James Bay November 2016

November 20 2016


UVic Rolls Over Bays to Win Vikes-Bays Challenge Trophy

by Phil Meyer
posted Nov 20 2016

Friday night under the lights on the University campus, the Vikes were red hot – while JBAA Prems were as chilly as the shivery weather. The game stayed close through the first 30 minutes – an early (unconverted) try from Jon Lorimer, balanced by a score in the left corner from Bays’ Nate Tough, converted by Elliot Mitrou. Then a try by Guiseppe du Tout opened the flood gates a crack - Ollie Nott tallied his first at half time, converted by du Toit - Vikes 17 – JBAA 7.

In Half Two, Vikes poured in five trys and a penalty goal – while the Bays wore down, then wore out. Lucas Hammond with a try – Lorimer with his second – and a du Toit conversion and penalty goal, expanded Vikes’ lead to an uncatchable 32 – 7 by the 62 minute mark. Vikes added insult to injury with two more trys late – Liam Chisholm, then Nott with his second.

With the 42 to 7 win, Vikes secured their second annual victory in the Vikes-Bays Challenge series – adding to their triumph of last season. After the game, U Vic Athletic Director Clint Hamilton was heard to remark that this was the best Vikes’ performance he had seen for some time. JBAA is likely to agree. Congratulations to Doug Tate and the Viker players.

Next Saturday, fans should expect a make-up game between JBAA and CW at MacDonald Park, to determine the winner in VIRI Elite League play – and the host of the Barnard Cup final on December 3.

Bays Clash With Vikes Tonight – Challenge Trophy at Stake: Lineup & Congrats to Connor Braid (Worcester)

by Phil Meyer
posted Nov 18 2016

Six years ago, in 2011, Ian Stewart established the Vikes-Bays Challenge Trophy, to be contested annually between James Bay Athletic Association and University of Victoria Vikes, in a two game home-and- home total point affair. Lettering on the Trophy indicates that JBAA won this challenge over its four initial years of play. Last year, the Vikes struck back. They will be looking to get closer to “even” tonight. Earlier, at MacDonald Park, the two teams tied 10 points to 10. So the winner out under the lights at U Vic this evening (7:00 PM) will win it all.

The inscription on the Challenge Trophy illustrates Ian Stewart’s intent.

“Excellence and Respect Through Competition”

Games between U Vic Vikes and JBAA Prems almost always meet this standard.

JBAA Ones will travel to Nanaimo on Saturday, to meet the Hornets in a 1:00 PM start.

JBAA also takes this moment to congratulate Connor Braid – who has secured a professional contract across the pond with Premier side Worcester Warriors.

1. Noah Barker
2. Blake van Heyningen
3. Cole Keith
4. Adrian Wadden
5. Graham Harriman (captain)
6. Ben Johnson
7. Andrew de Goede
8. Shea Wakefield
9. Robert Freckelton
10. Sean White
11. Chris Slater
12. Jordan Wilson-Ross
13. Elliot Mitrou
14. Nate Tough
15. Takeshi Barnes

Bays Best Valhallians – Topped by Black Sheep: FULL MATCH VIDEOS

by Phil Meyer
posted Nov 13 2016

On Saturday, prior to the Premier game, players from Port Alberni Black Sheep, Westshore RFC and James Bay Athletic Association came together, to stand in the footprints of more than One Hundred who departed MacDonald Park for foreign wars – and, with a lone bugle sounding Last Post - gave thought to those who left their rugby play - never to return.

The day began – and ended – in sunlight and high wind. The Black Sheep, always formidable under Coach Jas Purewal, move out to a first game halftime lead of 24 to 10 over JBAA Ones – then hold on to win 24 to 15. Bays’ try scorers - Ziggy Pretorius (South Africa), Trent Wilson (Canada) and Quentin Martinez (France).

The Premier game is dominated by JBAA’s Blue Crush – who march up and down the field – to score five trys over the balance of the afternoon.

