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November 01 2016

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Capilano Host Abbotsford in Three Matches: Match Reports by John Langley

posted Nov 1 2016
by John Langley

It is always great to have big club days with at least 3 games against the opposition. Today it was Abby that sent 3 men’s’ sides, while the Squamish Axemen played the Cap 3B’s at home. The Capilano Premier Women were away to Cowichan this weekend.

The Caps U-23 development side played the Abbotsford 3rd Division in the opening game. Caps won 27-10.

Both sides fielded a lot of young players and the game was quite even until the second half. The halftime score was 5-3 in the Caps favour. Both teams had problems handling the wet ball and the wet field. Caps were coming off a schooling loss to a very experience Burnaby side last week but were able to bounce back today. Caps have some very good looking talent in both the pack and the backs. They look good running the ball. Abby showed their potential also and did have several scoring chances especially in the first frame. Caps I thought were a bit fortunate to lead at the half. Abby had a penalty kick in close that bounced off the upright. Abby came close to an intercept that had try written all over it but the ball was dropped.

Caps really stepped it up in the second stanza, likely after words from their coaches. Caps scored on a pick and go in the pack. Not long after, Caps Matt Murphy finished off a scrum drive. Abbotsford had a prop go off injured and didn’t have a trained replacement so the referee advised the teams that it would be “non-contested scrums”. Abby fought back and scored with their number 17 touching down. The conversion now made it 17-10 following an excellent long conversion. Caps scored again after a kick ahead that Abby mishandled and #13 Flynn Heyes fell on it for the score. Flynn, I thought had a very strong game. He is a big center with good speed and he runs hard. Jared Swant scored the last try of the game with a fine run. Thanks to Abbotsford for the game and congratulations to Capilano on the win. Thanks also to the referee Dave Burns.

The 3B Caps vs Squamish - Squamish won this one quite handily 43 to 15:

It is great to see Squamish back in the league! The game was billed as a battle between Jamie Cudmores’ two club sides. The big man started his career with the Axemen before coming to Capilano so he could play higher division rugby. The Axe have attracted some good talent and are a fairly strong 3rd Division side. Caps have struggled this season getting the number of players needed and getting them to training. Hopefully this will turn around in the second half of the season. Congratulations to Squamish on the win and thanks to the referee.

Capilano First Division against Abbotsford: Caps won this 34-0

Caps were stronger today in the top two divisions with the availability of the rugby league reps that were not available last week and the return of Glen McKinnon. Some players who have been playing Premier rugby, and no doubt will again in the future, helped shore up what was a depleted side last week. It showed on the field and Caps were the better side in this one. The more experienced players on both sides had less trouble with the weather than the younger players in the first game. Considering the abysmal conditions it was not bad rugby to watch.

Caps first try was by Will Newbigin who is a good rugby player who plays well no matter what division he is selected for. The ball was swung out to his wing and he touched it down. The conversion was missed. The kicking game suffered today as it wasn’t easy to kick off the wet grass, converts and attempted penalty kicks were missed.

Kes Kasha scored the next try for Caps. The silver fox finished off a nice Cap movement that included Greg Brown who passed to Kes. The convert was missed and Caps were up 10-0. Noah Matsell scored the 3rd try to make it 15-0 and the convert was missed again. That was the score at the half.

Abbotsford got a chance at a penalty kick but the attempt by their Captain Kha Ene sailed wide. Abby threatened to score but they were stopped by a good tackle by Kes Kasha with the ball turning over to the Caps and they cleared it down the field. Connor Martin scored on a nice run for Caps to make it 20 and the conversion by Will Newbigin was good to bring the score to 22-0. Caps scored again after some hard running by Chad Carlsen, then passed to number 16 (sorry I didn’t get his name) and this was also converted. Caps scored another late try by Jared Swant to bring it to 34-0. Thanks to the referee Scott Johnson.

The Capilano Premier Women lost to Cowichan 27-17

Apparently Caps were in the lead 17-12 at halftime but the Piggies rallied and won this one by 10 points. Congratulations to Cowichan. The Capilano Women host Seattle at Klahanie Park next weekend at 11:30am.

The Premier Game: Caps defeated Abby 25-0

The rain let up a little bit and it looked like it might be decent weather for the feature match. The improvement didn’t last long though and it was another round of rain.

Abbotsford have some large athletic players and the always dangerous Dan Tou was at fullback. Dan has done much damage to Capilano over his lengthy career. I remember his excellent running and interceptions! Today the heavy field conditions didn’t favour his playing style. What looked like the first try and perhaps the nicest home try of the season wasn’t to be as the assistant referee had his flag up for a foot in touch. The ball was swung through the backs to Liam Smith, who looks better each time out, then back inside to Chris Robinson, pretty but no cigar!

Caps first counter came from a Sam Franklin penalty kick to touch, subsequent lineout then a maul that second row forward Rich Merinsky finished off. The conversion from the corner missed, 5-0 for Capilano. Caps were called for not releasing the tackled player and Abby took a shot at goal but it went wide. Abby took a yellow card and Caps went for the posts. Sam Franklin knocked it through to make it 8-0, which was the half time score.

