Langford 7s 2017

September 03 2017

Langford 7s


Another Langford 7s has wrapped up with the Maple Leafs pulling out a win against a strong Buddha 7s side. The match videos are below. The final standings were:

1. Maple Leafs
2. Buddha 7s
3. BC
4. North Island Tsunami
5. South Seas

The men's Open division was won by Westshore and the Thunder won the women's title.

Championship Match - Maple Leafs vs Buddha 7s 1st half

Championship Match - Maple Leafs vs Buddha 7s 2nd half

Maple Leafs vs Buddha 7s 1st half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs Buddha 7s 2nd half (pool match)

BC vs North Island Tsunami 1st half (pool match)

BC vs North Island Tsunami 2nd half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs South Seas 1st half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs South Seas 2nd half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs North Island Tsunami 1st half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs North Island Tsunami 2nd half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs BC 1st half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs BC 2nd half (pool match)

North Island Tsunami vs South Seas 1st half (pool match)

North Island Tsunami vs South Seas 2nd half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs South Seas 1st half (pool match)

Maple Leafs vs South Seas 2nd half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs BC 1st half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs BC 2nd half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs North Island Tsunami 1st half (pool match)

Buddha 7s vs North Island Tsunami 2nd half (pool match)

BC vs South Seas 1st half (pool match)

BC vs South Seas 2nd half (pool match)

Langford 7s Looking at the Rosters: North Island Tsunami

[ed. rosters for Maple Leafs, BC, Buddha 7s are in previous articles, scroll down to view. The schedule is also appended below.]

The North Island Tsunami team have representation from around the world including South Africa, New Zealand and Tonga. They also have youth players who have played for Canada U19 and BC U19.

Brad Marshall is well known as a skilled player on the Island, he's originally from South Africa playing for False Bay Rugby Club in Cape Town. He's been a stalwart in Nanaimo for over 10 years. Another veteran player with plenty of skills is Taniela Tulia who has 10 caps for Tonga. Sam Fowler from New Zealand is a younger player who hails from Hutt Old Boys Marist in Wellington, he's been with Nanaimo for 2 years.

On the youth side there's Taylor de Souza a speedy wing who was part of the BC U19 championship team this summer. Also Peyton Eagar is just returning from 5 months in North Otago where he played club rugby and made the regional development side. It will be his first game on Canadian soil in 6 months as he was also on the Canada U19 tour to Wales before heading straight to NZ. There's a lot of interest in this young player who has his sights set on a Canada U20 spot next year.

Antonio Corbin is a player to watch, he won the Howard Gerwing scholarship a couple of years ago and impressed in the last outing with the Tsunami 7s team. Ryan Bradley is a #10 with good distribution and line breaking skills. Mallory Roe a product of Dover Bay has also played for the Dog River Howlers, he's one of a number of physical, backrow players the Tsunami will field. Sawyer "the Beast" Barth is another loose forward looking to impress.

Danny Hamstra is another #10, a good evasive runner with above average passing skills from Cowichan and previously Shawnigan Lake school. Seth Recalma has played for the Thunder program and is a young player who does well on the 7s pitch.

Speedster Sean Hase comes over from the mainland and UBCOB Ravens to play his second tournament with the Tsunami. Hank Hankins rounds out the team adding speed on the outside.

Tsunami is sponsored by Gowlland Towing out of Campbell River.

Brad Marshall (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Mallorey Roe (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Sam Fowler (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Antonio Corbin (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Ryan Bradley (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Seth Recalma (VIU)
Taylor de Souza (Cowichan RFC)
Sean Hase (UBCOB)
Taniela Tulia (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Hank Hankins (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Sawyer Barth (Nanaimo Hornets RFC)
Peyton Eagar (North Otago)
Danny Hamstra (Cowichan RFC)

SCHEDULE (click for larger image)

Langford 7s Looking at the Rosters: Buddha 7s

[ed. we covered BC and Maple Leaf rosters previously, scroll down if you missed them. Tomorrow we'll feature the Tsunami.]

This is a team put together by BCRU development officer, Tony la Carte, and at first we called it the BC Development team but it's morphed into the start of a touring team called the Buddha 7s. It seems to be a collaboration between CW and UVic with all but one player coming from those clubs. They seem well organized with tournament sponsors and their own press release, included below.

Notable names include Dustin Dobravsky and Doug Fraser, two players returning from the Maple Leaf tour to Colorado and the Rugbytown 7s. Dobravasky was probably the most consistent player for the Maple Leafs on tour. Logan Martin-Feek is an upcoming backline player from Westshore who is attending UVic this year.

The teams entered this year look well balanced, usually the Maple Leafs would be considered heavy favourites but the quality of the other teams has risen this year. The $1000 prize money is up for grabs with no pre-tournament favourite until the first round of matches show who has brought their "A" game.

from Buddha 7s

Buddha Sevens is an invitational team of promising young players from across Canada. The bulk of the team is from BC and attending the University of Victoria with Castaway Wanderers and James Bay also represented. Buddha Sevens would like to thank our Tournament Sponsors SEBA Construction, O.T. Construction and The Athlete Centre for their support.

