Surrey Beavers October 2016

October 26 2016

Surrey Beavers

Surrey Teams 4-0 on Club Day Highlights Successful "Ruck for a Cure" Fundraising Event

posted Oct 26 16

The day had finally come for the Beaver faithful; finally this fall there was a full club day scheduled with all 4 senior teams playing at the home pitch. This date on the calendar was circled a few months back for the Beavs as it was their Annual Ruck for the Cure day, and the weather certainly made for a picturesque day from early morning to late afternoon.

With the home field lined in festive pink line spray, a new score board on hand, the flattop grill cooking up burgers, cold beverages on hand and new pink rugby match balls to boot, the day was set to be a huge success!

SBAA 3rd Division Men – Win 10-5

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. They also say that faith can move mountains. Well, the Surrey Beavers Thirsty Thirds love their home ground so much they got up bright and early for the 10 AM kickoff for their first home game of the year against the Chilliwack Crusaders. The early start appeared to be a problem for the visitors as it was not until right before kickoff that they were confirmed to have enough players to field a full team. The 3rds on Saturday had the honour of dressing Beavers legend and club President Rob Brown at flanker. From the opening kickoff both teams were intent to hit hard and often. Chilliwack’s reputation preceded them as they brought a large physical lineup that was content to keep the ball in the middle of the field and earn the hard yards against a smaller, less experienced Beavers side. The Beavers were well prepared as they made good first up tackles and clogged up the centre of the field. On offence they forced the Chilliwack players to chase the play as they were quick to spread the ball around the field and involve all players. The hard work paid off as a few Beavers found some open space on the right side of the field and President Brown carried a pair of Chilliwack tacklers into the end zone to score a try in the corner. The conversion was missed and the Beavers were up 5-0.

The remainder of the half was played in the middle third of the field with neither team able to make a breakthrough.

The second half was more of the same. The Beavers were able to bring the fresh legs onto the field that Chilliwack simply did not have. A breakthrough was made when a good outlet pass and some strong, unorthodox running brought Kai Williams over the line for a try. The Beavers failed to make the conversion but still led the game 10-0.

After the Beavers’ second try the game went back to its both back and forth state, with both teams unable to make significant gains. With time running out Chilliwack’s hard, persistent work was rewarded with a try. The conversion was missed and the referee blew the final whistle for a 10-5 Beavers win.

Overall it was a strong effort from the Beavers with excellent line-out work, securing most of their own possession and stealing a good amount of Chilliwack’s ball. The Beavers executed their game plan well by moving the ball quickly away from the larger, more experienced Chilliwack pack. The focus for the 3rd div side in the coming weeks will be to continue to execute team specific game plans and figuring out how to translate the good, solid team plan in training to the pitch on game days.

Lastly, a big thank you to Chilliwack who got up nice and early on Saturday for the 10 AM kickoff. The 3rds were happy to be home and fortunate to come away on the winning end against a strong, experienced club.

Tries: Rob Brown (1) and Kai Williams (1)

Men of the Match: Best forward goes to club President Rob Brown and best back to Kai Williams

Next up for the Thirsty Thirds is a match against the Scribes RFC at Sullivan Heights Park on October 29.

SBAA 2nd Division Women – Win 15-0

On Saturday morning the Beavers women played against the Kelowna Crows. The women graciously came down with their men's sides and were the first of 3 matches against the same club. The numbers weren't there to field a full team for the Crows but they wanted to be a part of the amazing Ruck for a Cure day so the ladies played a 13 on 13 match. The game that was held had the Beavers’ women matched against a Kelowna/Surrey hybrid team.

Ultimately the Beavers had a 15-0 default win against the Crows, but that doesn't mean the ladies didn't put in effort! Kinza Butter rocked the field by scoring a try and making a conversion. Tori McQueen had an amazing run that finished with her scoring a try. On the hybrid team, Samantha Lutz pushed through her fellow Beavers for a very nice score and Emma Sullivan made multiple conversions!

The Beavers women are thankful that the Kelowna Crows made the trip and helped make the day that much more special. Thank you for the wonderful support!

SBAA 2nd Division Men – Win 36-14

The division 2 boys were hungry to keep things rolling from where they left off last weekend. Last weekend’s game against Langley had the boys put up lots of points and play solid defense. As everyone knows in club rugby players are always busy with others activities in their life and this weekend’s game had several new players on the starting roster because of player commitments elsewhere. The depth of the 2nd division side was going to be tested heavily against a solid Kelowna team. Nevertheless the team would still be led by veteran #6 Ty Robertson and would see veteran #8 Matt Bose back in the roster after coming back to the field from a work injury.

