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November 03 2016

U19 West Camp - November 2016

U19 Players Attend Selection Camps for December Tour to USA

posted Nov 3 2016

88 players from 3 regional camps were evaluated, from that group a east and west camp will be selected for a final group of 30 to tour to the US in December according to the Rugby Canada article.

36 players were in the west camp, 17 players from prairies camp and 35 players from the east camp. The names are listed below in the appended Rugby Canada article.

West Camp

from Rugby Canada

Three regional men’s U19 camps during the month of October has set head coach Dean Murten up for a tough selection process.

The camps, held in Kingston, Red Deer and Burnaby, will now lead into an east and west camp which will determine a 30-man squad for a tour to the USA in December.

“The U19 program saw tremendous growth last year in relation to the competition they experienced in Ireland,” said Rugby Canada’s Coordinator of National Player Development & Talent ID Ken Goodland. “We are always looking to challenge our players and give them opportunities to develop on the world stage. These players have much to look forward to and train for so we are really looking forward to the next camps.

“There were a lot of very promising performances during these regional camps. We are anticipating some tough decisions for the next step and even tougher ones for selection to the USA Tour in December.”

The East camp takes place Nov. 10-13 while the West camp takes place Nov. 24-27 at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island.

BC Camp Invites (Name, Club):

Alexander McAra, UVic

Austin Fink, Bayside

Brandon Schellenberg, Castaway Wanderers

Brennig Prevost, UVic

Callum Masteron, UVic

Christoph Stangl, UBC

Damon Adams, Castaway Wanderers

Peyton Eagar, Cowichan

Elias Ergas, UBC

Ethan Blenkhorn, UVic

Evan Norris, Shawnigan

Gavin Kratz, UVic

Jackson Silver-Lee, Bayside

Jake Lan, UBC (BC)

James Newman, Shawnigan

John Jubenville, UBC

Josh Long, Abbotsford

Kyle Joe, Cowichan

Lahlan Kratz, Castaway Wanderers

Logan Martin-Feek Westshore

Lucas De Vries, UVic

Matias Suez, UBCOB

Matthew Ye, UBC

Mike Smith, UBC

Mostyn Findlay, UVic

Owan Ruttan, Corbourgh Saxon

Quinn Ngawati, Westshore

Sam Sirlin, St Georges

Seth Purdy, Shawnigan

Spencer Cooper, UVic

Thomas Rennie, Abbotsford

Will Perciller, Brentwood College

James Hammond, United

Jordan Montgomery, PEI Mudmen

Owain Ruttan, Cobourgh Saxons

Marco Caza II, Ormstown Saracens

Prairie Camp Invites (Name, club):

Brandan, Atkinson-Mangold, Bow Valley Grizzles

Brennan Bouricher, Bow Valley Rugby Club

Brock Gallagher, Stracthcona Druids

Connor Stalwick, Red Deer Titans

Dalton Campbell, Hornets

Elliot Johnson, Strathcona Druids

Igor Cardoso Espinosa Irish

Jack Martin, Winnipeg

Jeremia Rogge, Vincent Massey Collegiate

Joshua Penner, Team Saskatchewan

Rylen Waugh, Bow Valley Grizzlies

Thomas Burton, Red Deer Titans

Zac Lenz, Krems RFC

Zechariah Pilgrim, Red Deer Titans

Kirsh Uschold, St Paul's High School

Thomas Burton, Winnipeg

Alex DeMong, Red Deer Titans

East Camp Invites (Name, club):

Aidan Foley, Oakville Crusaders/ Western University

Alex Pipchuck, University of Kingston

Andreas Dionisopoulos, Beaconsfield Rugby Football Club

Andrew Wilson, Oakville Crusaders

Andrew Binns, University of Guelph

Avery Oitomen, Oakville Crusaders

Benjamin Newhook, Vandals RFC

Brandon Schell. The Rock

Carter Bondy, Niagara

Christian Lyle, Sarnia Saints

Coyle Hoyt, Charlotte County Bulldogs

Dylan Silver, Balmy Beach /University of Guelph

Ethan Hager, Harlequins

Jack McRogers, Aurora Barbarians

Jack Bae, University of Toronto/ UBCOB Ravens

Jackson Matthews, Beaconsfield Rugby Football Club (BRFC)

Jacob Chow, Dogs RFC

James Shaw, Bytown Blues

Jeremy Gamm, Markham Irish

Jordan Evans, Barrie RFC/University of Guelph

Joshiah Morra, Toronto Saracens

Justin Davies Ste Anne de Bellevue

Kevin Perera, Crusaders

Kevin Vertkas, Toronto Nomads

Kobie Welch, Markham Irish

Lordrick Paralavechio, Abénakis Sherbrooke

Marco Caza II, Ormstown Saracens

Michael Nwabufo, Bytown Blues/McGill University

Miquel-Fabian Palij, Markham Irish

Nathan Matchett, Miramichi RFC

Nick McComb, Balmy Beach

Noah Hone, Ottawa Indians

Owen Schimpl, Markham Irish

Vigo Moniz, Gladiators

William Saikaley, Bytown Blues

Pemberton Holmes
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