BC Rugby Weekend of October 14th 2017

October 14 2017


Weekend Results: CW Blast Caps; Bays Crush Hornets; T-Birds Soar Past Valhallians; Ravens Topple Saracens ; Lomas Upset Vikes

CW 52 @ Capilano 14

This could be CW's year, they're unbeaten and steaming along even without their Canada A players. The injection of Alberta players like Adibe and Pullin have helped raise their game. CW led 26-7 at the half and never looked back. Next weekend CW host Nanaimo while Caps host Burnaby.

CW are undefeated so far this season and even with their national team players away in Uruguay they gave Westshore a good spanking last weekend. They continue to add players with Nanyak Dala making a comeback and former Vikes star, John Lorimer, on the bench as well. The Caps had a good outing last week at UBC losing a close match, in their last home game they were routed by the Ravens, so after starting with two wins, they've dropped to 2-2. Adam Zaruba is back for a while as he contemplates his rugby future, Glenn McKinnon captains the side from #8. CW haven't been stopped yet so go in as favourites. Prediction: CW by 7.

1. John Braddock
2. Clayton Thornber
3. Jack Sponarski
4. Kyle Hohert
5. Shataro Yamano
6. Ben Newhook
7. Kevin Leask
8. Nathan Stewart
9. Riley Di Nardo
10. Connor Pullin
11. David Keta
12. Doug Fraser ©
13. Mike Adibe
14. Justin Logan
15. Brandon Schellenberger
16. Matt Sutherland
17. Damon Adams
18. Doug Hepp
19. Haydn Evans
20. Kelton Dawe
21. Nanyak Dala
22. Morgan Tate
23. John Lorimer

1 Rowan Baker
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Mackenzie Mills
4 Joe Britt
5 Reid Tucker
6 Connor Weyell
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon (C)
9 Chris Robinson
10 Chad Carlsen
11 Giles Klaver
12 Jonathan Webster
13 Scott Rogers
14 Adam Zaruba
15 Austin Karius

Nanaimo 5 @ James Bay 61

It was always going to be a tough ask for Nanaimo, the Bays just had too much fire power out wide led by Mack, Braid, Meeres and White. The Bays scored early and often. Nanaimo have a few good players but need to fix some of the gaps, it's going to be a long season until they bring in some fresh legs. One new arrival from Cochrane, Alberta immediately stood out for the Hornets. Dave Evans at 6'5" is hard to miss in the backline. A few more of his size and skill and Nanaimo could find itself competitive by the spring. Nanaimo travel to CW next week while the Bays travel to Westshore.

Nanaimo are winless this season and going up against a team featuring a national team halfback combination - Phil Mack and Connor Braid. Add in the return of Graham Harriman in the forwards and Sean White in the backs, the outcome is pretty clear, the question is how much. Nanaimo have some good players but also some gaps at this level. Brad Marshall the veteran who learned his rugby in South Africa is a skilled player and tasked with the #10 jersey, he will be going up against Connor Braid this match. Kiko Halaliku is a big unit in the second row and plays the Tongan style of go forward, physical rugby. The kiwi scrum half, Sam Fowler, will have his hands full trying to keep up with the best #9 in the country, Phil Mack. Prediction: Bays by 14.



Westshore 19 @ UBC 43

UBC were up 22-7 at the half and continued more of the same in the second half. UBC are 3rd in the standings tied with JBAA and behind Ravens and CW. UBC travel to Seattle next weekend while Westshore host James Bay.

Westshore were a big disappointment last week, they were hammered by CW and part of the problem was not having the depth at front row. It looks like that problem persists as they start their reserve prop in Premier and move one of their flankers to front row. Foster Dewitt is listed as loosehead, he was used in the front row while at UBC but has now blossomed as a good blindside flanker. He'll be up against probably one of the best props in the league, Clint Lemkus for UBC. UBC will dominate the scrums and likely that will set the tone for the match. Prediction: UBC by 12.