The score was close enough to allow for an Abbotsford comeback. They tied Ravens earlier this season so the potential is there and with sloppy field conditions anything can happen. Caps though came out very determined in the second half. Jordan Reid-Harvey who was captain today made some good runs and led his team well. Caps had a strong bench today with two fresh props and Glen McKinnon who hasn’t played Premier rugby this season until today due to an injury. The bench helped up the tempo and Abbotsford who took another yellow card were under constant pressure. Caps scored another Sam Franklin penalty kick to make it 11-0. Caps continued the pressure but Abbotsford was defending well.

Prop Rhys Sheriff scored a try for Caps to make it 16-0 and the conversion was added to bring it to 18-0. Glen McKinnon made several punishing runs for Caps and made an impact when he entered the contest. Glen scored on an eight man pick to finish the scoring. Sam Franklin made the convert and brought it to 25-0. Abbotsford played hard and were unlucky not to get points on the board.

The final whistle went and the players headed to the Capilano Clubhouse for the after game festivities. This was a must win for Capilano, they needed to come up with a solid effort and they did. Thanks to Jim Leith for feeding the players. Thanks to the game officials including referee Harry Mason. It was good to see a fair number of Abbotsford fans out supporting their side. Cap fans were also out supporting their players. Next week it is an away game at Meralomas. Hope to see you there.

Cap Premier Women Claim Win; Men Lose to Burnaby

by John Langley
posted Oct 25 16

First off, congratulation to the Burnaby Men’s program for a comprehensive sweep of the 3 Capilano Men’s sides on Saturday. Congratulations to the Capilano Premier Women and their coaches Mario Domingues and Jesse Ryan on their big win over the Burnaby Premier Women. The Caps Women have been rebuilding over the last two or three seasons and it looks like the Burnaby Women are currently doing likewise. If you haven’t read Mike Devlins Burnaby report I encourage you to do so as it is fair and comprehensive. I will not repeat his report on these games but will expand on the Premier Women’s game and give my overview on the others.

Cap Premier Women at Burnaby: Caps win 42-5

This was a big win for the Cap Women in their first league game of the fall season. Caps were led by Melissa Robinson with two tries and Canada star Hilary Leith who added one plus a conversion. Single tries were added by Ashley Robinson, Jacklyn Simington, Kelsey Bisaro, Mehgan Copeland Duran and Laura Ellwood. Jessica Harvey scored one for Burnaby. I was trying to catch two games at once but Caps appeared to dominate in this one and put a lot of pressure on the Burnaby defenders.

Cap 3 A game Caps at Burnaby, Burnaby won 29-5

This was a big game for the young Caps development side. They were up against a much bigger and experienced Burnaby team. When James Reekie starts at #10 for the 3rd Division you know the opposition has a strong and deep line-up in all divisions. I thought Caps were the best side in the first half and should have scored several tries but appeared to be too excited and couldn’t finish. Of course some of this has to be credited to the Burnaby defence. The difference maker in the first half was young Burnaby winger Kishan Krisnathan who showed his speed and scored the only try of the half to give his side a 5-0 lead. Burnaby re organized at the break and won going away in the second frame.

Capilano First Division at Burnaby: Burnaby won 50-5

This game was no contest with Burnaby overwhelming the Capilano first division. This Cap side is not the same team as the one that won the Championship last season. No fault to the players that were on the field but for Capilano supporters it was hard to watch as Burnaby dominated in all aspects of the game. Caps were missing five players that were selected for a rugby league rep game against the Australian police Friday night in Abbotsford. Two did play as reserves in the Premier game but the affect was felt throughout the divisions.

Capilano Premiers at Burnaby: Burnaby won 43-10

Burnaby was good value for the win! Burnaby has built a strong club. Their coaching staff led by Graham Sims who once assisted at Capilano before going to the Meralomas club and then Burnaby, has his players playing dynamic rugby! They swung the ball wide and always seemed to have an overlap. The bleeding was reduced in the second half as Alex Boyd, Joel Hulett, Jesse Ryan and Austin Karius entered the fray for the Caps. The Caps only try was scored by Austin Karius on an interception. Boyd, as always, ran hard as did Joel Hulett. Jesse Ryan played by far his best rugby today. I was impressed by the play of Liam Smith on the Cap wing. Caps can be given credit for not folding despite being outgunned. Some tackles were missed late in the game but for most part it was quite good in my opinion. Hopefully the rugby league players will be available for the important game next weekend against Abbotsford. Rumour has it that Glen McKinnon who has been unavailable due to injury is getting close to returning. Caps have certainly missed Glens play and leadership.