From the first whistle to its last there was a very competitive match between the two top division 2 teams. The 2 sides played a style that complimented each other and was very entertaining to watch. Both div 2 teams reflected well on their 1st division sides and played very much like them. Both teams like the 1st division teams had dynamic backs and solid players in the pack. The game was a back and forth affair and Kelowna’s big boys were keeping the Beavs busy on defense. However the Beavs are a resistant bunch on defense and are led by #7 Jack Wallace who is by far the best tackler in the club pound for pound. Jack leds by example with his text book technic and only #9 Brandon Craig can match his ability on making big cracks on players two or three times their size.

Going into the 2nd half neither team had broken away with the game just yet, but the Beavs had a huge advantage over Kelowna with home field. Kelowna as predicted was slowly getting worn down by the relentless Beaver attack and stiff defense they were offering. Some great running by the loose forwards and the centers started to really wear down Kelowna’s main tacklers and this set an excellent platform for the Beavers to spring their outside backs on big runs that were well supported by the rest of the team. The boys were finally able to take control of the game by keeping the pace high when Kelowna was finally feeling the travel in their legs. The boys took it to Kelowna all the way to the final whistle and were happy to roll out fresh legs in the 2nd half.

Plenty of players got into the game and the Beavers put on as many substitutes as they possibly could to make sure plenty of players got another weekend with playing time. It was a job well done again by the coaching staff balancing veteran talent with up and coming stars within the Beaver ranks. The 2nd division boys are looking much stronger each week and like their 1st division brothers they are playing very entertaining rugby that is a pleasure to watch each weekend.

Tries: Joey Murphy (1) Matt Bose (1) Gavin DeBrouwer (2) and Jamahl Knowles (2)

Men of the match: Best forward Dylan Vermette and best back Brandon Craig

The next match for the Beavers will have them take on Richmond RFC at Sullivan Heights on Saturday. With only two more weekends of regular season games this will be a perfect match to test out the club’s fringe 2nd and 3rd div players to see who is best to go with on their roster when playoffs start in mid-November.

SBAA 1st Division Men – Win 69-12

With a full crowd on hand the men’s 1st division side was waiting in the change room to take the field. After each player got one of the official breast cancer awareness jerseys handed to them by club President Rob Brown the boys were getting eager to show off the new kit. Starting loose head prop Nick Bruce had some motivational words to say to the rest of his teammates in the change room emphasizing what a great cause the fundraiser day was and why this day is so important to him. After Brucey’s fine words the players came running down the hill and to the center of the pitch with a little extra fire in their belly.

Matching both teams up before kickoff it was definitely clear that both sides had similar styled players, and as proven in the season so far the two undefeated teams were both capable of putting up plenty of points. Both teams had dynamic backs and forwards, and it definitely was going to be a great match. Off the initial kickoff the first 5 minutes had well balanced play that had each team testing each other’s’ defensive structure. The Beavers kept control of the ball for most of the early part of the game and were successful in punching through the gain line with their forwards and then swinging the ball out wide to get large territorial gains. Kick counters were effective too, but the boys were really confident in keeping ball in hand on the day. Unfortunately The Johnson brothers kept running short on space out wide on the wings to complete the play up the field. Poor execution and decision making out wide was costing the Beavers some points early; however the boys were looking very sharp in the majority of their play around the field.

Some solid defensive efforts early on in the half was keeping constant pressure on the visiting side and all game long the Beavers were masterful in poaching and stripping loose ball away from many Kelowna Crows. After some great phase play the Beavers got on scoreboard with all around great play by the entire team. Following the first try there was another score by the Beavers shortly after. Great execution on the set pieces kept the Beavers in control of the pace of play. The Beavers were showing the packed sidelines all the individual talent they had within a sold offensive structure that included many individual players playing their best rugby so far this season. Skipper and #8 James Kelly led his pack with some excellent catches off the kick offs, punishing running, and heavy tackles throughout the game. #2 Iain Small also had an exceptional game that had him punch in a couple tries and make some dynamic plays out wide. For the backs #9 Riley Nagy and #10 Reid Gordon were very sound from start to finish in the game. #13 Jeff Bergunder stood out for the backs with some tough runs and he worked very well with #12 Jamie Beaton who played his usual “beast mode” style.

