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March 29 2017

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Caps Visit Island with Mixed Results: Women Defeat CW; Men Lose to JBAA

by John Langley
posted March 29 2017

It is unusual to have 3 Caps teams in Victoria on the same day but that’s what happened today. The two top men’s teams played James Bay while the Women played Castaway-Wanderers as James Bay do not have a women’s program.

The Premier Women: A 36-26 Win for Capilano

We arrived at Oak Bay well into the first half to find out that Caps had a 17-0 lead. Nevene Hammoud had scored and Jacklyn Simington scored in the corner just as we arrived. Caps number 10 Jackie converted from the corner and had also added a penalty kick. Then things changed rapidly! I thought we had jinxed our side as CW started running hard at the Caps and there was a lag in tackling that had apparently been stellar until our arrival.

CW made a big break but a forward pass stopped them from scoring. Not long after though they struck for a major as number 2 took a pass from a teammate and touched down. The conversion was successful and CW was on the board with 7 points. Shortly after CW narrowed the Cap lead to two points after their center number 13 broke through the Cap line. This try was also converted. The CW scrum half scored to give her side their first lead of the game and again it was converted to make the score 22-17, for Castaway Wanderers.

On the road and squandering a 17 point lead a lot of teams would fold but not this Caps crew! CW had a prop go down and now the Caps scrum was even more dominant than they previously had been. The Cap scrum pushed CW off the ball and Caps scored in the corner for the go ahead try. The conversion missed but Caps again had the lead. Caps won another CW set scrum and Caps number 8 Louisa, took it in to stretch the lead to 29-21.

We had seen how quickly the home team could score so even that lead wasn’t necessarily going to hold. The next Cap try was a thing of beauty though as Caps number 10 Jackie, who was having an outstanding game, put a perfectly weighted kick to the wing and Ashley Robinson picked it up on the first bounce and scored in the corner. This salted away the Victory for the Cap women over a very good CW side.

We have 3 Robinson’s playing for Caps, 2 women and 1 man. Ashley was the number 1 Robinson this week! It was a well earned win for the Premier Women. It is never easy to win on the road in Victoria so congratulations to Mario Domingues and his team on the Victory. Thanks to the referee and CW for hosting us.

Capilano 1st Division (Reserves) Caps lost 10-48

The Cap two top men’s teams have been hit hard with injuries of late. The Prems lost their entire backfield with injuries last week with the exception of scrum half Chris Robinson and fullback Connor Martin. Also two starting Props are out with injuries. The call up really affected the Cap 1sts today and many young players were brought up from the Cap Academy side to fill in. The score was already 24-0 for James Bay when we got to the game at the Mac.

Phil Meyer has done a good job outlining the scoring in both games so I will not regurgitate the scoring. Phil’s’ account can be read on BC Rugby News. Caps did improve in the second half and got a couple but gave up a couple of interceptions that went against the flow of play but are part of the game. The Bays and Caps were finalists last season but this is not the same Caps side that won the BC Championship for Capilano. The Bays appear to have kept a lot of their players together and it really showed today. They look like they could go far in the playoffs again this season.

Thanks to the referee for his skillful handling of the game, and congratulations to James Bay reserves.

The Premier Match: James Bay prevailed 41-15

Caps came out and looked good in the early going. Chris Robinson kicked a penalty kick. Caps were going down slope in the first half, usually there is a wind also but today it was only a light breeze. Cap tried to take advantage by kicking deep but the Bays did a good job covering the kicks that were not deep enough to put them under pressure. James Bay returned the kicks and they generally were more effective kicking than Capilano.

James Bay was able to kick the ball deep into Cap territory and get a lineout. They turned the lineout into a maul and put it in for their first try. Caps were having problems in the sets and several times the scrum went down. Both teams stole lineouts from each other. Caps did some hard running using flanker Alex Boyd, who today was playing inside center out of necessity. Boyd was hit by Bays Elliot Mitrou who got the worst of the encounter and had to be helped off the pitch. Sean White moved from scrum half to standoff. He was playing 9 in the absence of Phil Mack. I thought he made a big difference when he moved to 10.

