BC Rugby Weekend of February 4th 2017

February 05 2017

Weekend Results: Vikes Defeat Bays Plus Weather Cancellations: Vikes Match Report

posted Feb 5 2017
[ed. comments below]

Was the Bays v Vikes match the only club game in the Province yesterday? If so kudos to the Vikes for hosting the match, apparently the fields at UVic were without snow cover. Meanwhile at Westhills they managed to scrape the snow off the line markers and that's it.

The Bays led the game 12-9 at the half but UVic did all the second half scoring to win 21-12. Here is the Vikes match report.

from Vikes Communications

VICTORIA – The UVic Vikes men's rugby team picked up their first win of the 2017 CDI Premier League season with a 21-12 victory over James Bay AA at Wallace Field on February 4.

"Big time, I thought we were unlucky last week," said Vikes head coach Doug Tate when asked about the importance of the win. "James Bay is a always a very good tackling team, and it was a very physical game."

Two players provided the offence for UVic on the day. Third-year Vike Jonathan Lorimer scored two tries on a pair of scintillating runs, while Fergus Hall was consistent in the kicking game, knocking through three penalties and a conversion.

"Lorimer is a very dangerous runner and we have to get him the ball, sometimes we just starve him out there," said Tate. "He's strong on his feet, breaks tackles and he played very well today."

While it was two players providing the scoring for the Vikes, on the defence side of things it was very much a team effort.

Allowing just twelve points, the Vikes were able to put a stop to any James Bay drive consistently throughout the game, especially when it mattered most in the second half.

"To keep them to 12 points and to not let them score in the second half was good, tactically we played pretty smart," said Tate. "Midfield tackling was very good and the scrummaging from our forwards was strong."

A back and forth affair throughout, it was the Vikes ability to dig in defensively on the edge of their try line that let them pick up the win.

"That game could have gone either way but we had some good goal line stands," said Tate. "Their strength is a very good lineout and I thought we defended it well."

The win was an important one for the Vikes, bumping them up to third in the CDI Premier League standings and also building some momentum as the team moves into the middle of their schedule still missing some important players.

"I'm very pleased with the defensive effort, it continues to get better," said Tate. "With all the guys missing it was a very important win."

The next Premier League game for the Vikes will take place on February 25, when they welcome the Vancouver Rowing Club to Wallace Field.

1 2 F
UVIC 9 12 21
JBAA 12 0 12

Jonathan Lorimer (2T), Fergus Hall (3P 1C)

Weekend Predictions: Rowers @ Lakers; Caps @ Thunderbirds; Saracens @ Ravens; Bays @ Vikes: CANCELLATION UPDATES

posted Feb 3 2017
[ed. comments below. Also the women's BC Selects vs Canada West scheduled for Weshtills @ 2pm has been cancelled. Surrey also announced matches cancelled.]

First prediction is there will be game cancellations this weekend so check back for updates. There's snow on many of the fields today, forecasts call for snow to turn to rain by tomorrow but how quickly?

Burnaby Lake vs Rowers @ Burnaby Lake
Match postponed until Feb 11th

The first look at the Rowers in the Premier season as they had a bye last weekend, this weekend it's CW with the bye. Burnaby had to move their game last weekend to Delta, we'll see what happens this weekend [scheduled for Delta again]. Burnaby have depth in their program and it's good to see veteran James Reekie back in a starting role with the first team, a player who could have made a run at the national 10 jersey I thought earlier in his career. If the game goes ahead, Burnaby would be favourites based on fall form. Prediction: Burnaby by 10.


1 Adrian Longbone
2 Andrew Lackner
3 Anth Luca (Capt)
4 Lucas Albornoz
5 Mike O'Toole
6 Ethan Nisbet (i)
7 Cole Mosychuk
8 Taitutsi Vikilani
9 Cody Rockson
10 Mike Goodall (i)
11 Kimi Vunituraga
12 Cole Macqueen
13 Jeke Gotegote
14 Brian Murphy
15 James Reekie

UBC vs Capilano @ UBC
Match cancelled due to weather

Another "if it goes ahead" UBC are still waiting for confirmation on their field before releasing their roster [decision to be made tomorrow AM]. UBC are still on track to defend their title, this weather won't do them any favours but they're balanced with strong forward play and expansive backline play. Caps won their home opener last week against a depleted Vikes team. This should be a greater challenge. Prediction: UBC by 8.


