BC Rugby Weekend of November 12th 2016

November 11 2016

Weekend Results: CW Eliminate Vikes; Caps Edge Ravens; Bays Plunder Valhallians: FULL SCHEDULE

posted Nov 11 2016
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U Of Victoria 24 vs Castaway Wanderers 35 @ U Of Victoria (Friday night 7pm)

CW eliminated the Vikes from the Barnard Cup hunt with a comeback victory. Vikes were ahead 18-7 at the half but four second half tries by CW, including two in the last five minutes, sealed the win for the visitors. All 24 Vikes points came from two players, Guiseppe du Toit kicked four penalties and one conversion while Jonathan Lorimer scored two tries. The Vikes will finish 3rd in the fall league and face the Bays next week.

If CW win tonight then it will be a JBAA v CW Barnard Cup final, if Vikes win then they have a shot with 2 more weeks left in the regular season. Vikes will be missing their powerful #8 Isaac Kay, held back by RC as is Crosby Stewart. They do have a potent centre pairing of Lucas Hammond and Jonathan Lorimer but CW have some explosive backs as well such as Doug Fraser and Anton Ngongo. Interesting to see Mike Scholz getting the start at #10. It should be a close and entertaining match. CW have won the previous two meetings by +13 and +9, we'll subtract another four and say +5 this weekend. Prediction: CW by 5.


1 Casey Reed
2 MacBryan Bos
3 Spencer Cooper
4 Liam Chisholm
5 Kevin Leask
6 Jeff Nishma-Miller
7 Ollie Nott
8 Michael Harvey
9 James Pitblado
10 Morgan Tate
11 Joe Erlic
12 Lucas Hammond
13 Jonathan Lorimer
14 Johnny Franklin
15 Guiseppe du Toit


1. John Braddock
2. Clayton Thornber
3. Doug Wooldridge ©
4. Cam Polson
5. Connor Turner
6. Nate Thomas
7. Riley Ilnicki
8. Dustin Dobravsky
9. Brandon Schellenberger
10. Mike Scholtz
11. Jon Morris
12. Doug Fraser
13. John Moar
14. Anton Ngongo
15. Nick Hutton
16. Doug Pearson
17. Jack Sponarski
18. Dre Adams
19. Kyle Hohert
20. Nathan Stewart
21. Brandon Gerhardt
22. Keenan Horton
23. Dave Morgan

UBCOB Ravens 24 vs Capilano 25 @ Jericho

What a win for the Caps, they came through when the chips were down to guarantee their spot in the Premier next season. The Ravens are a good team but they lack that killer instinct and consistency to be champions. UBC take their place in the final which is probably deserved based on recent results as UBC are upping their game as the season progresses. It's now Ravens v Seattle for 3rd and Burnaby v UBC for the Mainland Cup. Caps battled hard all day, ahead 15-10 at the half but battling from behind in the 2nd half down 17-15 and 24-18 before scoring the final try and conversion to win. You have to feel for the Lomas however as they'll likely get relegated if Rowers defeat Abbotsford next weekend.

The final regular season game for both teams in the fall league with playoff and relegation implications. A bonus point win for Ravens sees them in the Mainland Cup final against Burnaby. Anything less and they face Seattle for 3rd place and UBC take their place in the final. Caps are at the other end of the spectrum and trying to avoid relegation to the spring Div 1 competition along with Abby. A win will guarantee they stay in Premier, a bonus point loss ties them with Lomas but Lomas won the head to head so that won't be enough unless Rowers lose to Abbotsford next weekend, or win without a bonus point which creates a 3 way tie for 5th place. In that case it would go to number of tries scored in the games between the teams which according to a reader is: Meralomas {9 trys}, Capilanos {7 trys}, Rowers {6 trys}. That scenario would see Rowers relegated. Back to this match, good to see Glenn McKinnon getting the start at #8. Will the gritty veteran be able to swing the tide in favour of the visitors. Ravens have speed in the backs and power in the forwards, a formidable combination. They've only lost one game this season. Prediction: Ravens by 9.



