Toronto Wolfpack - November 2016

November 29 2016

Toronto Wolfpack - Rugby League

One Player From BC Selected for UK Trip to Trial for Canada's Only Professional Rugby Team (Hint It's Not Rugby Union)

posted Nov 29 2016
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Westshore's 17 year old centre, Quinn Ngawati, is the only BC player to be selected for the trip to the UK to trial for the newly formed professional rugby league team, Toronto Wolfpack. The Pack have been signing established rugby league players from overseas but they left 5 spots open for players from the Americas (Canada, USA, Caribbean). There were 18 selected in total for the next phase in December which involves a 12 day trial in England. Camps were held in Toronto, Philadelphia, Tampa, Kingston (Jamaica) and Vancouver. There were only 3 chosen from Canada and Quinn was the only one from BC. The other two Canadians are from Ontario.

Quinn at Vancouver trial - photo by Rick MacDonald

Quinn played for SMUS last high school season at #8 but played outside centre this season for Westshore often against older players, some who have been capped at the national senior level. Westshore's season didn't produce a lot of wins but featured two young talented backline players who will go on to play representative rugby. Quinn was invited to the Rugby Canada U19 camp in November but Rugby League are moving things along a lot faster.

We wish Quinn all the best.

Note: Quinn also attended the recent Rugby Canada U19 camp for the December USA tour so may do the double (league/union) if schedule and selection permits.

Last Tackle Tryout media release

TORONTO (Nov. 29, 2016) – A grueling five-city tryout tour for a spot on the newly-formed Toronto Wolfpack of the UK’s legendary Rugby Football League has concluded and team officials announced today the 18 finalists that will make the upcoming trip to the UK for one last go – deciding who has what it takes to play professional rugby at the most elite level.

The full contact tryouts – featuring former high school, collegiate and semi-pro/pro American gridiron players, along with some Grade-A North American and Caribbean rugby talent – took place in Toronto, Philadelphia, Tampa, Kinston (Jamaica) and Vancouver, B.C. over the past two months. The end result would see 18 players tabbed to make one final 12-day trip to the UK in December to battle for five positions with the RFL Wolfpack’s premier squad.

Production companies filmed the tour and a docuseries titled “Last Tackle” is set to hit North America in 2017.

The players selected from the Last Tackle tryout tour include:

Name Age Hometown

Monte Gaddis 24 Cleveland, Ohio

Casey Clark 26 Missoula, Mont.

Corey Knox 27 Buffalo, N.Y.

Emil Boggren 21 Toronto, Ont.

Tyronie Rowe 28 Kingston, Jamaica

Joe Eichner 25 Geneva, Fla.

Terrance Williams 23 Atlanta

Nathan Campbell 26 St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Quinn Ngawati 17 Vancouver Island, B.C.

Matt Walsh 30 Sydney, Australia/White Plains, NY

Chad Bain 24 Belleville, Ont.

Antonio Baker 29 Kingston, Jamaica

Sterling Wynn 22 Sanford, Fla.

Marcus Satavu 28 Sigatoka, Fiji/Sunnyvale, Calif.

Andrew Zulauga 23 Tampa, Fla.

Ty Elkins 32 Newberry, S.C.

David Coleman 25 Columbus, Ohio

Kenneth Walker 27 Kingston, Jamaica

Said Last Tackle’s Adam Fogerty on tryout process: “America is ripe with talent, and the turnout for Last Tackle’s tryout process didn’t disappoint us. We feel we came away with 18 blue chip athletes, many of whom portrayed the tour’s title – Last Tackle – in the most literal sense. This is their last shot at making a professional sports team. The tryout process was thrilling for us to watch, highly aggressive and almost vicious at times, which lends itself well to the rugged nature of rugby league play.

“Everyone at the Toronto Wolfpack organization applauds the effort from all the “Last Tackle” tryout tour recruits. We’ve got one more date scheduled, and it’s a big one, to decide which athletes have what it takes to play professional rugby.”

About the Toronto Wolfpack

The Toronto Wolfpack is a professional Rugby League team dedicated to progressing through the English Rugby Football League’s (RFL) ranks, from League 1 to the Super League. We are Canada’s first professional Rugby team, and the world’s first transatlantic professional sports team.

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