1 - Andrew Crandell
2 - Jason de Freitas
3 - Jesse Ryan
4 - Rich Merinsky
5 - Reid Tucker
6 - Jordan Reid-Harvey
7 - Alex Boyd
8 - Glen McKinnon (C)
9 - Chris Robinson
10 - Chad Carlsen
11 - Austin Karius
12 - Joel Hulett
13 - Connor Christopher
14 - Greg Brown
15 - Connor Martin


1: Clint Lemkus (Paul Roos) (I)
2: Alex Mascott (St George’s)
3: Neil Courtney (Handsworth)
4: Sam Clark (Kitsilano)
5: Thomas Roche (St John’s Ravenscourt)
6: Connor Weyell (Handsworth)
7: Jake Ikeda (Magee)
8: Connor Hamilton (St George’s)
9: Jorden Sandover-Best (Robert Bateman)
10: Theo Sauder (St George’s)
11: Manar Kulkhan (Port Moody)
12: Adam McQueen (Canmore)
13:Nathan Rees (Porth County)
14: Niko Clironomos (Lord Byng)
15: Andrew Coe (Bill Crothers)

UBCOB Ravens vs Seattle @ Jericho
Match cancelled due to weather

This should be an even contest, Seattle lost at home to CW last weekend, Ravens lost to UBC but both capable sides. Seattle might find the travelling difficult this weekend if the game goes ahead. It won't be a day for expansive rugby but Ravens have some fliers in the backline and McLelland at #10 may back himself at first receiver on occasion. Canada have already identified him for 7s potential when his three year residency kicks in. Prediction: Ravens by 3.


1. Paul Ahn
2. Dewald Kotze
3. Garrett Garbe
4. Matteo Stanton
5. Nick Waggott
6. Kelepi Funilagi Gucake
7. Kol Henrikson
8. Chuck Thorpe
9. AJ King
10. Aaron Mclelland
11. Huw Grundy
12. Ben Grant
13. Cully Quirke
14. Sean Hase
15. Sean Ferguson

UVic vs James Bay @ UVic

Vikes are probably already thinking about Brisbane which is where they'll be next week as they begin their southern tour. The field is covered, now it just needs the snow to turn to rain to get the game moving ahead tomorrow. This is grunt weather and Bays fit the bill better with a few tough characters like Ben Johnson and Graham Harriman who can get it done in close quarters. Piano movers over piano players on this day. Prediction: Bays by 7.

James Bay

1. Blake Van Heyningen
2. Andrew Macpherson
3. Jason Lines
4. Jim de Goede
5. Graham Harriman
6. Rhys Davies
7. Ben Johnson
8. Shea Wakefield
9. Mike Cody
10. Sean White
11. Chris Slater
12. Nate Waldmann
13. Neil Meechan
14. Aaron Evison
15. Ed Adams


1 Shota Honjo
2 Casey Reed
3 Macbryan Bos
4 Kevin Leask
5 Jesse Burns
6 James O’Neill
7 Jeff Nishima-Miller
8 Carson O’Sullivan
9 James Pitblado ©
10 Morgan Tate
11 Kapi Vataiki
12 Grady Bowd
13 Johnny Franklin
14 Jon Lorimer
15 Fergus Hall


Mens Premier League

14:30 Burnaby Lake vs Van. Rowing Club @ Burnaby Lake
14:30 UBC vs Capilano @ UBC
14:30 UBCOB Ravens vs Seattle @ Jericho
14:30 U Of Victoria vs James Bay AA @ U Of Victoria

Mens Premier Reserve

12:45 Burnaby Lake 2 vs Van. Rowing Club 2 @ Burnaby Lake
12:45 UBC 2 vs Capilano 2 @ UBC
12:45 UBCOB Ravens 2 vs Seattle 2 @ Jericho
12:45 U Of Victoria Norsemen vs James Bay AA 2 @ U Of Victoria

Mens Division 1 - Mainland

14:30 Bayside vs Kelowna Crows @ South Surrey Ath Pk
14:30 Surrey Beavers AA vs Meraloma @ Sullivan Heights
14:30 United vs Langley @ United - Hume

Mens Division 1 - Island

13:00 Cowichan vs Port Alberni @ Cowichan
13:30 Westshore 1 vs Nanaimo 1 @ Juan De Fuca

Mens Division 2 - Mainland

13:00 Abbotsford 2 vs Richmond 2 @ Central Valley
13:00 Bayside 2 vs Kelowna Crows 2 @ South Surrey Ath Pk
13:00 Scribes vs Kamloops @ Rupert Park
13:00 Surrey Beavers AA 2 vs Meraloma 2 @ Sullivan Heights
13:00 United 2 vs Langley 2 @ United - Hume

Mens Division 2 - Island

12:00 Westshore 2 vs Nanaimo 2 @ Juan De Fuca
13:00 Castaway Wanderers 3 vs Comox @ Windsor Park

Womens Division 2

11:30 Capilano 2 vs Scribes @ Klahanie Park
11:30 Ridge Meadows vs United 2 @ Thomas Haney
11:30 Surrey Beavers AA vs Kelowna Crows @ Sullivan Heights

Mens Division 3

11:15 Abbotsford 3 vs Capilano Academy @ Central Valley
11:15 Burnaby Lake 3 vs Van. Rowing Club 3 @ Burnaby Lake
11:15 Surrey Beavers AA 3 vs Capilano 4 @ Sullivan Heights
11:15 UBC 3 vs Simon Fraser RC @ Central Valley
13:00 Kats vs Squamish @ Balaclava Park
13:00 Ridge Meadows vs Simon Fraser RC 2 @ Thomas Haney

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