The 1st half of the game had the Beavers up by about 4 tries to 2 and most of the play was leaning in their favor. With every single player still hungry for more in the 2nd half it started with a poached ball at the ruck from #5 Sean Connelly and it turned into a quick try from a darting #14 Riley Johnson down the wing. From that point forward the Kelowna players all seemed to play on the back foot and just tried to keep pace with the Beavers offense. The level of play never faded for the Beavers in the 2nd half and individual players went on for huge breaks with support runners getting the ball at pace. This developed into quick tries for the Beavers, and the boys continued this pace throughout the game. There were some highlight reel tries in the game and some excellent play that not only reflected how well the individual players have got, but how well structured the team has become. In 4 games so far this season the Beavers haven’t allowed more than 2 tries scored against them in any of their games. Currently the Beavers are averaging 7 tries a game on offense and are punishing teams on defense.

When the substitutes rolled into the game the pace of play still stayed very high for the Beavers and the tries kept coming. It was another successful day in the books for the 1st division team as they finished off what could be potentially a solid playoff team. And Kelowna deserves full credit for a great game and never giving up throughout the game. Kelowna is definitely a contender for the fall championship, and it was a tough day for their boys to play a very polished Beaver team at home.

It is hard to pick out certain individual efforts in the game because everyone on the sideline would agree that Saturday’s game was all in all a huge team victory. Simply put everyone showed up to play in the game and it showed on the scoreboard as the Beavs punished the Kelowna Crows. Well done to everyone that representative the club in the fabulous pink jerseys.

Tries: Iain Small (2) Giuseppe Lagrutta (1) James Kelly (2) Riley Nagy (1) Ty Johnson (1) Jamie Beaton (2) and Riley Johnson (2)

Men of the match: Best forward Iain Small and best back Reid Gordon

The Beavs will take on Richmond RFC 1st division team on October 29 at Sullivan Heights; these two clubs have had some great matches in the past and this Saturday should be no exception to that.

Surrey Claim Two Victories Over Langley Plus Win Against Weather in Securing Venue

[ed. great initiative by Surrey in getting this game off when most clubs cancelled their matches.]
posted Oct 18 2016

The Surrey Beavers AA didn’t let three forecasted storm systems get in their way of getting a couple games off on Saturday. It took some improvising on trying to find a field location after the City of Surrey closed down all the grass fields on Thursday, and Langley Rugby Club declined the option of hosting the set of games.

However let this be a lesson to all rugby clubs to keep a positive relationship with their local high schools as there may come a time when you will need to ask a favor and use their field for a game day like the Beavers did this weekend. The club would like to once again thank Fleetwood Park Secondary for letting the club use their field. The weather for the most part on game day held up nicely and yes there was rain and wind but for the most part it wasn’t anything noteworthy for what was expected to happen that day.

SBAA 2nd Division Men: 53-12 Win

Matching up the two sides before kickoff one could tell it was going to be a good contest with both teams having a good mix of size and speed. The first 10 minutes had Langley pounding the ball up the field with their forwards. Repeatedly one pod of forwards after another either took a pass from the #9 or would pick the ball from the back of the ruck. Only for a handful of times the ball made its way out to Langley’s #10 were he would either take it up himself, or would crash up one of his centers. The Beavers held very firm on defense and Langley struggled to gain much yardage from the amount of energy they were putting into crashing the ball up the field. Clearly Langley was concerned about kicking the ball to the Beavers and probably feared a good counter attack. The style of play Langley was attacking with was wearing down their big boys pretty quickly and it only took the Beavers a couple phases of play until they were punching in tries when they were on offense. The Beavers were patient on defense conceding to the rucks knowing that on a wet and windy day turnovers would happen, and the Beavers were opportunistic to take advantage of every mistake Langley made. When the Beavers were on offense there was a real sense of good direction and what they wanted to do with the ball. The Beavs were not afraid of swinging the ball out to their speedy outside backs, or give it to the forwards and centers to pound up the field. Solid tackling from the pack kept Langley in check and the forwards were also very sound in the set pieces. Scrums and line out completions were near perfect and it set a great platform for the Beavers offense which had several players go on and make large gains. The pace of play was quick with clean ball coming out of the rucks allowing #10 Dylan Tatomir to set his backline loose. Captain Ty Roberston was playing #8 and led by example with excellent gains on individual runs and the rest of the Beaver scrum followed his lead. #2 Dylan Vermette and the rest of the front row were eager to find work in the rucks and did an excellent job maintaining control of the ball in contact. Flankers Jack Wallace and Joey Murphy made stiff tackles and played their rolls perfectly on the day. The Beavers went into the 2nd half with a comfortable 20+ point lead and it was looking like it would be their day on Saturday. Kudos also goes to Jamahl Knowles who made his debut at wing for 2nd division and made some electrifying catches and big hits.