James Bay scored an opportunistic try off a Cap lineout. The score was now 14-3. Ed Adams scored for James Bay, the convert missed but the score was now 19-3. Glen Mckinnon was binned on a call by Assistant Referee John de Goede. James Bay took advantage and scored again. The convert missed but now it was 26-3 for the home team.

The next James Bay try was well done. Sean White kicked to the wing and the opposing wingers jumped for the ball. The James Bay player came down with the ball and scored an excellent try to make it 38-3. Caps finally score a try. Mackinnon was back on and the teams were at even strength. Caps mauled the ball then swung it wide with Connor Martin, the fullback, joining in. Connor scored in the corner.

Then Glen Mackinnon was yellow carded and red carded for his second yellow. Glenn was clearly frustrated. The Bays seemed to me to get away with blocking all game and if you can get away with it, why not? At times I thought I was watching CFL football. Glen flattened a Bays player with a football block and he was out of the game.

Caps managed a final try off a maul to get them to 15. Caps were unhappy with the officiating. The referee was on his second game having refereed the Women at CW. There was only one assistant referee as a James Bay player ran one touch for the entire game. The league needs to address this as if we are calling it Premier Rugby we need Premier officiating! John de Goede is a good rugby man but he is very close to the James Bay club and even did the post game talk for the Bays.

Today James Bay was the deserved winners but the competition committee needs to address these issues in my humble opinion. Congratulations to James Bay and thanks for hosting us. It doesn’t get any easier for Caps who have only two remaining games. They host CW at Klahanie on Saturday and play UBC on Easter Saturday.

The Capilano Academy U-23 side won over SFU 31-7 despite having several players moved up to the 1st Division.

The Capilano 3B side continued their undefeated run in the second half of the season, defeating Meraloma 28-3.

Capilano v Seattle Match Reports: Saracens Prevail on the Day

posted March 21 2017
by John Langley

Caps took two teams on the road and today the reserve game saw the Saracens win over Capilano by a score of 36-5. The Saracens fielded a strong side and Caps fielded a side that included a number of U-23 Academy players that have been playing 3rd Division rugby. The Caps 3A’s had a bye today so it was a good chance to get them experience at the higher level.

Seattle scored early and built up a 17-0 lead that took them into the half time break. Caps came out in the second half and picked up their game. The Caps managed a try on the blind side finished off by veteran player Kes Kasha. The conversion missed but Caps were finally on the board. The score was now 5-17 and Caps showed signs of improvement. Young scrum half Malcolm Klaver brought down one of Seattle’s large forwards with a try saving tackle. Caps couldn’t finish their chances though and Seattle scored again as their number 8 went over to make it 24-5 with the conversion. Caps had a chance to score with a penalty that was kicked for a lineout deep in Seattle territory. Seattle turned the ball over and took it all the way in the other direction for another try. The score was now 31-5 and Seattle scored a final try to make it 36-5. Congratulations to the Saracens on the win and thanks to the game referee.

The Premier Game: Seattle 59 - Caps 10

The Saracens fielded a powerful team today with their ARC players back and a talented Irish number 10, Sam Windsor.

They scored early on a try by William Rasileki and converted it with their Irish standoff Windsor kicking. Winger Dion Crowder had a great game scoring at least 3 tries out wide. Caps got a penalty kick from Chris Robinson to make it 3-7 but despite several other opportunities they were unable to breach the stiff Seattle defense. The only try they got was on a powerful run by flanker Alex Boyd who ran through half of the Saracens team and shrugged off a couple of attempted high tackles en-route to the goal line. Chris Robinson converted but it wasn’t enough.

