BC Boys High School 2017

June 03 2017

Final Standings: AAAA Shawnigan, St. George's, Oak Bay, Earl Marriott; AAA Carson Graham; AA St. Michaels

posted June 3 2017

Full scores are on the BCSSRU site.

Video archives of the games are here.

Shawnigan v St. George's in AAAA Final; Carson Graham v Yale AAA Final; SMUS v Brentwood AA Final: Shawnigan Win Juniors

posted June 2 2017
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The #1 v #2 seed will meet in all the Tier 1 finals except #3 Brentwood upset #2 Collingwood in the AA division, setting up an all island final.

In AAAA, as was expected, Shawnigan will meet St. George's in the battle of the private schools, these two are the top programs in the province. Battling for 3rd and 4th in the province is Oak Bay and Earl Marriott.

In AAA Carson Graham will face Yale, North Shore vs Fraser Valley.

In AA it will be SMUS vs Brentwood in a replay of the Island final.

The Junior final results just came in, Shawnigan 36 - Robert Bateman 13, Shawnigan repeat as Junior champions.

Full scores are on the BCSSRU site.

Tomorrow's matches will be streamed, live stream is here.

AAAA Starts Today; AAA and AA Top Four Seeds Advance to Semis; Upset in Juniors

posted June 1 2017

The Boys high school tournament is progressing as expected with the top 4 seeds in AAA and AA progressing to the semi-finals.

There was one flurry of excitement in Juniors when St. George's were upset by Robert Bateman 20-19, so #2 St. George's will play for 3rd/4th while #1 Shawnigan face #3 Robert Bateman for the Junior title.

In AAA it's #1 Carson Graham vs #4 WJ Mouat in one semi and #2 Yale vs #3 RE Mountain.

In AA it's #1 SMUS vs RA McMath and #2 Collingwood vs #3 Brentwood.

Full scores are on the BCSSRU site.

The AAAA kicks off at 4pm today with Shawnigan vs Earl Marriott, the live stream is here.

Provincial Tournament Starts Today: Schedules and Streaming Information

posted May 31 2017
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The AAA and AA tournament start today, the AAAA starts tomorrow. The Junior playoffs also begin today.

The games in the stadium are supposed to be streamed live but they've run into technical difficulties, the stream was available for the later games. The link is here.

Here are the AAAA, AAA, AA schedule for Tier 1 and 2. Click on the image to get a larger version.


AA & Juniors

BC Boys High School Updates: Island Final Results from Thursday + Video Clips

updated May 19 2017
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The following are the results of the Island finals along with some video clips from the Shawnigan v Oak Bay and the SMUS v Brentwood games.


Shawnigan 71, Oak Bay 0
Belmont 62, GP Vanier 12
Claremont 35, Cowichan 12


SMUS 27, Brentwood 19
Nanaimo 43, GNS 25


Shawnigan 27, Brentwood 5

As usual the big names are expected to dominate the high school scene, Shawnigan and St. George's in AAA. Island based Oak Bay are rated 3rd with North Shore Carson Graham and Fraser Valley Yale rounding out the top teams.

In AA it's Victoria base SMUS as top ranked followed by North Shore Collingwood, North Island Brentwood and Richmond based RA McMath.

Last year they put the top four teams in their own bracket for the finals to keep it competitive, it seems to be the same plan this year so expect Shawnigan, St. George's and Oak Bay to be in AAAA bracket. They'll be joined by the 4th ranked team which could be Carson Graham.

The 5th ranked team would be favourites to win the AAA, last year it was Yale and they're in the pole position to repeat this year.

Last year it was Shawnigan, St. George's, Oak Bay and Earl Marriott as the top four teams in the province.

In AA last year it was SMUS, Collingwood, Rockridge and Langley the top four.

Rankings from BCSSRU website - May 8 2017

This Thursday at Brentwood the Island finals take place, these are the times and field venues.

GP Vanier vs Belmont - 1:45pm KO - Field 2

Winner qualifies for either the BC AAA Tier 1 or AAA Tier 2 Tournament
Loser will/may qualify for BC AAA Tier 2 Tournament if an Island team is named the BC AAAA wildcard

Shawnigan vs Oak Bay - 1:45pm KO - Field 1

Winner qualifies for BC AAAA Tournament. Loser eligible for BC AAAA wild card OR qualifies for BC AAA Tier 1 Tournament

Nanaimo District SS vs GNS - 3:15pm KO - Field 2

Both teams qualify for the BCs, either in AA Tier 1 or AA Tier 2 depending on overall season results

Brentwood vs Shawnigan - 3:15pm KO - Field 1 (JUNIOR FINAL)

Both teams qualify for the BC Junior Tournament, with the quarterfinals to be played May 27 at the higher seed. The four quarterfinal winners will advance to the semifinals/finals in Abbotsford on May 31-June 2

Cowichan vs Claremont - 4:45pm KO - Field 2

Winner qualifies for either the BC AAA Tier 1 or AAA Tier 2 Tournament.
Loser will/may qualify for BC AAA Tier 2 Tournament if an Island team is named the BC AAAA wildcard

Brentwood vs SMUS - 4:45pm KO - Field 1

Both teams qualify for BC AA Tier 1 Tournament

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