spots. Many who felt there role on a team was secure are finding out the hard way that those spots need to (and should) be earned. One of the fresh faces who impressed on Saturday (and last week at Abbotsford) was Dylan Marshall. Marshall was originally a Kamloops Raider who has moved to Vancouver and joined the club. Dylan scored his first try for the club and had a great game on defence as well. Hopefully he will continue to work hard and find himself in a Premier jersey before the season is out. Next week the Firsts travel to Brockton Oval to test out the Rowing Club.

BLRC scorers
T – Mantle (2), Marshall, Swire, Griffiths, Laudisio
C – Goodal (4)

The full game video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooSCbAaesyQ

BLRC Premier Men 26 – Meraloma 5

The marquee game at Burnaby Lake was a fun “hit out” for both sides, but I don’t think that either head coach will be happy with their teams overall performance. Flashes of brilliance bookended by a knock-on or needless penalty was a common theme unfortunately.

The home side was led by dominant performance by their pack. Scrum coach Angel Cividanes and lineout coach Pat O’Gorman should be happy with the group’s results in the set pieces. It’s no secret that the BLRC scrum has performed well in previous seasons (and yesterday was no different), but the BLRC lineout has been far from a “sure thing” over the years. Yesterday the lineouts were firing on all cylinders with Govorchin & Lackner hitting the jumpers with almost 100% accuracy. The play of Cody Rockson also stood out. The scrum half (who was chosen Man of the Match) controlled the BLRC forwards and delivered quick ball to the backs while scoring 2 tries.

Cody was the first man to touch down for the BLRC in the 2016 campaign. Kimi Vunituraga took a flat pass and burst through the centres, making about 20 yards as he shook off 4 tacklers. Kimi off-loaded to Cody who took it in from the 22m untouched. Geoff Ryan converted to put the BLRC ahead 7-0.

10 minutes later the BLRC forwards were camped out inside the Meraloma 5m for a long stanza. The Loma defenders tackled admirably, allowing the big Burnaby Lake ball carriers to get close to the try line, but never over it. Eventually the BLRC were awarded a 5m scrum and they walked it over the tired Loma pack. Taitusi Vikilani dropped on the ball from his #8 position to put the BLRC up 12-0.

Late in the half, the home side would find themselves once again inside the Meraloma 5m for an extended period. A handful of pick and goes inching ever closer to 5 points, but always just shy of pay dirt. The ball was then sent to the backs where Gino Paolella ditched one defender and touched down between the posts. Geoff Ryan’s 2nd conversion ended the first half 19-0.
The 2nd half opened with the BLRC back in control of possession and territory. About 10 minutes in, the Loma scrum was going backwards and the ball popped out the back directly into the hands of Fuku Vikilani. The #7 made some ground before popping the ball to a trailing Cody Rockson for the try. Ryan converted to go up 26-0.

A 2nd Taitusi Vikilani try off a nice Vunituraga/Murphy “give and go” would be called back due to a yellow card behind the play which caused some confusion amongst the players and fans alike. The Lomas would act on that man advantage with their #12 carrying 2 defenders into the BLRC end zone for 5 points and ending the game.

The full game video can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvzoHC5T3oM

Big thanks to Dave Smortchevsky and the BCRRS team for their solid work on the weekend and to everyone who made it down in the rain to watch the teams!

Many Teams~One Club

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