International Women's Day - March 8th 2017

March 08 2017

Editor's Pick of the 10 Most Influential Women in Canadian Rugby

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posted March 8 2017

In honour of International Women's Day we came up with our top 10 list for influential women in Canadian rugby. We mention our reasons we think these women are in the top 10. Feel free to mention your views in the facebook comments section.

Jen Kish

Jen was just selected as the winner in the Athlete category on CAAWS Most Influential Women List 2016. CAAWS is the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport, a highly respected organization across the globe. Jen beat out Christine Sinclair, Rosie MacLennan, and Katarina Roxon for the Award. Christine Sinclair has been an icon in Canadian women's sport and has brought a lot of media focus to soccer, Jen Kish is now doing the same for rugby.

Maria Samson

Maria is a former national XVs player and will be joining the board of Rugby Canada as the Women's Player Rep. She recently was on the CBC show Canada's Smartest Person where she made the finals. She has all the qualities to lead the board in a few years and become the first President/Chairwoman at Rugby Canada.

Collette McCauley

Collette is the Maple Leaf women's coach and coach at University of Guelph. She has a number of academic credentials including Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degree from the University of Guelph and a Master of Business Administration Degree from Wilfrid Laurier University. She recently was instrumental in organizing the Eastern Rugby 7s tournament for Ontario and Quebec universities.

Meaghan Howat

The highest ranked woman in the current Rugby Canada management structure, Meaghan is the Director of Sevens Operations. She's highly regarded in the rugby community at all levels.

Liz Ferguson

Liz was the equivalent of the CEO of Rugby Canada for part of the 2001/2002 season after John Billingsley resigned. Before that she was the Director of Domestic Competitions. She continues to be involved in rugby and connecting the past to the present as a strong link in the history of women's rugby in Canada.

Stephanie White

Stephanie was captain of the first Canada women's team that hosted an international. It was against USA in Victoria. She continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes for women's rugby and was involved in setting up the Monty Heald fund which helps eliminate the Pay to Play model for national women's XVs players.

Annabel Kehoe

Annabel is the CEO of BC Rugby, she is a newcomer to the Canadian rugby scene but she's making an impact and has given women's rugby in BC a high priority in her growth projections for the BCRU.

Ghislaine Landry

The new captain of the Canadian sevens team she has been the best player for Canada on a consistent basis over the last two years. She's starting to find her voice on social media to promote women's rugby and sports in general.

Gillian Florence

The sole woman to be inducted as one of the seven inaugural inductees for the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame. The 41 year old native of Hudson, Quebec is the most decorated Canadian female player of all-time after a two-decade career with the national team.

Heather Moyse

She garnered international attention from World Rugby when she was selected for the World Rugby Hall of Fame. Her accomplishments in Bobsleigh helped to shine some light in Canada on rugby. She represented Canada in both XVs and 7s rugby.

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