BC Rugby Weekend of January 28th 2017

January 29 2017

Weekend Results: Lakers Sink Bays; Caps Top Vikes; CW Edge Saracens; T-Birds Fly Past Ravens: MATCH VIDEOS & PHOTOS ADDED

posted Jan 28 2017

Men's Premier

Burnaby Lake 29 vs James Bay 9

This was a close match at the half 12-6. In the second half kickers exchanged penalties but it was still a 6 point game 15-9. Burnaby finished strong however with two converted tries to deny the visitors a bonus point.

Match Report

Capilano 17 - Vikes 15

It was Vikes ahead 5-0 at the half but second half tries by Jordan Reid-Harvey and Alex Boyd gave the home town crowd cause to celebrate.

Match Report

CW 21 - Seattle 20

A late interception by Ladysmith's Doug Fraser gained the win for the Victoria team. A bonus point loss for the home team.

photos by Bob Scoverski

UBC 32 - Ravens 14

It was Ravens early in the match going ahead 11-0 with kicking by Brock Staller and a try by Cully Quirk in the centres. Nick Allen got one back for the T-Birds and the teams went into the half 11-7 for Ravens. UBC went ahead when their big South African prop, Clint Lemkus, crossed the line 15-14. It was all Thunderbirds after that with Andrew Coe scoring one and teammates adding two more.

Women's Premier

Westshore signaled their intent for the spring season with a thumping of Burnaby 69-19. The match was a makeup game from the fall season. Each team has now played 5 matches with 8 more to come. The bonus point win puts Westshore in 1st place three points ahead of Seattle.

Results reported by BCRU

Mens Premier League

Burnaby Lake 29 vs 9 James Bay AA
Capilano 17 vs 15 U Of Victoria
UBC 32 vs 14 UBCOB Ravens

Mens Premier Reserve

Burnaby Lake 2 47 vs 0 James Bay AA 2
Capilano 2 12 vs 22 U Of Victoria Norsemen
Seattle 2 36 vs 5 Castaway Wanderers 2
UBC 2 57 vs 10 UBCOB Ravens 2

Mens Division 1 - Mainland

Brit Lions 7 vs 43 Langley

Womens Division 1

Brit Lions 12 vs 41 Kamloops
Meraloma 53 vs 10 Nanaimo

Mens Division 2 - Mainland

Meraloma 2 69 vs 0 Bayside 2
Richmond 2 22 vs 40 Kelowna Crows 2
Surrey Beavers AA 2 17 vs 20 Kamloops
Scribes 19 vs 39 Langley 2

Mens Division 1 & 2 - Island Exhibition

James Bay AA 3 0 vs 70 Castaway Wanderers 3
U Of Victoria Saxons 24 vs 56 Westshore 1

Womens Division 2

Ridge Meadows 61 vs 5 Surrey Beavers AA

Mens Division 3

Kats 20 vs 0 Chilliwack 3B Conceded by Chilliwack
Burnaby Lake 3 43 vs 12 Simon Fraser RC 3A
Meraloma 3 29 vs 18 Van. Rowing Club 3 3A
UBC 3 33 vs 12 Abbotsford 3 3A

Weekend Predictions: Bays @ Lakers; Vikes @ Caps; CW @ Saracens; Ravens @ Thunderbirds: FULL SCHEDULE & ROSTERS

posted Jan 27 17
[ed. comments below]

Burnaby Lake vs James Bay AA @ John Oliver Park

A meeting of two heavyweights as these two teams battled it out for the Rounsefell Cup title in 2013 and again in 2014 before UBC started to dominate in 2015 and 2016. The Burnaby fields are closed and the game has been moved John Oliver Park. A number of national team players are missing from rosters this weekend as Canada prepares for Argentina but some have been given the go ahead to suit up. Bays are missing Cole Keith and Phil Mack, Burnaby Admir Cejvanovic. A surprise is seeing Neil Meechan back in the Bays roster, the last time we saw his name in our lineups was spring 2014 when the Bays made their last run at the Rounsefell Cup. Sean White capably takes scrum half duties but there are a few gaps in the backline and the front row is missing a number of familiar names. Burnaby have a new tighthead this season, Ben Rowley, who has broken into the starting lineup of an already strong front row. Lucas Albornoz in the second row didn't get the Canada call this tournament but he's played for Canada "A". I think Burnaby may have the advantage in the front row and the backline. Prediction: Burnaby by 5.