1 Andrew Crandell
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Jesse Ryan
4 Reid Tucker
5 Rich Merinsky
6 Alex Boyd
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon
9 Chris Robinson (C)
10 Chad Carlsen
11 Liam Smith
12 Joel Hulett
13 Eligh Papin
14 Austin Karius
15 Sam Franklin

James Bay AA 35 vs Westshore 5 @ James Bay AA

No surprise here as the Bays keep on top of the Island Premier and look to host the Barnard Cup in December. Westshore still looking for a win this season. Bays were up 35-0 and Westshore scored a late try.

The Bays won the previous two matches by +47 and +29 so there's not a lot to say about the possible outcome. Westshore are missing a few key players and had to default due to front row numbers last week against CW. They've brought up a couple of Div 1 props so may struggle to compete for the full 80 minutes in that area. They have a youthful and talented backline and the Bays are missing their national team players so it may be an entertaining contest when the ball goes wide. Prediction: Bays by 16.



Island Div 1

The North Island teams did well with Nanaimo dispatching the Vikes [ed. correction Norsemen] 35-7, Port Alberni defeating James Bay 24-15, and Cowichan defeating CW 46-19.

7th place Cowichan host 4th place CW, 6th place Bays host 3rd place Port Alberni and 1st place Nanaimo and 2nd place UVic battle it out in Victoria.


1. Noah Dobson
2. Sam Anderson
3. Scott McLeod
4. Alucious Grey
5. Peyton Eagar
6. Mike Roberts
7. Mike Debrouwer
8. Rob McDonnell ( Captain )
9. Jenner Teufel ( Assistant )
10. Andrew Gudmundseth
11. Gregor Grantham
12. Cory Bellis
13. Jordan McGarvey
14. Amish Dobson
15. Drew McCarthy
16. Darren Sage
17. Robin Gusse
18. Sean Williams
19. Dan Cvitanovich


1. Dre Adams
2. Doug Pearson (c)
3. Grant Baird
4. Jordon Montgomery
5. Jeff Crone
6. Darren Parcells
7. Cole Wiley
8. Kyle Hohert
9. John Kirk
10. Brandon Gerhardt
11. Riley Turchet
12. Oliver Winser
13. Matt Kelly
14. Alex Economou
15. Dave Morgan
16. Doug Hepp
17. Peter Anderson
18. Sam Stephenson
19. Neil Fowler
20. Trent Taber
21. Eldon Sproule
22. E Bachman


Back to 2010 in this photo, a few familiar faces in this group, how many can you name?

Phil Mack, Sean Duke and Nathan Hirayama were all part of this Vikes team in 2010 and continued to represent Canada well in 7s and XVs.


Mainland Premier League
14:30 UBCOB Ravens vs Capilano @ Jericho

Island Premier (Barnard Cup)
19:00 U Of Victoria vs Castaway Wanderers @ U Of Victoria
14:30 James Bay AA vs Westshore @ James Bay AA

Womens Premier Division
11:30 Capilano vs Castaway Wanderers @ Klahanie Park
11:30 Seattle vs Cowichan @ Magnuson Park

Mens Premier Reserve
13:00 UBCOB Ravens 2 vs Capilano 2 @ Jericho

Island Division 1 (Times Cup)
12:45 Cowichan vs Castaway Wanderers 2 @ Cowichan
12:45 James Bay AA 2 vs Port Alberni @ James Bay AA
12:45 U Of Victoria Norsemen vs Nanaimo @ U Of Victoria

OK Spring Division 1
14:45 Brit Lions vs Kelowna Crows @ John Oliver Park

Womens Division 1
11:30 Brit Lions vs Bayside @ John Oliver Park
11:30 Nanaimo vs UBCO Heat @ May Bennett Pioneer Park
11:30 Simon Fraser RC vs Meraloma @ Simon Fraser Field no.4

Mens Division 3A
11:30 Capilano 3 vs Simon Fraser RC @ Klahanie Park

Mens Division 3B
13:00 Kats vs Scribes @ Balaclava Park
13:00 Squamish vs Chilliwack @ Squamish

Womens Division 2 Playoffs
11:30 Ridge Meadows vs Scribes @ Thomas Haney Secondary

Boys U18 Playoffs
13:00 Bayside vs Abbotsford @ Bayside
14:30 Capilano vs Surrey Beavers AA @ Klahanie Park
14:30 Cowichan vs Westshore @ Cowichan

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