The 2nd half saw fresh legs come in as the Beavers started to roll in players that hadn’t got much playing time in the last few weekends due to bye weeks. It was great to see 3rd division players’ substitute in and the level of play still stay very high. Langley has some great players on their div 2 team, but at the 2nd division level it is all about the depth your club has and arguably the Beavers have a ton of depth at the moment. The boys kept the pace of play high in the 2nd half and the points kept coming for the Beavs. There was some great play once again from #13 Tyler Johnson who has solidified himself in that position after several seasons on the wing. He also had great running support from #12 Aaron Martin. Front rower Aaron Viola came in early and made his presence known with his size and soft hands that allowed him to release his teammates onto big runs all game long. The big boys for the Beavs #4 Ryan Mitchell, #5 Sean Connolly, and #1 Ryan Kulasekare made their presence known with big stiff arms and runs that made big holes in Langley’s defensive line.

It was another balanced game offensively for the Beavers and it saw a variety of players touch the ball down for a try. It is good to see the boys playing a style of rugby that has everyone pulling their weight on the field. The club is really seeing competition within the ranks with regular 3rd division players now putting pressure on 2nd division players for their starting spot. The final score in the game was 53-12 and it is great to see another solid defensive effort from the boys.

Tries: Brandon Craig (1) Ryan Kulasekare (1) Joey Murphy (2) Ryan Mitchell (1) Tyler Johnson (2) and Ahmed Shalaby (1)
Men of the Match: Best forward Ryan Kulasekare and best back Tyler Johnson

SBAA 1st Division Men: 38-12 Win

The 2nd matchup of the day was another game that had all kinds of big hits, big runs, and big plays from both teams. Langley and Surrey have a very hot rivalry and tensions are always very high when the 1st division teams matchup against each other. Many players from both teams have played against each other for several seasons and know each other very well. Shortly after the kick off there was an excellent pick play from #12 Jamie Beaton who picked a pass from Langley’s #10 less than 30 seconds into the game and touched it down for a try. It was an excellent start to the game but the Beavers knew it wasn’t going to be easy. The next 15 minutes saw the Beavers pinned in their half playing defense and patiently waiting for Langley to tire out or make a mistake. However the well drilled Langley side got on the board with a penalty kick. Langley’s big boys were out working the Beaver forwards in the tackle and around the rucks; the Beavs at first did not seem too interested on trying to tackle the hard running rival forwards. With about 20 minutes gone in the half the game was all tied up and it took Captain James Kelly to fire up his pack after a soft score by Langley finally had the team realize that they needed to play just as big and just as tough as the Langley players. The referee allowed Langley to make a mess of the scrums and they were driving upwards and boring into the scrum causing the Beavers to either go backwards or collapse. It was hurting the Beavers' attack from the set pieces and becoming very dangerous for the pack as the players were being put in vulnerable positions in the scrummaging. Consequently one scrum collapsed right on top of #5 Steven Friesen who ended up rupturing his Achilles tendon on the play. Unfortunately that will be his last play on the field until sometime in the future and the Beavers would like to wish Steven a full and speedy recovery.

The 1st half did also have some great play from the Beavers and they were starting to take control of the game with some excellent runs from the backs. The back also 3 did an excellent job keeping pressure on Langley’s wingers and full back and made some excellent defensive plays. Flankers Paul Kelly and Giuseppe Lagrutta did a very good job keeping the pressure on the opposition’s #9 all game long. Dominant play was coming from the Beavers' center combination Jeff Bergunder and Jamie Beaton too and they were setting a great foundation for #9 Riley Nagy to let loose the rest of the team. The first half would have the Beavers led by a converted try, but also with growing confidence in their game.

