BCRU Youth Rugby 2017

July 16 2017

BC vs USA West Full Match Videos from Saturday: U16, U17, U18 Improvements Across the Board

posted July 16 2017
[ed. comments below. Disappointing that the BCRU doesn't publish the names of the BC players from these matches although the USA player lists are readily available. The Ontario Rugby Union have their youth summer lists published already. ]

The good news is the BC teams improved their performance across the board in the three USA matches, including a win in the U16 division. The bad news is we're still behind the Americans at this age grade although to be fair it's a provincial team vs a regional team. The American teams are mostly from California but select from across the western part of the USA and even have one or two players from further east. The EIRA (Eagle Impact Rugby Academy U16, U17) and HSAA (High School All Americans U18) have eastern counterparts who play Ontario as well.

The Canadian rugby system for elite youth development is more traditional hierarchy based, national union to provincial union whereas the USA system, since it was less developed historically, has the freedom to adapt to the marketplace. They've chosen a private academy approach to youth development which is what EIRA is, supported by USA rugby. Which system is most effective, based on these results and the fact that the USA men's XVs has qualified as America 1 for the first time would be a strong argument in their favour. The Canada men's U20 results, splitting the matches, but winning the overall points total would favour the Canadian argument. Although the USA won by a slight margin the previous year. It may be a case that the USA is improving faster with their system since it's more agile and able to adapt quicker, the Canadian system is more robust in structure with historical roots but it's slow to change and adapt.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter using FB comments.

Regardless it's congratulations to the BC coaching team, volunteers, who have improved their results over a few short days against the American regional teams. Here is the 2017 BC coaching list.

U16 25 vs EIRA West 24

The best performance by a BC team turning around a 20 point loss midweek to a weekend win.

U17 15 - EIRA West 41

A good improvement from a 74 point loss midweek to a 26 loss midweek, plus putting some points on the board this match.

U18 13 - HSAA West 33

An improvement from a 67 point loss midweek to a 20 point loss on the weekend.

Archived Matches of All Americans vs BC U18; BC U16 vs Eagle Impact Academy; BC U17 vs Eagle Impact Academy

posted July 13 2017

BC U18 - Archive

HSAA West 67- BC U18 0

BC U17 - Archive

EIRA West 74 - BC U17 0

BC U16 - Archive

EIRA West 32 - BC U16 12

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