Thunder 7s 2017

July 09 2017

Thunder Aboriginal Youth Rugby

Great Day of Rugby 7s at Shawnigan Lake School

posted July 9 2017
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There isn't a better setting for youth rugby than Shawnigan Lake School, a rugby pavilion sits between two fields with a third field just a short walk away.

The Thunder Aboriginal rugby program have held their youth camp on campus for the last four years, a testament to the generosity of the Shawnigan Lake School.

This year was a little different in that they held a tournament on the Friday and invited other youth teams to join them. The North Island Tsunami program responded and put in U14, U16 and U18 boys teams and a U16 girls team. Westshore also helped out putting in a U18 boys team and Barbara Mervin coached and organized a U18 girls Barbarian team.

Both national team coaches showed up, John Tait the women's 7s coach was present for the morning and Damian McGrath the men's 7s coach was there the full day. Also newly appointed men's Junior Maple Leaf coach, Robin MacDowell, was present the full day.

The results are as follows but the real winner was rugby as national coaches got to see upcoming players and the young players got a chance to be seen by the top coaches.

Division Winners

Boys U18

Girls U18

Boys U16

Girls U16

Boys U14

Also a couple of senior men's games were put on showcasing some top 7s talent, besides players from Vancouver Island, there were players from Saskatchewan, Vancouver and even Austin, Texas. In the end after four halves were played a conversion at the whistle was the deciding factor.

A big thanks to Damian McGrath who is really getting to know the player landscape in Canada from youth to senior. The future in 7s rugby looks bright. Here he presents medals to the winners, in this case the two Tsunami teams U16 and U14, but he presented medals to all 5 teams plus 25 All Star selections.

U16 Boys champions

U14 Boys champions

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