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July 24 2017

Adam Zaruba - Canada 7s

Adam Zaruba to Try His Hand at NFL with Philly: Loss to Canada 7s Program

posted July 24 2017
[ed. comments below. Adam was a BCRN MVP back in 2012.]

I have to be truthful, when I first saw Adam Zaruba's instagram post which mentioned the NFL and Philly a week ago I thought it was an inside joke. I remember thinking, "huh, could it be, nah" and moved on. Well I guess my reporters instinct needs to be fine tuned or just stop being so damn lazy. It turns out it was true. Zoobs is going NFL or at least to training camp.

You can read more on it from Patrick Johnston's article.

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Huge thanks to @derekmhansen @swatt89 @nshuster @paiero31 for taking time out on a Sunday to help me prepare for next week ยทยทยท Bringing the Dream Team back together again for @thezoobs and his #NFL bid. @swatt89 @nshuster #eagles #philly

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First thought was, let's check out Reddit see what all the Philly fans think. You can check that out here.

Next I thought, Jared Hayne, remember he went through this a while ago so here is a brief timeline of his NFL adventure when he came from Rugby League.

March 2015 - Announced a $1.5 Million 3 year contract with San Francisco (wasn't a guaranteed contract). $115K if he didn't make squad.
August 2015 - Played preseason games
September 2015 - Made the 53 man playing roster
October 2015 - Was cut and put on waivers, no other NFL team interested
November 2015 - New contract signed for practice squad (players still make approx. 10K a week but only practice)
December 2015 - Put back on 53 man playing squad
May 2016 - Quit NFL and tried out for Fiji 7s team
August 2016 - Returned to Rugby League with Gold Coast Titans

So Zoobs is going to training camp and hopefully will make the 53 man playing roster in September, if not hopefully will remain part of the practice squad. We might see him in some preseason matches in August.

This was the catch that no doubt caught the eye of NFL scouts, as it should.

What position would he play some say wide receiver, some say linebacker but tight end is the likely choice. A guy who runs short patterns, catches the ball and then runs over people, sounds like his type of job description. How will his blocking skills rate or his ability to follow the script on plays? It will be interesting to watch, good luck to the big man from Capilano.

However his loss to the Canada 7s program is significant. It takes a couple of years on the circuit to mature and Zaruba was just starting to come into his own last season. Will Luke Bradley or Isaac Kaay be able to step into the role vacated by Zaruba?

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