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November 04 2016

Canada Misses Out on Nomination for 2016 Sevens Player(s) of the Year

from BCRN 7s correspondent
posted Nov 4 2016

The recent announcement from Dublin for the 2016 Sevens Player(s) of the Year has been described as a ‘head scratcher’ in some media circles.
However – in reality it’s worse - and it’s just another insult and non-recognition of our world class female athletes in Canada.

The three selections for Female Sevens Player of the Year are simply a joke and do nothing to reinforce all the accomplishments of the women on the sevens circuit – especially Canadian women.

Whether you believe in this sort of selection process at the end of each year is another conversation - but if there is going to be a selection agenda then clearly it has to be fair and represent what has transpired over the past year.

The three women nominated are a talented group but do not stand in the same company as several Canadian players who should have been on the ballot.
Charlotte Caslick from Australia is a legitimate contender as she has shown over this past season to work both sides of the ball in the short game and contributes directly to Australia’s overall success on many fronts.

This is not the case for the other nominations – Woodman is a finisher pure and simple but that’s where it ends – without her speed she would be fairly ordinary. And while it may be absurd to dismiss one of the circuit’s top scorers the fact remains there are several other players on the Black Ferns team that directly contribute to their success more than Woodman does.

Last – Emily Scarratt should not displace a host of other players who should be in the running. Scarratt is a talent and best known for her try in the final minutes at the last Rugby World Cup by scoring England’s vital try to win the tournament – she was lucky then and it appears that her luck has continued with this nomination.

In Langford last year at the Sevens Tournament Scarratt arrived in Canada is very poor shape and did absolutely nothing to enhance her reputation – there is no denying her talent but she is a long way ‘south’ of other players who offer their team more on every level.

So let’s start blowing our own horn here –

Candidly Karen Paquin is a far better player on the circuit than Scarratt ever was last season – she is lightning fast, a sensational tackler, has a massive work rate and works the breakdown better than anyone which puts her in elite company we suggest.

And then there is Ghislaine Landry whose stats alone leave Scarratt circling Saturn in a row boat – it is absurd to leave one of the games top scorers and Olympic medalist off the ballot list!

Any review of game film from last season or the Olympic Games will confirm that Landry is in a zone all by herself – she has speed, incredible evasive skills and makes instantaneous decisions at top speed – she’s world class - period!

That leaves the tenacious Kayla Moleschi who makes everything work for Canada’s Sevens Team – she is without question one of the circuits most complete players in every sense and should be on any ballot box for recognition especially this season where she dominated games and was a key to Canada’s success.

Any one of these three players should have been included for Player of the Year this season and it remains frustrating when this happens to Canadian athletes time and time again in rugby.

The ballot box process itself is flawed and caters to the established teams and their self-interest.

Apparently each team gets a vote that is submitted to Dublin BUT you can’t vote for your own players…that needs to be looked at as it may seem to be ‘fair’ in appearance but the reality is that it is not and we end up with what we presently have – no representation which considers each players merit and contribution to their team.

Stay tuned – Dubai is next and Canada heads up Pool C with England, Spain and Brazil.

From The Vancouver Province – rugby writer Patrick Johnston sees it this way (below).

Head-scratcher: No Canadian women up for World Rugby 7s player of the year
Patrick Johnston
Published: November 1, 2016

World Rugby has released their short lists for their 2016 awards.
A bit of surprise: no Canadian women made the final three for women’s 7s player of the year.

NZ’s Portia Woodman, Austrlia’s Charlotte Caslick and England’s Emily Scarratt are the final three.

If had a vote, I’d have Jen Kish or Ghislaine Landry in over Scarratt. Scarratt is a great player, but Landry was the series’ leading scorer last season and was second in scoring at the Rio Olympics, behind Woodman. Kish was the all-action captain for Canada. Both were game-changers more than once.

Woodman is an electric try scorer — probably the world’s best — while Caslick is a thrilling playmaker. Both make sense. (My pick is Woodman.) 

World Rugby Women’s Sevens Player of the Year in association with HSBC
Charlotte Caslick (Australia)
Emily Scarratt (England)
Portial Woodman (New Zealand)

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