The 2nd half would had more of the same from the Beavers as they got more and more comfortable in the game, scrums started to settle down for the Beavs when James Kelly moved to the hooker position and veteran second rower Sean Connolly came in for injured Steven Friesen. Nick Bruce also did an exceptional job coming in early and playing loose head. Line outs were nearly perfect in this game and good options from off the top and bringing the ball down into a maul kept Langley’s defense unsure of what they should expect. Overall Langley did put up some great competition for the Beavers, but like in many of the games so far this season the 2nd half was the Beavs breakout half and it was mostly because of their patience and depth on the roster that has wore down the opposition. The final score of the game leaned convincingly into the Beavers favor with a 35-10 win, but Langley was definitely stuck in until the final whistle.

Tries: Jamie Beaton (1) Riley Johnson (2) Giuseppe Lagrutta (1) and Clay Ross (1)
Men of the match: Best forward Paul Kelly and best back Jamie Beaton

The Beavers are gearing up for another great week of practices before their 5th Annual Ruck for a Cure game this Saturday, October 22. It should be a great day of matches as the 1st division men and 2nd division men and women side will be facing the Kelowna Crows; this surely will be the biggest tests to date this season for the club. The 3rd division side will also be playing the Chilliwack Crusaders after having a bye weekend.

Surrey Remain Undefeated in Mainland Division One with Win Over Brit Lions

posted Oct 4 2016

The Surrey Beavers AA had 3 of their teams in action on October 1st and once again for the 3rd week in a row the club was on the road. The 1st Division men were off to John Oliver Park to pay the Brit Lions a visit, the 3rd Division men headed to Vancouver to play the Kats, and the 2nd division women went to Ridge Meadows to hit the field against the Bruins.

SBAA 2nd Division Women Game: 22-12 Loss

The women's team faced off against the Ridge Meadows Bruins on Saturday. They had a 10:00AM kick off at Telosky Stadium in Maple Ridge. The women played a 10 on 10 game making for a fast paced game filled with action. The Beavers had amazing structure to their lines even though they were 5 players down. The Bruins, a tight knit team, had strength and stamina on their side. The Beavers had a great player turnout, which offered the ability to sub at will. The Beavers played tough, with Tori McQueen and Alexis Dohnal hammering through defensive lines to score the tries. Laura Leigh kicked butt on the field and also kicked a conversion. The Beavers ultimately lost the game by 2 tries, giving a score of 22-12. With their second game under their belts the Beavers are showing that they are becoming a very cohesive team and fought strongly against last year's league champions. The Bruins were wonderful hosts at Ridge Brewery and the Beavers came second in the boat race.

Tries: Tori McQueen (1) and Alexis Dohnal (1)
Women of the match: best back Laura Leigh and best forward Alexis Dohnal

Next up the 2nd Division women will be playing United Rugby Club at Sullivan Heights on October 15.

SBAA 3rd Division Men Game: 29-12 Loss

The Beavers 3rd division side spent an overcast Saturday out in Kerrisdale taking on the Kats Rugby Club. The Beavs, confident from last week's win over Capilano ‘B’, knew they would have to play a solid game to win against an experienced one division club.

The 3rds came out aggressive shutting down strong runs from the Kats' backline and were being very disciplined on attack and in the rucks. It was a back and forth affair with neither team able to crack the others defense. However, the Beavers were rewarded after some great phase play when outside center Kai Williams made a big line break before giving an offload to flanker Reid Mathews for the first try of the day. As the game pushed on, the larger Kats' pack began to overpower the Beavers’ scrum and utilized space in the backline to fire back. After a solid goal line stand, the Kats were able to score and continued to gain yards out wide on attack.

After a tough 1st half, the Beavers made a few player changes and came right back at the Kats, often after spending countless minutes on defence. The 3rds continued to be aggressive and fight albeit the Kats being able to run in some tries. Yet again, the Beavers pushed the pace with some disciplined play and were rewarded off of a quick penalty tap try by Derek Halicki on the Kats’ 5 meter line. Despite the score, the Beavers stayed competitive and played very well till the final whistle.

It was a tough 27-12 loss, but the 3rd div side are showing improvement with every week and starting to have good chemistry and flow in their play style.

Tries: Reid Mathews (1) Derek Halicki (1)
Men of the match: best forward Reid Mathews and best back Derek Halicki

Next up the Thirsty Thirds will be looking for an exhibition game on October 15 as they have a bye week.

