2016 Year End Awards

December 25 2016

Conor Trainor

The BCRN Year End Awards Part Four of Four: Coaches and Players of the Year

updated Dec 24 2016
from BCRN National Team correspondent

Our national team correspondent has been keeping track of who has been naughty and nice this year and he has a list, checked twice. Here are our selections for the best players, coaches, referees, teams and volunteers this year. There are a couple of blunders and bloopers that we've noted along the way as well.

This is a four part series running up to and including Christmas. The full document can be downloaded in .pdf format.



[ed. Even though an agreement was eventually reached. The Blunder of the Year award was for the prolonged and unnecessarily contentious process. No details were released on the terms of the agreement. ]


Still to come coaches, players, and teams.

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