Twelve minutes in, Blake van Heyningen finishes off a Blue Crush maul-over to notch JBAA’s first. Three minutes later, Jordan Wilson-Ross bursts out of his own end – and sets up a galloping Jimmy de Goede - who outpaces would-be Valhallian tacklers to the goal.

Mid-half, T.K. Barnes, making his first start at fullback for the Prems, sets up Luke Campbell for a final 35 meter slash and dash to the Westshore in-goal. Then it is Canada aspirant Adrian Wadden’s turn, beating several Westshore tacklers as he strides in from the 45 meters line. Score at the half: JBAA 28 – Westshore 0.

At 47 minutes, Bays’ Captain Graham Harriman powers to a fifth Navy Blue score. Jay Jimmo answers back for Valhallians, with a try that ends scoring for the day.

JBAA kicker Elliot Mitrou had an exceptional afternoon – battling strong Juan de Fuca winds, to go five for five on converts – some from extreme angles. At end: JBAA 35 – Westshore 5.

With the win, JBAA Prems have two games to go in Barnard Cup League play – the first, next Friday evening at U Vic – in the (now) one game joust for the Bays-Vikes Challenge Trophy. JBAA Ones will travel to Nanaimo next Saturday, to face the buzz from the Times Cup leading Hornets.



JBAA & UVic Vikes Set Up Final Clash for Ian Stewart’s Bays-Vikes Trophy

by Phil Meyer
posted Nov 6 2016

A few years ago, Ian Stewart – former Chair of the Board of Governors of the University of Victoria – and back rower with James Bay Athletic Association – established a trophy, the Bays/Vikes Challenge Trophy, to be played for each year by the University Vikes, and JBAA’s Bays, the two teams that have provided the focus for Ian’s long life as a participant and passionate supporter of our rugby sport.

The Trophy was to be decided through a two game home-and-home total point series - and was created to emphasize the competitive spirit between our two teams, and the contribution of rugby in helping these young athletes on their way to becoming outstanding Canadian citizens.

On Saturday, at MacDonald Park, Ian Stewart would not have been disappointed. The field was somewhat tattered by the boot-marks of (presumed) unpermitted miscreants sneaking on to practice during the preceding week. (Investigation of these circumstances will commence tomorrow.) Intermittent rain showers during the game greased the ball. So it was left to Viker players, coached by Doug Tate – and Bays, coached by Pete Rushton – to show their character in the face of these adverse conditions.

Show their character they did! There was little in the score line. Jimmy de Goede capitalized on sustained Blue Crush effort in the first half to score the Bays’ sole try. Morgan Tate finished off a scoring opportunity, facilitated by a Navy Blue sideline lapse in Half Two, to notch the Vikes’ only. Ed Adams (Bays) and Guiseppe du Toit (Vikes) exchanged respective converts and kicked a penalty goal each. At the end: JBAA 10 – U Vic Vikes 10.

But it was not the scoring – but DEFENSE – that set the tone this afternoon. The game slowed by field and by whistle, Blue Crush applied relentless pressure – but Vikes only allowed one tally. The Vikes’ backs looked always dangerous, even with the softened field – but Bays’ tacklers held them (save for one) in check. Neither team gave in. Neither team allowed the other to win. And so, some two weeks hence, on Friday, November 18 at U Vic Stadium, these teams will meet again to decide the Bays/Vikes Trophy for 2016. One Game! Winner take all!

Year to year, the spirit between these town and gown sides builds – just the way Ian Stewart intended. Fierce hard competition on the field! Strong together in the clubhouse after the game. Looking around the room yesterday, one sees several players who have played for both sides – depending on where they were or are – in their playing careers – and in their lives.

Congratulations to all! Our teams will see each together again in two weeks!

The Division One game was also close – Norsemen coming back two minutes from the end to secure a 22-17 win. JBAA try scorers were Tennyson Brown, Nate Tough and Ben Strocel. Max Sydenham kicked one convert.

Next Saturday, JBAA is scheduled to host Westshore RFC.

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