National Age-Grade Championships 2017

August 21 2017

BC U16 A team at 2017 nationals

BC Stumbles on Finals Day - Returns Home Without Gold in Any Division : Alberta Rules the Day

[ed. check for scoring details]

It's the first time in our records of recent history that BC have returned from the age-grade nationals without any Gold. A quick search in the database reveals these headlines going back to 2008.


BC Win Gold in Men's U16 and U18 Divisions, and in Women's U18 Division


BC Win 6 of 7 Series in Ottawa and Kelowna: Winning Men's U16, U17, U18 & Women's U16, U18, Senior


BC Dominant Winning Men's U18, Women's U18, Men's U16 Titles


National Championships Wrap Up With BC Winning Both Men's Divisions


BC Win Men's U16 and U18 Titles


BC Men won Gold in both divisions, U16 and U18

This year Alberta won both men's divisions plus the women's U18. Ontario won the women's U16 title.

Is it time to push the panic button in BC? Here are some mitigating factors, the BC U18 teams were in Ireland, BC sent U17 teams so it would have been an extraordinary accomplishment to win Gold in those divisions. Perhaps the most worrying is the loss in men's U16, no excuses there. BC sent three teams including a U15 team and they finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th ahead of Ontario who had an even worse tournament. Does this mark the rise of Alberta youth rugby, next year's results will indicate whether this is the start of a trend or a blip in the heartbeat of youth rugby in Canada.

The BC U16 women won Silver and the U17 women won Bronze. So all teams did medal, congratulations on that, it's just that in BC we've become used to the colour of Gold at the age-grade level. The senior men won Gold and the U19 men won Gold so BC will have to be satisfied with those accolades this year.

Well done to Alberta, obviously some people putting in a lot of good work there at the youth level.

BC Youth Rugby Program Shows Depth at Nationals: U17 Boys Team in U18 Final; Three U16 Boys Teams in Semis; U16 Girls Undefeated

The BC youth rugby program has shown its depth especially in the Boys programs as the U17 team has made its way to the final in the National U18 championship while the U18 team is in Ireland playing Leinster this weekend.

The Boys U15 team and two U16 teams have made their way to the semi-finals in the National U16 championship with Alberta being the other semi-finalist.

The U16 Girls are the only undefeated side in their division going into the last two days of play.

The U17 Girls are the only team that got tripped up, losing to Nova Scotia in the National U18 competition and out of Gold medal contention. The U18 Girls team is in Ireland playing Munster on Saturday.

The U16 semi-finals take place Saturday and all finals are on Sunday.

BC Undefeated on Day 2 of Nationals

U18 Boys

The U17 BC team defeated Quebec 24-10 to take their record to 2-0 and into the semi-finals on Friday.

U18 Girls

The U17 BC team defeated Quebec 27-5 and are into the playoffs on Friday.

U16 Boys

The two BC teams had to play each other today with BC A defeating BC B 19-12. The U15 team defeated Quebec 15-0. Play continues Friday for the teams.

U16 Girls

BC defeated Alberta 38-5 and face Nova Scotia Keltics tomorrow.

BC Win 8 of 9 Matches on Day 1 of National Age-Grade Championships

U18 Boys

BC's U17 started the tournament with 38-10 win over the Nova Scotia Keltics. Tomorrow BC takes on Quebec.

U18 Girls

BC's U17 girls also did well on opening day, defeating Ontario 32-17. Ontario are traditionally one of the stronger sides in this division, so very well done to the U17 team. They face Quebec tomorrow.

U16 Boys

BC 1 picked up two wins on Day 1 38-5 over Alberta and 63-14 over Ontario. BC 2 split their games defeating Ontario 47-19 and then losing to Alberta 20-5. The BC U15 won both their matches, defeating Newfoundland 26-7 and then New Brunswick 56-5.

U16 Girls

The U16 girls defeated Ontario 38-27 and face Alberta tomorrow.

Live streaming is at

BC Announce Six Teams for National Age-Grade Championships Starting on Tuesday August 15th in Calgary

BC have sent U17 teams to the U18 championship in both Boys and Girls divisions as their U18 teams are in Ireland.

In U16 BC have entered three teams in the Boys competition, two U16 sides and a U15 side. In the Girls U16 competition BC has entered one team.

Live streaming will be available for most games at

from BC Rugby Union

Vancouver, BC – August 11, 2017: BC Rugby is proud to announce the teams travelling to this year’s Canadian Rugby Championships, taking place at Calgary’s Rugby Park between 13-20th August. A total of six teams will compete in both the boy’s and girl’s age grade tournaments against opponents from the other provinces.

A number of BC teams will be facing off against older competition, with the U17 Boys and Girls competing in the U18 tournament while the U15 Boys will take part in the U16 tournament.

