From the Editor's Desk - July 2017

July 13 2017

BC Politics and Rugby; Eagle Impact Rugby Academy in BC; Langford 7s on September 2nd

posted Jul 13 2017
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BC Politics and Rugby

This article is a couple of days old but worth reading if it slipped by your radar, it's from the Globe and Mail, the link is here.

For those outside the province, the NDP (John Horgan) and the Green Party (Andrew Weaver) formed a coalition that holds a slim majority. If the coalition falls apart there likely will be another election in BC.

Some great quotes to use in promoting rugby:

“Rugby’s the toughest-ass game going but afterwards, there are genuine hugs,” said Mr. Horgan. “There is something that separates it from other sports. Honour is the key. Absolute respect for your opponent.”

“Anyone who has played sports has a common bond,” Mr. Weaver said. “Particularly if you’ve played it for quite some time and were competitive when you’ve played. You never lose that. And there is no sport where you get the sense of camaraderie that you get with rugby. I’ve played lots of sports but rugby is special. You play with such intensity. You can lose your temper. But afterwards, you’ll go for a beer with the person you had a scuffle with. You let it all go.”

Hope these guys can keep the co-operation going and navigate a tough political situation.

Eagle Impact Rugby Academy in BC

The USA Academy side is in town (Vancouver) to play the BC U16, U17 and U18 teams. We won't know the exact details until the BCRU decides to share some information, this is all from the USA perspective through Alex Goff and FLO Rugby. You can read about the USA rosters here. We tried contacting the BCRU for BC rosters and game information but nothing forthcoming. The BCRU are breaking in a new communication person, at least the sixth since I've been running BCRN, so they may be overwhelmed. The BCRU policy, like Rugby Canada, is nothing gets released until it goes through "official" channels. Sometimes I wonder if the full time, paid, bureaucracies we've setup in Canada to run rugby hinder more than they help promote the game.

Langford 7s on September 2nd

Set that date on your calendar if you're a 7s player who thinks they can crack the national team one day. The Maple Leafs will be entering teams, both men and women, and the head coaches will be there to look at talent. It will be held at Westhills Stadium so plan on being in Langford that day. Start organizing a team or if your club isn't entered, you can register individually and get put on a Barbarians team. You can contact and we'll put you in touch with the right people if you want to get involved.

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