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May 29 2017

John Horgan NDP and Andrew Weaver Green Party
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BC Political Picture Decided by "Rugby Guys": A Chance Meeting at Canada Sevens?

posted May 29 2017
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Now we don't usually mention politics, unless it's rugby politics, but this story was too good to pass up. For those out of province, the Liberal government won 43 seats in the recent election, not enough for a majority government. The NDP won 41 seats and the Green Party won 3, so NDP + Green could have a majority. There's now talk of these two parties forming the next BC government. The two leaders John Horgan (NDP) and Andrew Weaver (Green) were captured together this weekend at the Canada Sevens where Canada won Silver.

The article from the Province newspaper had this quote.

"I'm a rugby guy," said Weaver. "I'm hanging out with my rugby guys here."

Weaver said he saw Horgan in the crowd and the two decided to sit together.

Both Horgan and Weaver have played rugby in the past and are fans of the sport.

It's good publicity for rugby in any event. We went looking on Twitter for social media reaction, Horgan + Rugby.

Of course if you go back beyond this weekend the only Horgan and Rugby you'll find is in Ireland where Shane Horgan capture the headlines. Still it's good to see rugby in BC getting some mention, even if it's peripheral to the main story.

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