Vancouver Island Rugby Referees Society

August 24 2017


Chance to Mingle and Learn with the Vancouver Island Rugby Referees: Q&A Session with Head of Referee Development Nathan Abdelnour

Want to get into refereeing but a little tentative? Why not attend the VIRRS AGM this coming Monday, the 28th, at the Cowichan Rugby Club at 7pm. John de Goede has extended the invitation to all those interested in picking up the whistle.

It's a no pressure event and the first hour will be on field work, doing some drills that focus on the new laws. As he says, "bring some running shoes, even though the physical demands will be light."

During the second hour Nathan Abdelnour, the head of referee development in Canada, will answer questions about the new laws. It's a perfect opportunity for clubs to get those interested in refereeing up to speed and to mingle with the local officials.

Also to be discussed is the upcoming season and the business side of the referee's society. Food will be provided and Cowichan are always perfect hosts so likely the bar will be providing service as well.

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