1 Anth Luca (Capt)
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Ben Rowley (i)
4 Lucas Albornoz
5 Ryan Mchollister
6 Fuku Vikilani
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Taitutsi Vikilani
9 Cody Rockson
10 Mike Goodall (i)
11 Kimi Vunituraga
12 Cole Macqueen
13 Jeke Gotegote
14 Dan Josok
15 Nolan Shelley

James Bay

1 Blake van Heyningen
2 Andrew MacPherson
3 Jason Lines
4 Rhys Davies
5 Graham Harriman
6 Ben Johnson
7 Kieran McAuley
8 Shea Wakefield
9 Sean White
10 Elliot Mitrou
11 Chris Slater
12 Nate Waldmaan
13 Neil Meechan
14 Aaron Evison
15 Ed Adams

Capilano vs UVic @ Klahanie Park

UVic are the hardest hit by the ARC Canada selections. Their proximity to the Langford training centre may be their downfall, they were thumped by UBC last week but UBC players went largely ignored by selectors. They're missing Conor Keys, Liam Chisholm, Oliver Nott, Guiseppe du Toit, Luke Bradley, Lucas Hammond, Isaac Kaay due to either national XVs or 7s plus Crosby Stewart is injured. Gradyn Bowd has been allowed to play. If Caps play their ground and pound game in the forwards they may wear the Vikes down in the second half. The Vikes have won the University 7s several years in a row so their backline, even though missing players, will do well in space. This should be a forwards led victory from the home side. Prediction: Caps by 6.


1 - Andrew Crandell
2 - Jason de Freitas
3 - Mackenzie Mills
4 - Rich Merinsky
5 - Reid Tucker
6 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
7 - Alex Boyd
8 - Glen McKinnon (C)
9 - Chris Robinson
10 - Chad Carlsen
11 - Austin Karius
12 - Joel Hulett
13 - Eligh Papin
14 - Greg Brown
15 - Connor Martin


1 MacBryan Bos
2 Casey Reed
3 Spencer Cooper
4 Jesse Burns
5 Kevin Leask
6 Jeff Nishima-Miller
7 Carson O’Sullivan
8 James O’Neill
9 James Pitblado
10 Morgan Tate
11 Kapi Vataiki
12 Grady Bowd
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Jon Lorimer
15 Fergus Hall

Seattle vs Castaway Wanderers @ Magnuson Park

Always a tough trip for BC teams across the border and Seattle have a stronger roster at home. Nanyak Dala is back playing club, not selected for either national XVs or 7s teams. A mix of veterans and youth, Anton Ngongo is dangerous in the backs as is Doug Fraser both with Canada "A" experience. Seattle have their Eagle Olive Kilifi cleared to play, an imposing tighthead. Matt Trouville will captain the side from second row. William Rasilaka is always a handful in the backline playing a strong, Fijian style, offload game. It should be a good match, a slight nod to the home side. Seattle by 7.


John Braddock
Clayton Thornber
Jack Sponarski
Cam Polson
Connor Turner
Nanyak Dala,
Riley Ilnicki (c)
Nathan Stewart
Mike Dalsin
Keaton Styles
Dustin Dobravsky
Doug Fraser
Nick Hutton
Anton Ngongo
Brandon Schellenberger


UBC vs UBCOB Ravens @ UBC

UBC tripped up in the fall in this opening match but they finished strong by December. They ripped the Vikes apart last weekend so already have that one game under their belt. The Ravens are missing a key player, Tom McKeen, who looks like he may be out for the season with injury. They have a swift backline with national 7s trialist Aaron McLelland, Sean Ferguson and Brock Staller. Staller is another player cleared to play this weekend although on the ARC squad. Ben Grant has veteran status now but has always been a strong runner in the centers. Their backline looks more than capable of putting points on the board. Charlie Thorpe at #8 was a big part of that UBC championship team the past two years and John Phelan in the second row is a capped player. They have quality throughout their roster. So do UBC however and they may have more power in the sets and more speed in the backs. UBC will likely own the scrum and set a strong platform for their speedy backs. Ravens won the opening match in the fall, I'd be surprised if that happened again. Prediction: UBC by 10.