SBAA 1st Division Men Game: 52-7 Win

The 1st division men were eager to get back to playing rugby after having a bye week last weekend, and were very excited to have the opportunity to play the Brit Lions Rugby Club after several seasons of their club only playing at the 3rd division level. It is great to see clubs like the Brits trying to make the step back into the 1st and 2nd division league and the Beavers are happy to see them back in the competition. It’s been a few seasons since the Beavers have been down at John Oliver Park in the fall, but it always seemed like the weather gets windy and rainy when Beavs shows up and Saturday was no exception to that rule. Regardless, the pitch was in outstanding condition, the drinks were refreshing and the clubhouse was warm!

Matching up the two sides before kickoff the Brits definitely had more size on the Beavers in the scrum, and in the centers. The game started off with a clean catch for the Beavers off a Brit Lions kick off but very quickly the Beavs knocked the ball on and the Brits went onto putting 5 long minutes of steady pressure just outside the Beavers’ 22 meter line. It was a wakeup call to some of the players that were still trying to shake off last weekends’ bye, and fortunate for the Beavs the defensive line held up strong. The Beavers and Brits spent the next 10 minutes feeling out each other’s defensive lines; the Brits being very physical at the tackle and then the breakdowns and the Beavers trying to set the game pace to a very fast level. The back 3 for both sides were busy early on as strategic kicks were being placed well into space on a very windy afternoon that made every catch a challenge to make. Undersized in the scrum the Beavers still did very well in controlling the sets and this would be a strong point for the Beavs all game long. The line outs were unfortunately another story on Saturday as poor weather conditions, timing, and poor throws caused the Beavers to lose many contests to the Brits which constantly killed the Beavers momentum. On about the 16th minute mark the Beavers made it down to the Brits’ 5 meter line after some outstanding quick play from the Beavers’ backs that allowed #6 Paul Kelly to punch in the first try of the game. Things started to settle down a little for the Beavers after a well kicked convert gave the side a 7-0 lead. Just like in week 1 lost opportunity out wide was killing the Beavers; to many passes and losing the ball in contact was costing the side dearly with no reward for plenty of positive play. The Beavers were doing good work getting the ball across the field on a wet day, but in many instances the boys weren’t able to finish.

The Brits were also throwing everything at the Beavers defensively and full credit to their side for setting the tone in the physicality department. With the Beavers pushing the pace of play more and more plays were developing into solid breaks through the Brits’ defensive line. Solid line running from #12 Jamie Beaton saw him shredding the defensive line all day long. Robert Jones who played fullback for the Beavers was outstanding under pressure, and in many instances he found himself pinned with 2 or 3 Brits coming down on him but stayed very cool making high percentage plays. More positive plays out wide from the Beavers put the visiting side up at halftime with a comfortable 21-0 lead. The plan in the 2nd half stood the same as the 1st half, get out wide and eliminate the low percentage plays.

The 2nd half couldn’t have started any better for the Beavers 2 minutes in when a simple pop pass from #8 James Kelly to hard running Jamie Beaton turned into a try between the posts. Jamie Beaton would go on to score 2 more tries that afternoon and did an excellent job getting 5-7 convert attempts. After that try it seemed a few to many Beavers started to breathe a little to light thinking that the Brits may just call it a day, but that would not be the case. The Brits for 10 solid minutes kept the pressure on inside the Beavers’ 22. The defensive line was holding well for the Beavers as the Brits kept pounding the line with their forward pack, and then trying to swing it out to their heavy centers. As mentioned earlier lineouts were not good for the Beavers that afternoon and very poor execution on a Beavers’ lineout about 10 meters out from their own goal line turned into a turnover ball and an easy try for the Brits. The Beavers however wouldn’t let that rattle them for long and went back to work. For the remainder of the game the majority of play would be focused in the Brits’ half. The Beavers kept working hard and as substitutes rolled in the level of play still stayed very high for the side. The boys still have plenty to work on but overall the structure looked very sharp during the game. Tries were scored by a variety of players in the match, and it is always great to see that several players are able to pitch in on game days.

There was solid play from #9 Riley Nagy and #10 Reid Gordon who were able to deliver ball to their backs all game long. The loose forwards #8 James Kelly, #7 Andrew McIntyre, and #6 Paul Kelly lead the way on tackles and keeping pressure on the big Brit Lions’ pack all game long. Big runs came from locks #4 Steven Friesen, #5 Trevor Sear, and front rowers #1 Dave Jeffreys, #3 Chris Atkinson all game long. In the backline #13 Jeff Berg

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