Surrey Beavers - September 2017

September 20 2017

Surrey Beavers

Surrey Div 1 Men Defeat Rowers 49-22 at Stanley Park


Saturday was a beautiful day for rugby, and the Beavs would take full advantage of the weather especially because this season has been forecasted to be a repeat of last fall and winter's colder than usual weather. The men were headed back to Brockton Oval located in beautiful Stanley Park with two games against the Vancouver Rowing Club.

At first it was scheduled to be a three-game day at Brockton but the Rowers had fallen short on numbers and requested a postponement of the Div 3 game. The day still promised to be a great club day at Stanley Park. The second home to the Beavs since beating Meraloma in a semi-final Div 1 game last April the men looked to keep their winning streak going at Brockton. The Div 2 men would start things off with a 12:45 PM kickoff followed by the Div 1 men in the heat of the day at 2:30 PM. The Div 2 women had home field to themselves as they hosted Langley Rugby Club in the morning. Another Saturday in the books and some great matches had.
SBAA Div 2 Women – Win 72-8

The Div 2 women took the field for the first time this season and it was great to see they had things rolling in the right direction. With such a large result in the home team’s favor it’s fantastic to see the Beaver women are off to a fabulous start offensively. Hopefully in the coming weeks the women can keep adding new additions to the roster and keep it up against other competition. The game looked to have some familiar faces on the roster and it is great to see players are staying around the club for more than one season. The team is still in the developmental stage but the club is still very happy to see the women out on the pitch representing the Beavers proudly. Well done ladies.

SBAA Div 2 Men – Loss 32-42

This match was a great start to the club day at Brockton. It was a very evenly played game throughout the 1st half of play with the Beavers holding onto a narrow lead. The play shifted back and forth as both clubs proved that they had much more depth outside their starting Div 1 rosters. The Beavers were running into some penalty trouble in the game just like last week and this time the Rowers capitalized with some clutch penalty kicks. This would really come back to bite the Beavers as their own kickers failed to convert the majority of the tries scored. The fans at Brockton were in for a great preview of the Div 1 game as both teams had many skilled players making some awesome plays throughout the game. It was a lot of expansive rugby on the menu and both teams looked to attack out wide. It was also a very well-managed game by the referee who encouraged flow to the game and punished players that tried to spoil ball and kill the flow. Both sides had some big boys playing, but the Rowers definitely had a larger pack and tried to use this to their advantage. And fortunately the Beavers defense was sharp and the smaller Beaver players were making big hits.

With about 20 minutes left in the 2nd half the Beavers stormed out of the gates with 3 tries scored, and watching the game from the Beaver sideline it was believed that this game was now concluded. The experienced Rowers reminded everyone in the final 10 minutes there is a reason you play the full 80. The Rowers responded around the 9 minute mark with a try and convert, following the ensuing kickoff a Beaver player was binned for the remainder of the match. Now down a player the Rowers took full advantage and scored 3 more tries to take the lead and finish off the Beavers. Very uncharacteristic of the Div 2 side blowing such a big lead but full credit to the Rowers on a great comeback. There are some lessons learned from this loss but the simple fact that the Beavers only played 70 minutes of an 80 minute match didn’t help matters. A tough pill to swallow for the Beavers being up comfortably but it’s still early on in the season and clearly there are not going to be any EASY wins. Full kudos to the Rowers for a well-earned win.

Tries: Dylan Vermette (2) Ryan Mitchell (2) Jeff Bergunder (1) Shane Ram (1)
Converts: Brandon Gatto (1)

SBAA Division 1 Men – Win 49-22

The 1st div men waited patiently at the center of the rugby pitch for the opponents to make their way out to the field not knowing exactly what to expect from a club they had not faced in Div 1 for about 3 years. With several changes in the lineup both in the pack and backline the men definitely felt they had a little more grit on the field compared to last week. And the grit would pay off as the men were relentless in the rucks and even more so in the scrums. Dominating the scrums at first the Beavers were well on their way on controlling the match. Scrum half Dylan Tatomir was able to connect with flyhalf Jamie Beaton with ease. Clay Ross and Alex Martin in the centers paired up to be crushing with their hard lines and the opposing backs did little to counter their attack. Clay and Alex played an in your face styled attack with explosive pace to top it off, and if given the opportunity these two centers would run through the Rowers on the pitch rather than around them.