The Saracens scored often in this one and were good value for the win. Caps lost Prop Mackenzie Mills with a smashed nose courtesy of a teammates elbow. He was replaced by John Ray-Houston who has worked his way up from the 3rd Division and made a good account of himself. Caps are thin at Prop with Andrew Crandell out with a concussion. They were respectable in the scrum but were pushed backwards several times by the more experienced Seattle pack.

Seattle was desperate for their first win of the season after three losses against the top teams in the competition. They showed signs that they could make a strong run at the playoffs if they can keep this side together on the road. They are certainly strong at home and have a deep squad.

The half time score was 10-26 and Caps had a faint hope of a comeback. But those hopes were dashed as Seattle kept the heat on them. Seattle turned it on late and ran up the score. Caps need to regroup with another road trip next week to James Bay next weekend. The Caps should have Glen McKinnon and Sam Franklin back next week as they are both currently coaching on tour in Australia with Carson Graham High School.

Thanks to referee Tony Maposa. Thanks also to the Saracens for hosting the Capilano teams. Hopefully some Cap supporters will make it over to James Bay next weekend.

The Premier Women: Seattle won 27-5 at Klahanie

The Seattle Women made it a sweep with a win on the road at Klahanie. The second division women’s game was postponed this weekend.

Caps Defeat Rowers in Two Matches; Women Nipped by Cowichan

by John Langley
posted March 7 2017

Premier Women: Cowichan nip Capilano 40-38

This game was a try fest with both sides running and gunning throughout the entire game. It was an exciting game, played on a somewhat heavy pitch but under ideal game conditions. I was going to leave a bit early to head over to Brockton Oval for the Men’s games against Rowers but it was too good to leave.

Caps had a slight advantage in the forwards and Cowichan an advantage in the backs. Caps scored first through their powerful scrum and it looked like they might dominate. Cowichan soon found their legs, after the ferry ride and early morning travel, and responded with an excellent try scored through their backs. The try was scored by Cowichan center number 12; sorry I don’t have names of the Cowichan side as there was no lineup available. Number 12 converted her try with a well taken drop kick. The lead was now 7-5 for the visitors.

Caps roared back, Nevene made a strong run and Cap lock number 4 Anna Navrot scored. Lindsay Nicholson made the convert and Caps were up 12-7.

Stacy Hake made a strong run for Caps the ball was swung out to Ashley Robinson but she was forced into touch. Caps then scored a fine team try that came out to the back line, Lindsay Nicholson joined in with the backs and the ball came to her. She looked inside like she would crash but then drew the defender and passed the ball to winger Bri, who touched down in the corner. Lindsay converted and Caps were up 19-7.

Cowichan then came on strong and their number 13 scored following a fine back movement. The conversion made it 19-14. Cowichan nearly scored again on a kick ahead into the in goal. Caps touched it down for a drop out. A line out ensued but Caps lost the ball and Cowichan scored again. The conversion missed but we were even at 19.

Caps answered with a hard run by Melissa Robinson, converted by Lindsay to bring it to 26-19. Cowichan struck back again with a try by their fullback. The conversion again evened the score. Cowichan then scored another under the posts to extend their lead to 33-26. Caps answered with a try of their own to make it 31-33, the conversion was missed.

Caps had a chance to make kickable penalty but chose to go for the lineout. They lost the ball. Cowichan scored again to make it 40 with the convert. Caps fought desperately and Melissa Robinson scored to bring Capilano to within two points after the conversion. They tried to pull it out but time expired.

This had been an epic battle and a fine example of why Canadian Women’s rugby is on the upswing. There was an abundance of great play by both sides and some excellent passing and ball handling. Caps will take the two losing bonus points but no doubt were disappointed with the loss. Cowichan is an excellent side so congratulation to them. To Capilano thanks for an entertaining game and thanks to the referee for his input.

Capilano 2nd Division Women defeated by Comox

The Capilano 2nd Division Women played for the second time this season. They travelled to Vancouver Island and the final score was 57- 5 in favour of Comox.

