BC Rugby Week One - Sept 2006

September 16 2006

UVic surprise CW with 42-30 bonus point victory and James Bay hammer Cowichan 83-7, Bayside, Abbotsford, Meralomas, and Capilanos all winners on week 1

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posted Sept 16 2006

We'll post scores as we get them but the game we attended was a comprehensive victory by UVic over CW. CW came back in the second half but couldn't erase the 28-0 gap that UVic had created. We'll have more on this and video highlights later on.

If you have scores from the other Elite and 1st div games email them to editor@bcrugbynews.com

UVic 42 - Castaway Wanderers 30

UVic were on fire for the first 40 running in four converted tries with a half time lead of 28-0. Gordie Sawers scored three tries and Robin MacDowell scored twice for UVic on the day. Sawers, who is a product of high school football in the Vancouver area is enjoying his second year at UVic [ed. I received the following clarification: Gordie Sawers who is now at UVIC is a product of the West Vancouver high rugby program and the Capilano's. He did play football in the Fall at West Vancouver while in school there. Most kids from the North Shore play football as well as rugby.] Last year saw him playing with the 2nd and 3rd teams at UVic but obviously this year he deserves the shot at the first team. He proved his worth as he completely undressed his opposite number from 22 metres out to score the first try and set the tone for the Vikes. Some familiar names on the Vikes played well, Rob Turk at 10, Spicer at 12, Moonlight at 11, Kleeberger at 7, Kearney at 4 and Meechan at 6. The front row held there own against the CW pack, but the big offensive threats on the day were #11 Gordie Sawers and #15 Robin MacDowell.

CW came to life in the second half and won that battle but it was too little, too late. CW's style was controlled forwards play, keep possession and spring the backs when the UVic defence was committed to stop the forward advance. It worked well during parts of the game but any mistake was punished by UVic. Looking at the CW lineup we see some familiar faces, Abrams at hooker, Andrew Mooney at 5, Mike Webb at 6, Scott Franklin at 3, Matt Winegart at 9, Derek Daypuck at 10 and Tony La Carte at wing. We also see some missing faces, noticeably their two props Dunning and Cooke. Will the CW forward pack be as strong this year, they have some good players at certain positions but look suspect at other positions.

UVic usually start slow and get stronger, if this is the case this year, look out as they will surprise some teams.

On one final note, there were two yellow cards handed out, both to UVic so they played the last 20 minutes a player short.

In Div 1, UVic defeated CW 24-10.

James Bay 83 - Cowichan 7

by John Azar

Here is a brief summary of the James Bay - Cowichan Game.

James Bay opened the scoring with a try by Andrew Moffat which was converted. This was followed by a Pat Dunkley try. Cowichan then scored and converted a try to make it JBAA 12 - Cowichan 7 after about 15 minutes of play.

It took JBAA about a minute to respond with a try Geoff Warden and the flood gates opened. JBAA led 38 to 7 at the half and went on to win the game 83 to 7.

JBAA scored 13 tries: Geoff Warden 4, DTH 3, Phil Mack 2, and singles by Andrew Moffat, Pat Dunkley, Jeff Williams and the substitute #16 whose name I did not get.

Cowichan did not have a roster, so I don't know who scored for them.

The game was relatively penalty free with on two cards -- both red -- for an incident with about 5 minutes left in the game.

I suspect you will be getting a report from Phil Meyer.

In Div 1, the score was 17-7 for JBAA, the opening try was by Adam Pucko.

Bayside 24 - Rowers 18

no details...[see Bayside report on main page]

Caps 38 - UBC 7

no details...[see UBC account on main page]

[from Eric Dodds]
First Division
Capilano 38 UBC 7
Second Division
Capilano 35 UBC 10
Third Division
Capilano 24 UBC 13
Kats v Capilano
Capilano forfeit

Burnaby 15 - Abbotsford 20

[from Adam McCluskey]
we lost by 5, it was 3-0 for abby at half. Lackluster
performance for both teams, probably boring for the
fans to watch. A lot of mistakes on both sides. Lead
changed hands a few times with tries going back and
forth. I think the final was 20-15.

Meralomas 31 - Ravens 16

[from Nick Mitchell]
Lomas 2nds won last kick of the game 19-17.
1sts won 31-16. Was 19-16 until the last 5mins.

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