1. N. Frost (Collingwood)
2. C. Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3. C. Lemkus (Paul Roos)
4. N. Howell (Hugh McRobrts)
5. L. Doll (Carson Graham)
6. C. McWilliam (St George's)
7. J. Ikeda (Magee)
8. N. Allen (Mulgrave)
9. F. Hurst (St George's)
10. T. Sauder (St George's)
11. C. Keffer (Sutherland)
12. B. Lesage (Henry Wisewood)
13. N. Clironomos (Lord Byng)
14. J. Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
15. N. Collett (Southridge)


Seattle 21 @ Ravens 31

We got this one spot on, predicted Ravens by 10 and so it was. Seattle were ahead at the half 21-14 but got shut down in the second half. Ravens host UVic next weekend while Seattle host UBC.

Ravens are top of the standings at 4-0, Seattle are 1-3 and tied for 8th/9th with UVic. Seattle are stronger at home but on the road they may be missing some key players. Also they're missing some top players, like Psalm Wooching, to the USA squad in Uruguay. No sign of Harjun Gill in the Ravens roster at #10 but Adam McQueen is a good backup. Aaron Mclelland at fullback is their danger man, usually good for a try per match. Cully Quirk and Ben Grant a good centre combination and the new Irish player, Moran, has been a good find for them. No sign of a roster from Seattle who are a little disorganized this season, perhaps the emergence of the Seawolves is having an impact on support personnel. Prediction: Ravens by 10.

1. Garrett Garbe
2. Paul Ahn
3. Curtis Delmonico
4. Nick Waggot
5. Sam Clarke
6. Kol Henrikson
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Karl Moran (i)
9. AJ King (i)
10. Adam McQueen
11. Sean Ferguson
12. Ben Grant
13. Cully Quirk
14. Graham Turner
15. Aaron Mclelland (i)
16. Tom Mcgrath (i)
17. Matiaz Suez
18. Chris Taylor
19. Jono Wong
20. Kelepi Funilagi Gucake
21. James Thompson
22. Sean Hase
23. Jef Vreys

Meraloma 31 @ UVic 26

Third game this season out of 25 where we didn't pick the winner correctly, still 22-3 isn't too shabby. We got the point differential right though, 5 points. The new imports that Lomas have brought in are obviously paying dividends, that's what you have to do when promoted to a higher league, you need to use the 5 import/carded limit to the max. Lomas now look a lot more respectable and have jumped past UVic and Seattle in the standings and are looking at the playoff race if they can remain consistent. Lomas have a bye next weekend while UVic travel to Jericho to take on the league leading Ravens.

The Vikes are 1-3 as are the Lomas. Both teams with comparable wins over Nanaimo. UVic missing some players to the national squad, it's a young team but they love to play an expansive game and are always a danger on counter attack. The Lomas will be adding players during the season so it's difficult to gauge their strength week to week. They have the maximum 5 imports on their roster this week and we don't have previous form on all of them, it looks like a couple of new names in the centres. So depending on the quality of the new players there could be an upset in the making but we'll go with the home side based on what we do know. Prediction: Vikes by 5.

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Thomas Di Fiore
3. MacBryan Bos
4. Jesse Burns
5. Gavin Kratz
6. Jackson Matthews
7. James O’Neill
8. Carson O’Sullivan
9. James Pitblado
10. Aaron Hersant
11. Mostyn Findlay
12. Logan Martin-Feek
13. Ethan Hager
14. Cathal Long
15. Liam Morrison
16. Callum Richards
17. Bryce Bostock
18. Carter White
19. Noah Bain
20. Matt Gallagher
21. Alex McAra
22. Thomas Heuser

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Dan Fumano
3. James Beck
4. Ben Martin (I)
5. Anton Belozerov
6. Billy Noonan.
7. Connor McCann
8. Josh Clarke
9. Tom Viljoen (I)
10. Tom Dougherty (I)
11. Gavri Grossman
12. Guy Schwikkard (I)
13. Benji Cottle (I)
14. Derek Townsend
15. Mike Hall
16. Scott Micginley
17. Isaac Smith
18. Darren Du
19. Justin Fanselow
20. Wes Lee
21. Calum Baynham
22. Brock Staller
23. Shawn Mercier

PREMIER STANDINGS (click image for full view)

FULL SCHEDULE (Time - Venue - Home v Visitor - Ref)


University CIS
16:00 UBC - VANCOUVER THUNDERBIRDS 1 V CALGARY - Bradley Schwalger (Pending)