The Beavers found the scoreboard within the first 10 minutes of the match with a pop pass to Tatomir off a scrum play that had him split 2-3 defenders on the blind slide. Following the first score the visitors found the scoreboard often. It was a try-feast for the 1st div side on Saturday and many of the tries came from either break out plays by individual players or well set-up plays off set pieces. The game was well managed by the forwards with the pack successfully working their way around the field and pounding the ball up just enough times to drag in multiple Rowers in tight. This gave the backs multiple 1-1 matchups out wide and those situations leaned heavily in the Beavers favor as the Beaver backs were physically the aggressors for most the game. Following a breakout try by Alex Martin, Jamie Beaton added two more with a well-played ball off a scrum and one off a picked pass. The Rowers took advantage on one of the few Beaver errors in the 1st half and cut the lead 28-7. The half time whistle blew and the score reflected a dominant 1st half performance by the Beavers who not only scored points but forced around 2 Rower forwards to be subbed out of the game.

Although the Rowers were first to score again in the early goings of the 2nd half, the visitors were quick to respond to ensure the home side didn’t believe a comeback was once again doable. The level of pace in the game was increased in the 2nd half and not that things got testy on the field as both sides were well disciplined but the level of play got more frantic. Both teams were clearly gassed and at any stoppage of play multiple players were either down with ‘injuries’ while other players were gasping for a breath. Not sure if players are still struggling to get in game shape this early on in the season or if it was the humidity because both teams had exhausted players on the field. Still both sides took full advantage of all the subs they had and this kept the pace of play up. The Beavers constantly looked to kick the ball away and control the counter attack to keep the Rowers far away from their goal line. With two more tries coming from star center Clay Ross and all converts good by Beaton the men did a good job to hold off a resilient Rowers side.

It was an exciting game to watch with the Rowers scoring four tries of their own, and between the two games played at Brockton almost 20 tries were scored. Following the match the Rowers hosted back at the Rowing Club and the Beavers enjoyed hanging around the historic club, buying some rounds, and chatting everything rugby in scenic Stanley Park. Thanks again for two great matches and the Beavs look forward to another big test against the VRC later in the season.

Tries: Dylan Tatomir (1) Jamie Beaton (2) Alex Martin (1) Chris Atkinson (1) Clay Ross (2)
Converts: Jamie Beaton (7)

The Beaver men have a split this upcoming weekend with Div 2 on a bye week, Div 3 hosting the Bruins at home and the Div 1 boys heading out to Abby. It’ll be all hands on deck as the Beavs take on two strong sides in their respected leagues.

Surrey Weekend Match Reports: Two Wins Over United


It was a rugby day for the first time in a long time for the Surrey Beavers on Saturday. The club still feeling good about themselves after their provincial championship win back in May looked to start things off well in their first matches of the new season. Although the off-season has been full of many side stories with many players having other commitments off the pitch, including getting hitched and BC Rugby struggling to release league schedules that were practical/playable before the first kickoff the club still rallied to come together on Saturday. Putting all these distractions to the side the club has done it’s best to stay focused at training and has worked hard to regroup the core men that took them all the way last season. Oddly enough the season would start the same way it did last fall with two matches against United Rugby Club. It had barely rained in over 9 weeks in the Lower Mainland but you knew it was the start of the BC Rugby season when the storm clouds came to town and it rained hard throughout both matches. With still several players unavailable for week one the Beavs looked deep into their rosters early in the season to fill some big holes in their Div 1 and 2 teams.