Thanks to Burnaby for the hosting. The beer as always was excellent. The supporters did miss the delicious hamburgers though and thanks to Caps ex President Ken Robinson for making a mercy run to Subway to prevent cannibalism amongst the many Cap supporters! The players were well fed always inside the Burnaby clubhouse. It was great to see the large turnout of Burnaby supporters for their club. Also congratulations on the field conditions that have withstood the deluge of rain. Thanks to all of today’s’ officials for their efforts. Caps will need a big turnout next week at Klahanie. Hope to see you there!

Seattle Saracens Visit Klahanie for Three Matches: Match Reports

by John Langley
posted Oct 4 2016

Today Seattle came to the Bob Spray Field at Klahanie for 3 top notch rugby games. The Cap Women were up first.

Capilano Premier Women host Seattle Saracens: Seattle 35-20

Seattle won this won fairly handily 35-20 but it was not a rout and Caps stayed within striking distance until late in the game. Seattle have some very good players and it showed late in the contest. I was very impressed with 3, Naima Reddick who led her side with 2 tries. Ariana Bray and Kala Clanton also scored and were impressive.

For Caps the front row of Nevene Hammoud, Melissa Robinson and Hilary Leith stood out. Caps could have used Canada star Andrea Burk but she wasn’t available today. Still it was a good contest and wide open. Caps kept battling back and kept it within 8 points but Seattle finished well and were good value for the victory.

Seattle also won the goal kicking game as they converted virtually everything even from the corners. You don’t often see this in Women’s rugby so congratulations to the Seattle kicker on a fine performance. This was yet another exhibition game and the league starts next game, following Thanksgiving. Thanks to the referee.

Capilano First Division against Seattle Ones: Caps won this 20-0.

Seattle have some outstanding speed and I thought early that they might do some damage but Caps were able to keep them in check. Last week I spoke about Capilano Spirit. Today I really saw it in action. The Caps were loaded with last season’s 3rd Division players. There were a few that played Firsts but mainly they were 3rd Div guys. They were led by the silver foxes! Chris Lumsden played out of his skin. Rob Scott, Calgary Rob as he is called, who has been trying to retire but continues to answer his club’s call and Kes Kasha all long in the tooth played good rugby for their club today. Jordan Marshall, Conner Martin and Austin Karius had strong games. Young fullback Liam Smith looked dangerous and scored a nifty try before having to leave with an injury. No doubt I missed some but guys you made me proud and I am sure a lot of Cap supporters proud today!

The players that came off the bench in the second half didn’t disappoint either. It was a great team effort! Caps scorers were: Kail Spooner, Liam Smith, set up by Austin Karius, Connor Martin and Lee Foster, who also had a strong game at flanker. Caps didn’t manage any converts or penalty kicks but it didn’t matter today,

Thanks to Seattle for the game and thanks to the referee.

Cap U-23’s in action in Kelowna, won that game 17-7.

Capilano Premiers host the Seattle Saracen’s:

Seattle edge Caps 18-20 in what turned out to be a good rugby game. Caps got down 10-0 but battled back. Last week both the sets scrums and lineout were a disaster for Capilano. Today there was big improvement in the lineouts but the scrums are still a big problem. Seattle have a big experienced pack and it won them the game in my opinion.

Saracen’s number 8 Matt Trouville was very good today for his side. For Caps the big threat was Adam Zaruba. Adam scored two great tries today to keep Capilano in the game. I am surprised he hasn’t been signed by a professional club as he is outstanding. I was a sceptic when Tom Larisch decided to make a back out of Adam. I thought he belonged in the pack but has become a game breaker and looked great at outside center today. He turned his chances into two well taken tries in which he outran the Seattle backs. If Harry Jones could have played today that might have been the difference but Harry was injured in the Rowing Club game.

Seattle opened the scoring with a penalty kick, then added a major as Nick Evans stepped in to a Capilano movement, intercepted the pass and went the distance to give Seattle a 10 point lead after the conversion. Nick Evans had a shot at a penalty kick but missed.

Caps got on the board with a well taken try by Zaruba. Caps missed the convert from out wide and the score was 5-10. Seattle pushed Caps off their set and scored again to make it 15-5. Caps got the ball out to Zaruba and he scored his second. Chris Robinson made the conversion and it was now 15-12. Will Newbiggin made a nifty drop goal to tie the score at 15 each.

The Seattle scrum was dominating, however, and they scored on a pushover try to make it 20. The conversion was missed and Caps had a chance to pull it out. A penalty kick by Chris Robinson made it 20-18 and Caps had another opportunity to go for a penalty kick but it was decided to go for a lineout. It looked like Caps had scored before the penalty was awarded but perhaps the whistle had blown. Jordan Marshall took the ball over the line but it was ruled to be no try.

Seattle came back and it looked like they would score but Caps stopped them, one with a saving tackle by Adam Zaruba. Seattle though was able to withstand the pressure from Caps and held their lead. Congratulations to Seattle on the win. Thanks to today’s volunteers that help make Cap rugby possible and to Jim Leith for feeding the teams. Thanks to the referees and assistants. It was a tight game but Seattle was overall the deserving winner.

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