From the Editor's Desk - February 2017

February 14 2017

UVic Vikes Edged in Brisbane; Germany Create Upset in Frankfurt; Major League Rugby Latest Rumour

posted Feb 14 2017
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UVic Vikes in Brisbane

The Souths Magpies play in the Queensland Premier league and the match between the teams looked to be even. The match report is below.

Final score: Vikes 39. Souths 43
Tries: Reed, Leask (2), Vataiki, Tate
Conversions: Mahon (4)
Penalties: Mahon (2)

Vikes lost a close game in Brisbane on Tuesday evening under lights.
It was tied 26 each at half time.

The Magpies substituted liberally in a game that was played at a fast pace and the Vikes squad of 19 players were stretched to the limit.

There were several excellent tries by the Vikes who lost the game right at the final whistle.

Kevin Leask lead the way with two tries and Morgan Tate finished the Vikes scoring late in the second half with a drive for Magpies line as he reached for the try line.

In all head coach Doug Tate was pleased with the effort in the very hot Brisbane evening.

"This was a very good performance in very different conditions for our team," said Tate.

"Now we have two days of recovery before we play Queensland University. This was a close game that was in the balance right until the final whistle - unfortunately for the boys we were just a bit short tonight."

Casey Reed was awarded Man of the Match by the Magpies coaching staff.

Rugby Europe Championships

Are Germany a team to watch? They beat Canada in 7s at the Olympic Qualifying tournament last year. They just beat Romania in the first round of the "6 Nations B" competition. Canada have lost four straight to Romania so the result is definitely worth taking note of. Germany are currently 22nd having moved up from 24th with the win. They are only 3 points behind Canada (18th) in ranking points. Three points is very little as Romania (16th) even after the loss are almost 4 points ahead of Canada. There are 5 teams lining up behind Canada within 3 points (Namibia, Russia, Spain, Germany, Uruguay). Wins against USA this coming weekend and in June against Romania and Georgia will be crucial to keep Canada going in the right direction in the rankings.

Major League Rugby

Americas Rugby News ran a story about MLR Rugby coming in 2018. It was likely based on a post by Grant Cole a rugby journalist out of Texas. Here is the post on facebook by Grant Cole @grantcolerugby

So I wrote up the following earlier today and MEANT to post this to Facebook. However, I was pressed for time at lunch and Copy & Pasted then shared the fact sheet I had obtained. All this without proofing. My apologies to you, The #AmericanRugbyCommunity. I try not to be that dense. That’s why I deleted the fact sheet after someone commented on it and a notification went off while I was in the middle of a meeting AND I looked at the layout thinking “that’s not my writing, that’s the fact sheet.” Nothing on that earlier post was wrong, it just wasn’t what I wrote, which follows:

I’ve done some digging around and obtained a fact sheet that tells me that in 2018, nine organizations associated with some rugby clubs most of us know about a tentative plan to launch a competition with teams managed by commercial enterprises under the umbrella of Major League Rugby (MLR). The plank-holders will be as follows: 1924 Rugby (affiliated with the Glendale Raptors Rugby); Blues Rugby Management (affiliated with Kansas City Blues Rugby Club); Chicago Lions Professional Rugby (affiliated with the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club); DFW Major Rugby (affiliated with the Dallas Griffins Rugby); Houston Strikers; Huns Rugby Management (affiliated with the Austin Huns Rugby); NOLA Rugby Enterprises (affiliated with New Orleans Rugby Football Club); Seattle Rugby LLC (affiliated with the Seattle Saracens); and Rugby Utah Ventures. These organizations will actually OWN the competition as an LLC, which means each team’s success is dependent on everyone succeeding (I like that idea).

The fact sheet states that these teams “will develop a commercial base that can give the sport a broader reach as well as the infrastructure and player support needed to make the U.S. competitive with the world’s top teams.” It also discusses a commitment to supporting the growth of youth rugby as an important part of the organization.

Talking to some key members of this organization, it has been made clear to me that they want to grow this competition in the future years by bringing in other organizations that are interested, able, and willing to put in the work.

I am sure there will be more information coming my way soon. I understand that a MAJOR announcement will be coming sometime this summer. These folks have a lot of work to do between now and then. If the folks I am talking to give me any more information, I will be sure to pass it along.

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