From the Editor's Desk - May 2017

May 08 2017

BCRN Facebook Post Reaches 2.3 Million and Counting; MacDowell Rugby in the News; Toronto Wolfpack Big Hit in Toronto

posted May 8 2017
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BCRN Facebook Post Goes Viral

We wish we could say this was about BC Rugby or Canadian rugby but let's face it, rugby doesn't have that reach yet in Canada. We posted what we thought was a great "never give up" story, the Highlanders scored three tries in the final four and a half minutes in last week's Super Rugby match versus the Cheetahs. They won the match at the whistle. We posted those four and half minutes and it obviously struck a chord. Last look the post had a reach of over 2.3 million in just over two days, about 800,000 views, 16,000 likes, over 4,000 shares and 3,000 comments. It's well beyond our normal audience and an interesting study on rugby's influence and reach on social media. We haven't read all 3 thousand comments but it reached a lot of non-rugby people as well who enjoyed the excitement of a comeback win and were impressed by the skill on display. The video is below.

MacDowell Rugby in the News

Former national team 7s player Robin MacDowell has been working hard to promote his Academy in Saskatchewan and has had some success. CBC Saskatchewan ran this story. Robin learned his rugby on the North Island through Cowichan high school and the Cowichan rugby club. We wish him all the best.

Wolfpack on the Hunt

The professional rugby league team in Toronto, the Wolfpack, just completed their first home match and look to be a big hit. The CBC wrote up the match which included a hockey-style bench clearing brawl. There were over 6,000 fans in attendance. The Wolfpack won the match 62-12. Video highlights (including brawl) are in the CBC article.

A reader who was at the match, had this to say:

I attended Saturday's Toronto Wolfpack rugby league home opener at Lamport Stadium in Toronto.

Crowd of more than 6,000 watched them crush Oxford on a cold, damp, wet day.

Looks like this will catch on in Toronto, where even non-rugby types will appreciate the speed and ball movement, big hits and terrific runs. There was even a late-game brawl and four red cards.

These guys mean business. Even talking about moving some games to BMO next season. If Saturday was any kind of indication, they'll quickly outgrow the aging Lamport facility.

Even more impetus for Rugby Canada to fix the men's XV program. Fast!

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