The 3A U23 Academy Caps went down to defeat at the hands of the Rowing Club 26-33

I did not see this game as I watched the Premier Women but I did speak to Head Coach Bruce Bowman. He was disappointed with the effort from his young side. They did put a lot of points on the board but could not stop the more experienced Rowers. Capilano scorers were Miroslav 1 try, Graham Swanson 1 try, Ty Powell 1 try, and Malcolm Klaver 1 try and 3 conversions. Some of the Academy players subbed in for the 1st Division and Premiers to give them experience, and that is good to see. Congratulations to Rowing Club on the win and thanks to the referee.

Capilano 3B defeat Ridge Meadows

The Capilano 3 B Veterans and friends won their 3rd straight but it was close at 22-19. I don’t have any particulars on this game but congratulations to the 3B road warriors and thanks to Ridge Meadows for the game.

The Reserve (1st Division Game) Caps won this handily 46-10:

The Rowing Club has been bitten by the injury bug and lost a couple more players today. This has meant that several players have been moved up to Premier. Caps fortunately have not been as seriously affected and are quite deep in player availability especially with the unretired players playing for the 3B side. They do have a few dings and center Joel Hulett is missing from the Premier side.

This game was quite close when I arrived shortly before half time. It was 17-3 and Rowers were threatening. They then scored under the posts and converted to make it 17-10. Caps struck back with a try by Kes Kasha converted by Fish. This made it 24-10 and the flood gates would open in the second half.

Both teams were given a red card so it became 14 aside in the second half. Caps scored a total of 7 tries. Caps scorers were Kes Kasha 2 tries, Jesse Ryan 1 try, Dom Christian 1 try, Ryan Scott 1 try, Lucas McLennan 1 try and 3 conversions, and Tim Adair 1 try. Congratulations to the Cap reserves and thanks to Rowers for the game. Also thanks to the referee for his handling of the game.

The Premier Match: Caps won this game 21-7:

As they so often do, the Rowing Club came out hard against their northern neighbours. Today was no exception. The score was 14-7 at the half and Rowers were showing signs that they might even the score. But for some dropped ball they very well might have done just that.

Connor Christopher had opened the scoring for Capilano with a very nice inside step and a burst to score under the posts. The conversion was good by Chris Robinson who was spot on today and converted all 3 tries.

Rowing Club to their credit struck back following a stolen ball in the loose. The ball was swung left and Rowers showed some good outside speed with a try in the corner by either their winger or fullback. The conversion was good and the score was even.

Caps scored on a maul following a nice run by Nathan Yanagiya. Jordan Reid-Harvey touched down for Caps. The game was quite even for a long period making Cap supporters, myself included, very nervous. We have witnessed Rowing Club come from behind before. Today it wasn’t to be as Chris Robinson showed his bag of tricks and with the use of several dummies he found space and score under the posts. This score sealed the deal as it was now 19 plus the 2 point conversion to make it 21-7. The rest of the match was quite even.

The game was hard but clean and well handled by Mr. Saro Turner. Thanks to him and his assistants. Following the game the Cap players and some supporters headed to the Rowing Club clubrooms and were very well hosted. Brockton Oval is a beautiful venue and a great place to play rugby. A boat race was held on the outdoor balcony at the clubhouse and a good time was had by all! Thanks to Rowing Club for the games and the hosting. Thanks for feeding and watering the hungry and thirsty Caps. It was an excellent day for rugby!

Next weekend is the Vancouver Sevens but there are rugby options on Friday. Caps are hosting Terrace the defending 3rd Division Champions and that should be an entertaining game. It is scheduled to start at 4.30 on Friday at Klahanie. Please check the Capilano Website for more information. I just spoke to Bucky Ellison and he is on the mend following major surgery. He is up and around and feeling quite well, so that is great news. Get back to normal Bucky as you are missed at the Capilano Club.

John Langley

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