SBAA 2nd Div Men vs United Rugby Club – Win 41-0

Surrey looked to start the season off strong with the always consistent Div 2 men getting things rolling with an 11:00AM kickoff. With veteran players like Jon Eadie and Bryan Smart out on the pitch, the average age of the Div 2 men jumped up a few salty vet years and their experience would help keep all the other players relaxed in their first game back in a while. The weather would play a major factor in the game and the play was sloppy to start off. As the Beavers settled into the game and players gelled with each other good plays started to form. Breaking through out wide the Beavers were able to get on the board and never looked back. United’s defensive line was being pummeled with the heavy set Surrey forwards and strong running from big boys Ryan Mitchell and Joey Murphy who were dangerous all over the field. Ty Roberston the eccentric backrower who is always challenging to bring down played another hard game and even drew first blood in the Beavers' young season with a large cut over his brow; congrats Ty. Out wide the speed of Jareed Samuel and grit of Aaron Solomonsz established good opportunities in the backline with scrum half Brandon Craig and standoff Bryan Smart connecting with them. The boys still struggled to finish on plays with poor weather conditions and early season jitters playing major factors. However there was good reason to be positive because the Div 2 team started the season off with lots of exciting play and didn’t struggle to finish some of their many opportunities. Going into half time with a healthy lead Surrey would not look back.

The Beavs looked to strike repeatedly in the 2nd half. Looking like their old selves from a season ago the men hammered on the points as the rain kept coming down. Although there was plenty of regulars missing from the roster the group still looked very strong in their first game out. With regulars still getting most of the points it was still good to see the new faces on the roster play an excellent supporting role. Predictions are the Div 2 team appears to be again a strong side and will be a contender this season.

Tries: Ty Robertson (2) Jareed Samuel (2) Joey Murphy (2) Shane Ram (1)

SBAA 1st Div Men vs United Rugby Club – Win 26-14

With a bit of a different look in the Beavers 1st Division roster the men stood ready to play well in their first big test of the season. United is always a formidable opponent with a big pack and some elusive backs. With plenty of Surrey regulars still on the roster that won the provincial championship in May the club supporters were encouraged they could get the job done even though they were short a few regulars. With the rain still coming down hard it was clear this was going to be another wet and sloppy match to open up the season. Surrey played a well executed game and knock-ons were minimal considering the conditions. The rucks were an absolute mess and more than a few times the ball squirted out. Loose ball made the play around the breakdowns somewhat frantic but well placed kicks from Jamie Beaton and fullback Wes Lyons helped settle things down. The rain made it challenging to go out wide throughout the game so it made for simple North/South rugby. Good crashes from the pack and center combination Clay Ross and Alex Martin were effective on gaining an edge on United. The big boys showed up to play on game with James Kelly, Trevor Sear, and David Jeffreys constantly taking the ball up hard. Jamie Beaton constantly created confusion within United’s defense as his quick thinking constantly created holes in the line for his own backs. The scrums were an absolute mess but the boys did their best to get the ball in control and out quickly. This certainly was the toughest area for the Beavs on the day and the scrum wheeled often and neither team appeared to have too much control. The forwards again did their best to dominate in tight and the Beavers’ elusive backs did their best to smash through the defensive line. A well-earned try by Trevor Sears got the boys on the scoresheet first. And following a try that was called back the Beavers were up two tries going into half.

The 2nd half had more of the same from the Beavers as they worked hard to get the ball around the field in miserable conditions. United was failing to get too much going and worked hard off quick tapping on any penalty opportunity they had. United did get rewarded for their hard work but the majority of play still leaned in the visitor's favor. Defending well and counter attacking effectively the Beavs were successful in getting out of most of the trouble they found themselves in. The boys ground out another win on the road and were happy to keep things rolling from last season.

It was far from a good looking game on Saturday, plenty of broken plays and mistakes made for a sloppy affair. But being the first game of the season coupled with the poor weather conditions the expectations were not too high for an expansive game. Some outstanding individual players made some key breakthrough plays that solidified the win. The club was satisfied with the result and will be eager to sharpen up their skills and move forward onto better play.

Clay Ross (2) Jamie Beaton (1) Trevor Sear (1) Jamie Beaton (3)

Thanks to United for being an excellent host back at their clubhouse and Surrey looks forward to a few more matches coming up this season against a great club. The men look to keep things going next week against the Rowers. Surrey haven’t played the Rowers in almost 3 seasons outside of Div 3 action so it should be another great day for rugby. The women will join in on the fun as they host Langley in Division 2 action.

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