This decision is born from BC Rugby’s desire to seek out challenging and valuable competitions to ensure optimum athlete development. These young teams are expected to meet this challenge with maturity and determination.

Build up to the championships has taken place over the last three months, with the selection process including The Provincial Regional Championships (PRCs), training camps and matches against touring teams. In total, 145 players from across the province will travel to Calgary for an action packed week. In a tournament consisting of 65 matches, BC players will rack up almost 600hrs of competitive rugby. Opponents will include Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Newfoundland & Labrador, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Dean Murten, Senior Manager for Rugby Growth & Development, commented ahead of the event saying, “This is a fantastic opportunity for our age grade talent to step up and be counted. We are making a concerted effort to improve development within the BC Rugby Rep Team program and hope that the players will really gain something from the tournament.”

Rosters and schedules have been detailed below for each team. Live streaming of matches on fields 1 and 2 will be available via Rugby Canada. For detailed information on the tournament, visit the official website.

U17 Boys

Tom Abercrombie Victoria, BC
Ryan Agyagos North Vancouver, BC
JT Boehme Victoria, BC
Tyler Buchanan Surrey, BC
Nick Carson Victoria, BC
Ben Challis Chilliwack, BC
Owen Cumming Toronto, ON
Jarvis Dashkewytch Delta, BC
Max Freund Victoria, BC
Logan Henry Kamloops, BC
Conor Hills Victoria, BC
Daniel Jacobs Vancouver, BC
Adam Jay Victoria, BC
Izzak Kelly White Rock, BC
Lockie Kratz Victoria, BC
Brock McCartney Abbotsford, BC
Zephyr Melnyk Gabriola Island, BC
Cooper Powell North Vancouver, BC
Johnny Sutherland Surrey, BC
Reece Tudor-Jones Duncan, BC
Lucas Tuffin Victoria, BC
Joshua Tweed Surrey, BC
Braeden Verleur Abbotsford, BC
Luke Wooldridge North Vancouver, BC

Head Coach Conan Cooper
Assistant Coach Aaron O'Flaherty
Manager James Welsh
Physio Eric Marriott


BC vs. Nova Scotia 11am PDT August 15
BC vs. Quebec 11am PDT August 16
Semi Finals & Consolation 11am, 1pm, 3pm PDT August 18
Consolation 1pm PDT August 19
Finals Day 1pm PDT August 20

U17 Girls

Kashish Arya Abbotsford, BC
Tayler Bailey Abbotsford, BC
Hazel Bice North Vancouver, BC
Madison Blusson Williams Lake, BC
Hailey Chambers Mission, BC
Payton Cochrane Victoria, BC
Taylynn Cruz Smid Duncan, BC
Chloe Cullen North Vancouver, BC
Hunter Czeppel Abbotsford, BC
Emma Feldinger Williams Lake, BC
Karen Garcia Surrey, BC
Brittany Gardiner Victoria, BC
Cheye Gustafson Abbotsford, BC
Callie Harder Lilooet, BC
Kally King Kamloops, BC
Alexis Mellish Vancouver, BC
Jordyn Myers Langley, BC
Makenzie Myles North Vancouver, BC
Toni Powsey Cumberland, BC
Tyra Schaad Merville, BC
Nicola Smith Surrey, BC
Rachel Smith Surrey, BC
Mele Vikilani Burnaby, BC
Kelsey White Victoria, BC
Rori Wood Sooke, BC

Head Coach Darcy Patterson
Assistant Coach Mimi Appelby
Manager Mackenzie Carson
Physio Melissa Wirshing


BC vs. Ontario 11am PDT August 15
BC vs. Quebec11am PDT August 16
Semi Finals & Consolation 11am, 1pm, 3pm PDT August 18
Finals Day 11am PDT August 20 - Streamed live online

U16 Boys A

Joel Abdel-Barr West Vancouver, BC
Jacob Bossi Metchosin, BC
Jacob Bourne Vancouver, BC
Ciaran Breen Mill Bay, BC
Max Brittingham Vancouver, BC
George Brown Abbotsford, BC
Raymond Chou Surrey, BC
Landon Clironomos Burnaby, BC
Liam Cooper Vancouver, BC
Nathan Goliath Cobble Hill, BC
Ben Holtz Vancouver, BC
Austin James North Vancouver, BC
Nick Joe Duncan, BC
Brenner Kelava West Vancouver, BC
Thomas Kirkwood Vancouver, BC
Matthew McDougall Mill Bay, BC
Lucas Neilsen Langford, BC
Connor Palmer Vancouver, BC
George Piper Abbotsford, BC
Alexander Soltan Vancouver, BC
Ethan Turner Maple Ridge, BC
Carter Wanless North Vancouver, BC
Jace Webster Abbotsford, BC
Ben Welsh West Vancouver, BC

Head Coach Shane Muldrew
Assistant Coach Aaron Cook
Manager Jim Capron
Physio Louisa Scarlett


