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December 28 2016

Town of Mount Royal Rugby Club Grieving After Blaze Guts Clubhouse on Christmas Day

posted Dec 28 2016
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Sad news for the Montreal rugby community as the Town of Mount Royal clubhouse burned down on Christmas day.

The CBC story is posted below but a more colourful, rugby version, is on the TMRFC website.

"Over the 45 years since, Scobie Hall has been the scene of innumerable, unspeakable acts of love, stupidity, drunkenness, fraternity and all of the very best kinds of regret."

We wish the Montreal rugby community all the best in rebuilding the clubhouse in 2017.

from CBC

‘It is our heart, it is our soul,’ said one of the club’s vice-presidents

Montreal's rugby community is reeling after a beloved team clubhouse was gutted by a fire on Christmas day.

At the moment, it's not known how much of Scobie Hall was damaged by the blaze, but the Town of Mount Royal Rugby Football Club (TMRFC) vows to do all it can to bring life back to the clubhouse.

"It is our heart, it is our soul," said Scott Fennell, a team member and TMRFC vice-president of communications.

"It's hurting right now and it will continue to hurt."

Members of the club have not been able to enter the building to see the damage because engineers have not yet carried out an inspection. (CBC)

Fennell, who is originally from England, said the clubhouse was a "home away from home" and holds a special place in the memories of many past and present players.

According to the club's website it was used to host post-game parties, rookie initiation rites, bachelor parties, a number of weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs and funerals.

More than sixty years of sports memorabilia like trophies and old team shirts were also inside.

Fennell said he hasn't been able to enter to the clubhouse to see the damage because engineers have not yet carried out an inspection.

The clubhouse was extensively renovated last year. After speaking with police investigators and their insurance, Fennell said they'll have a better idea of when it may reopen.

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