Mens Premier League
14:30 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO V CASTAWAY WANDERERS - David Smortchevsky
14:30 James Bay AA - JAMES BAY AA V NANAIMO - Andrew Foster
14:30 UBC - UBC V WESTSHORE - Harry Mason (Pending)
14:30 Jericho - UBCOB RAVENS V SEATTLE - Christopher Assmus
14:30 U Of Victoria - U OF VICTORIA V MERALOMA - Nathan Abdelnour

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 James Bay AA - JAMES BAY AA 2 V NANAIMO 2 - Latoya Blackwood
12:45 UBC - UBC 2 V WESTSHORE 2 - Colin Stroeder
12:45 Jericho - UBCOB RAVENS 2 V SEATTLE 2 - Jamie Levchuk
12:45 U Of Victoria - U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN V MERALOMA 2 - Kevin Smith

Womens Premier League
12:45 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO V CASTAWAY WANDERERS - Saro Turner
12:45 Juan De Fuca - WESTSHORE V SEATTLE - George Van (Pending)

Mens Division 1
14:30 Cowichan - COWICHAN V BAYSIDE - Don Barber
14:30 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY V UNITED
14:30 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA V ABBOTSFORD - Tyler Dawson
14:30 Brockton Oval - VAN ROWING CLUB V PORT ALBERNI - Scott Johnson (Pending)

Mens Division 2
12:45 Kamloops Park - KAMLOOPS V BURNABY LAKE 3
12:45 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY 2 V UNITED 2 - Neil Grant (Pending)
12:45 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 V ABBOTSFORD 2 - Bradley Schwalger (Pending)
12:45 Brockton Oval - VAN ROWING CLUB 2 V CASTAWAY WANDERERS 3 - Andy Cannon
13:00 Cowichan - COMOX V BAYSIDE 2 - Ashley Anderson
13:00 Simon Fraser no.4 - SIMON FRASER RC V SCRIBES - Trevor Honey

Womens Division 1
11:15 Cowichan - COWICHAN V BAYSIDE - Tim Stokes
11:15 Kamloops Park - KAMLOOPS V MERALOMA
11:15 Simon Fraser no.4 - SIMON FRASER RC V NANAIMO - Kristine Lovatt
11:15 United - Hume - UNITED V UBCO HEAT - Heather Lilburn
11:30 John Oliver Park - BRIT LIONS V COMOX - Mike landiak

Womens Division 2
10:00 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA V LANGLEY - Julie Beyea
11:15 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO 2 V SCRIBES - Lindsay Bottomer
11:15 Brockton Oval - VAN ROWING CLUB V RIDGE MEADOWS - Robin Tolbert

Mens Division 3
11:15 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO 3 V RIDGE MEADOWS - Tere Blake
11:15 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA 3 V MERALOMA 3 - Barry Cummins (Pending)
12:45 Chilliwack - CHILLIWACK V KATS - Colin Sexton
12:45 Whistler Secondary School - SQUAMISH V RICHMOND - Graham Stone

U23 Division
11:15 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO ACADEMY V UNITED - Lance Davison
12:45 UBC - UBC A V UBCO HEAT - David Nelley


University CIS
11:30 U Of Victoria - U OF VICTORIA V CALGARY - Shanda Mosher-Gallant

U16 Boys Island
13:00 Cowichan - COWICHAN V JAMES BAY AA - Ashley Anderson (Pending)
13:00 Port Alberni - PORT ALBERNI V CASTAWAY WANDERERS - Mauke Mauke

U18 Boys Mainland
14:30 Bayside - BAYSIDE 2 V UBCOB RAVENS - Tyler Dawson
14:30 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO V LANGLEY - Kristine Lovatt
14:30 Town Centre South - UNITED V BAYSIDE - Scott Johnson (Pending)

U18 Boys Island
14:30 Cowichan - COWICHAN V CASTAWAY WANDERERS - Michael Moss
14:30 James Bay AA - JAMES BAY AA V WESTSHORE - Nathan Abdelnour

U16 Boys Mainland
13:00 Exhibition Park - ABBOTSFORD V MERALOMA
13:00 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO BLACK V LANGLEY RICHMOND - Graham Stone
13:00 Jericho - UBCOB RAVENS V CAPILANO GOLD - Robert Crowe

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