Lachlan Kratz and Jarvis Dashkewytch both featured on Canada U18 Commonwealth 7’s this year. Lockie is an Oak Bay High Student and Jarvis is from Delta Secondary, Jarvis is attending Canadian Sport School in Victoria this coming season.

Gabe Casey is from Ontario and played with Canada U18 and the Ontario 7’s programs this past year and will be attending UVic this coming season.

Brandon Schellenberger, Mostyn Findlay, Logan Martin-Feek were all members of the Canada U19 Tour to Wales. Both Schellenberger and Martin-Feek were apart of the BCEY 7’s National Championship Team 2 Years Ago. Schellenberger will have his second year with the CW Premier Team and Mostyn will be joined by Martin-Feek (Previously with Westshore Velox) at UVic this season after returning from a season in NZ. Jonas Robinson will be entering his second year at UVic this September and is coming off a successful summer as National Champions with the BC U19 Program. Elliot Johnston is a talented player from Alberta who is coming out to BC this season to join the James Bay Athletic Association. He has great footwork and is a good playmaker.

Liam Morrison and Cathal Long are both UVic third year players that were a part of the UVic team that finished 3rd at the University National 7’s Championship. Morrison from South Surrey is an evasive scrum half and Long brings height and speed to the squad.

Doug Fraser and Dustin Dobravsky will be the veterans in the side. Both players are coming off a successful CRC competition with the BC Bears and are just coming off the tour with Maple Leaf 7s at the Rugby Town 7s.


1. Lachlan Kratz (CW – Victoria )
2. Jarvis Dashkewytch (CW - Delta)
3. Brandon Schellenberger (CW – Victoria )
4. Liam Morrison (UVic – South Surrey)
5. Elliot Johnston (JBAA – Sherwood )
6. Cathal Long (UVic - TnT)
7. Mostyn Findlay (UVic - Regina )
8. Gabe Casey (UVic - Ottawa)
9. Jonas Robinson (UVic – Victoria )
10. Logan Martin-Feek (UVic – Victoria )
11. Dustin Dobravsky (CW – Victoria)
12. Doug Fraser (CW – Victoria)

Langford 7s Looking at the Rosters: BC

[ed. yesterday we started with the Maple Leafs, scroll down to read their roster. Still to come Buddha 7s, North Island Tsunami and South Seas.]

Coach Aaron Frisby has put together a BC team with players from 6 different clubs.

Kieran McAuley plays at James Bay as a loose forward, originally from Comox. Another James Bay player who featured for the BC Bears is big centre Mike Nieuwenhuysen, he is a straight ahead, power runner. Learning to search for space instead of a defender to run over will be a learning curve that may help his XVs game.

From Westshore is Jason Gagnier, another loose forward who likes straight ahead running. He spent a season in Australia improving his rugby game. One to watch is elusive Connor Llewellyn who played #10 for Vikes and Westshore, he had an outstanding tournament last year. He's a good distributor and fits the 7s game well. Tua Va'a is another Westshore player who also suited up for the championship BC Bears this year, he's also a loose forward that's hard to take down. Jordan Tait now at Westshore, originally from Abbotsford plays 10/15 in XVs.

Burnaby are providing a few players including winger Kimi Vunituraga who played for the BC Bears this year, a big Fijian style winger is always an asset on the 7s pitch. Two other Burnaby players are Darren McCrory and Gino Paolella. Shane Dagg is described as "a real flier who just moved to the Island from Burnaby", originally from Ireland. Seveci Duruloka is another speedy Fijian playing his club rugby at Burnaby.

From Abbotsford is Darwin Guevara who can play hooker and wing, an interesting combination. Dan Cole comes to mind.

UVic provides Aaron Hersant who usually plays #10 in XVs. CW is represented by Jordan Ford who played for Upright Rugby 7s in Ontario and is coming to CW as a #9... also by the legendary and ageless Jon Mo.

It's a balanced team with big forward runners and some good pace out wide.

Kieran McAuley- JBAA
Kimi Vunituraga - Burnaby
Darwin Guevara - Abbotsford
Tua Vaa - Westshore
Connor Llewellyn - Westshore
Jon Morris - CW
Seveci Duruloka - Burnaby
Jordan Tait - Westshore
Aaron Hersant - UVic
Shane Dagg - Burnaby
Jordan Ford - CW
Jason Gagnier - Westshore
Mike Nieuwenhuysen - JBAA
Darren McCrory- Burnaby
Gino Paolella - Burnaby

Langford 7s Looking at the Rosters: Maple Leafs

[ed. we'll feature a separate roster each day this week, today we look at the Maple Leafs. The Langford 7s is Saturday at Westhills Stadium, free admission. If you're a player wanting to get on a team going up against the Maple Leafs, email us and we'll try to find a roster spot for you,]

After a disappointing outing at the Rugbytown 7s the Maple Leafs have juggled their lineout for the Langford 7s on Saturday at Westhills Stadium.