BC A vs. Alberta 9am PDT August 15
BC A vs. Ontario 3pm PDT August 15
BC A vs. BC B 11am PDT August 16
Quarter Finals & Consolation 11am, 1pm, 3pm PDT August 18
Semi Finals & Consolation 11am PDT August 19
Finals Day 9am PDT August 20

U16 Boys B

Anson Adshade Vancouver, BC
Ethan Bernardin Langley, BC
Rowan Bridger Abbotsford, BC
Parker Burt Vancouver, BC
Blake Cleasby Victoria, BC
Joel Cook Mill Bay, BC
William Credicott Victoria, BC
Beckett Elliott Vancouver, BC
Raphiel Gould Langley, BC
Tyler Grant Surrey, BC
Ryder Heaney-Corns Victoria, BC
Ethan Jaques Vancouver, BC
Logan Kits Cowichan Bay, BC
Owen Kokan Vancouver, BC
Charlie McMillan Vancouver, BC
Grant Newell-Madu Vancouver, BC
Andrew O'Brien Surrey, BC
Connor Paivarinta Abbotsford, BC
Enrique Patuel Surrey, BC
Basil Schincariol Vancouver, BC
Orion Schmok Tsawwassen, BC
Grant Spence Victoria, BC
Matt Turi Abbotsford, BC
Coleman Walters Vancouver, BC

Head Coach Everett Konsmo
Assistant Coach Darren McCrory
Manager Juan Patuel
Physio Vanisu Punwani


BC B vs. Ontario 9am PDT August 15
BC B vs. Alberta 3pm PDT August 15
BC B vs. BC A 11am PDT August 16
Quarter Finals & Consolation 11am, 1pm, 3pm PDT August 18
Semi Finals & Consolation 11am PDT August 19
Finals Day 9am PDT August 20

U16 Girls

Savannah Bauder North Vancouver, BC
Willow Beya New Westmister, BC
Summer Blackmore Cranbrook, BC
Mikayla Brennen-McCann Duncan, BC
Saffron Brooks Victoria, BC
Jordan Brown Kelowna, BC
Maliyah Colombes Victoria, BC
Kate Feroduk Richmond, BC
Amelia Gordon Victoria, BC
Chloe Hill-Huse Victoria, BC
AJ Jeffrey Mission, BC
Kristin Johnston Black Creek, BC
Samantha Lillywhite Shawnigan Lake, BC
Maggie MacKinnon Sooke, BC
Sarah Meier Abbotsford, BC
Emily Meier Abbotsford , BC
Molly Shelland Surrey, BC
Ashley Stephenson Victoria, BC
Michalea Sweeting Abbotsford , BC
Natalia Takhar Abbotsford, BC
Sahel Tehrani North Vancouver, BC
Erin White Langley, BC
Ashanti Whyte Victoria, BC
Zoe Williams Victoria, BC

Head Coach An Hoang
Assistant Coach Brittany Sims
Manager Thomas Viljoen
Physio Susan Calli


BC vs. Ontario 11am PDT August 15
BC vs. Alberta 9am PDT August 16
BC vs. Nova Scotia 5pm PDT August 17
Semi Finals 1pm PDT August 19
Finals Day 11am PDT August 20

U15 Boys

Max Ambercrombie Victoria, BC
David Begin Delta, BC
Callum Blake-Currier Vancouver, BC
Noah Bogden Maple Ridge, BC
Henry Brown Abbotsford, BC
Storm Buck Kelowna, BC
Koen Buckingham Summerland, BC
Patrick Feng Vancouver, BC
Joey Ficocelli North Vancouver, BC
Alex Guarasci Vancouver, BC
Josh Haegert Vancouver, BC
Matt Hamelin North Vancouver, BC
Jamin Hodgkins Shawnigan Lake, BC
Damian Hu Vancouver, BC
Aidan Kirkham Ladysmith, BC
Josiah Levale Abbotsford, BC
Josh Mao Victoria, BC
Phoenix Moller Abbotsford, BC
Takota McMullin White Rock, BC
Talon McMullin White Rock, BC
Sterling Rawlings Surrey, BC
Marlon Stanley North Vancouver, BC
Adam Strautman Nelson, BC
Logan Weidner North Vancouver, BC
Tal Williams-Wood North Vancouver, BC
Relmu Wilson-Valdes Nelson, BC

Head Coach Ryan Banks
Assistant Coach Daniel Weidner
Manager Mike Pajic
Physio Jayne Gordon


BC vs. Newfoundland & Labrador9am PDT August 15
BCs vs. New Brunswick 3pm PDT August 15
BC vs. Quebec 11am PDT August 16
Quarter Finals & Consolation 11am, 1pm, 3pm PDT August 18
Semi Finals & Consolation 11am PDT August 19
Finals Day 9am PDT August 20

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