1. Sergio Agureo (I)
2. Dewald Gotze
3. Paul Ahn
4. Garret Garbe
5. John Phelan (RC)
6. Kol Henrikson
7. Nick Waggot
8. Charlie Thorpe
9. James McDonald
10. Harjun Gill
11. Aaron McLelland (I)
12. Ben Grant
13. Cully Quirk
14. Sean Ferguson
15. Brock Staller (RC)


1: Clint Lemkus (Paul Roos) (I)
2: Chris Taylor (Dromore) (I)
3: Neil Courtney (Handsworth)
4: Thomas Roche (St John’s Ravenscourt)
5: James Carson (Oak Bay)
6: Jake Ikeda (Magee)
7: Nick Allen (Mulgrave)
8: Connor Hamilton (St George’s)
9: Jorden Sandover-Best (Robert Bateman)
10: Theo Sauder (St George’s)
11: Manar Kulkhan (Port Moody)
12: Adam McQueen (Canmore)
13: Nathan Rees (Porth County)
14: Cole Keffer (Sutherland)
15: Andrew Coe (Bill Crothers)

Mainland Div 1

The top 3 teams in mainland Div 1 will likely be Abbotsford, Meraloma and Surrey. Surrey aren't in action this weekend but Abby visit United and Lomas host Bayside.

Island Div 1

It's an exhibition weekend with cross Div 1 / Div 2 matches.

Women's Premier

One make up game from the fall sees Westshore travel to Burnaby.

Mainland Div 2

Ten teams in action in this league, Surrey host Kamloops, these were the top two teams in the fall league but now Lomas and Abby join the party.


Mens Premier League

14:30 Burnaby Lake vs James Bay AA John Oliver Park
14:30 Capilano vs U Of Victoria Klahanie Park
14:30 Seattle vs Castaway Wanderers Magnuson Park
14:30 UBC vs UBCOB Ravens UBC

Womens Premier Division

11:30 Burnaby Lake vs Westshore John Oliver Park

Mens Premier Reserve

12:45 Burnaby Lake 2 vs James Bay AA 2 John Oliver Park
12:45 Capilano 2 vs U Of Victoria Norsemen Klahanie Park
12:45 Seattle 2 vs Castaway Wanderers 2 Magnuson Park
12:45 UBC 2 vs UBCOB Ravens 2 UBC

Mens Division 1 - Mainland

14:30 Brit Lions vs Langley John Oliver Park
14:30 Meraloma vs Bayside Connaught Park
14:30 United vs Abbotsford United - Hume

Womens Division 1

11:30 Meraloma vs Nanaimo Connaught Park
11:30 Simon Fraser RC vs Bayside Simon Fraser no.4
11:30 United vs Abbotsford United - Hume
12:30 Brit Lions vs Kamloops John Oliver Park

Mens Division 2 - Mainland

11:30 Scribes vs Langley 2 Rupert Park
13:00 Meraloma 2 vs Bayside 2 Connaught Park
13:00 Richmond 2 vs Kelowna Crows 2 King George Park
13:00 Surrey Beavers AA 2 vs Kamloops Sullivan Heights
13:00 United 2 vs Abbotsford 2 United - Hume

Mens Division 1 & 2 - Island Exhibition

13:00 James Bay AA 3 vs Castaway Wanderers 3 James Bay AA
13:00 Nanaimo 2 vs Cowichan May Bennett Pioneer
13:00 Port Alberni vs Comox Port Alberni
13:00 U Of Victoria Saxons vs Westshore 1 U Of Victoria
14:30 Nanaimo 1 vs Westshore 2 May Bennett Pioneer

Womens Division 2

11:30 Ridge Meadows vs Surrey Beavers AA Thomas Haney
11:30 United 2 vs Kelowna Crows United - Hume

Mens Division 3

11:15 Burnaby Lake 3 vs Simon Fraser RC Sullivan Heights
11:15 Meraloma 3 vs Van. Rowing Club 3 Connaught Park
11:15 UBC 3 vs Abbotsford 3 UBC
13:00 Kats vs Chilliwack Balaclava Park

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