Four players return from the Rugbytown 7s team, two youngsters Kevin Vertkas and Ethan Hager and two veterans Riley DiNardo and James Pitblado. Eight new players will get a chance to impress national coach Damian McGrath.

Vertkas has impressed so far, he was part of the Commonwealth Youth Games team coached by Robin MacDowell. That team defeated Fiji in the pool round before losing to them in the playoffs. At Rugbytown he held his own against older opposition, he's a big unit and is definitely one to watch moving forward.

PJ Mancoa is a player from Saskatchewan of Philippine descent, coach Robin MacDowell has recommended him. He looks to be a scrum-half type of build, looking forward to seeing what he brings.

Gareth Pritchard is an interesting story and we look to do an expanded article on him. A 26 year old with a Masters in Applied Mathematics and a teaching degree, born in Canada, University in Scotland and currently teaching and playing in Texas. His parents live in Nanaimo where he was discovered on holiday, he played a couple of games for the North Island Tsunami 7s team this summer against Doug Fraser and the Tide where he stood out. We're looking forward to seeing how he performs on the Maple Leafs.

Jordan Nichols and Riley DiNardo were on the Maple Leafs team that won the Vancouver Rugby Festival last March. James Pitblado is well known for his play with the UVic Vikes including several national university 7s titles.

Then it gets interesting with some Calgary based players that look to have some Fijian connection going by the names, Sitiveni Nacoko and Tevita Cokocovota. Sitiveni played for the Lionheart 7s team in 2014 and they described him in their presser as "one of the best 7s players in Canada". He shows up in our database playing for the BC team at the 2012 Victoria 7s. He's not a young player but obviously brings some Fijian flair to his game.

A player coming in from Nova Scotia who is recommended from connections out east is DJ Burns. He played for the Nova Scotia U23 side last year at #8 so obviously a 7s forward bringing some physicality to the side.

The last name is listed as Carson Miller but wondering if this is Carter Miller who was selected as top scrum half in last year's BC high school championships, he's from Shawnigan Lake School [ed. it is Carter Miller, change made in roster]

So some interesting players to watch from young U18 players up to some veterans that deserve a look at this level. It's another reason to come to Westhills Stadium on Saturday and see for yourself some of the upcoming talent that's being looked at for the national 7s team. Admission to the tournament is free.


1. Kevin Vertkas (Ontario)
2. Ethan Hager (Ontario)
3. PJ Mancoa (Saskatchewan)
4. Gareth Pritchard (North Island)
5. Jordan Nicholls (UVic)
6. Riley DiNardo (Ontario)
7. James Pitblado (UVic)
8. Sitiveni Nacoko (Calgary)
9. Tevita Cokocovota (Calgary)
10. Nikita ??? (Calgary)
11. DJ Burns (Nova Scotia)
12. Carter Miller (BC)

Langford 7s September 2nd at Westhills Stadium; Maple Leaf Men and Women Entered; Open Division for U20 Teams

The Langford 7s is coming on September 2nd. It's a chance to see the new Maple Leaf hopefuls for both men and women and also a chance to get on the national team radar as both national coaches, Damian McGrath and John Tait will be present. It will be played on Rugby Canada's home pitch, Westhills Stadium.

The Elite division will be teams looking to go up against the Maple Leafs and hoping to impress the National coaches and create an upset. Look for Phil Mack to organize one of the these teams and perhaps even put on the boots. The Tsunami North Island will be entering several teams, including a U20 team in the Open Division and men's and women's teams in the Elite divisions. The UBCOB Ravens may look to leverage their recent signings to put in a team. Westshore are also entering teams in all divisions. They are reigning provincial champions in women's XVs and always do well in Elite 7s. Their U18 men's team recently won the Thunder 7s. Also they're taking the jump to men's Premier this year and will look to use this as an early run out for the club. It's an excellent opportunity to make it a pre-season event to build club culture and prepare for the XVs season starting the following weekend.

Also Canada Maple Leaf U18 Coach, Robin MacDowell, will be present to check out U18 talent for the upcoming tours, next Maple Leaf U18 tour will be in December to New Zealand. If you're a player without a team, contact John and he'll find a team for you.

The Thunder Aboriginal program will put in teams in the Open divisions for men and women. Also hopefully a Fijian team or South Seas team will be entered in men's Elite. Invitations are out to Seattle and Atavus to test themselves against Canada's best upcoming 7s stars. The Navy are hoping to enter a team, CW may be present, as well as Burnaby and UVic. You can contact John Lyall to book your spot, or phone 250-217-9031

Here are the men's and women's winners from 2015 and 2016, a number of these players have gone on to represent Canada in XVs and 7s.



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