BC Rugby Weekend of October 21st 2017

October 21 2017


Weekend Results: Lakers Edge Caps; Bays Defeat Valhallians; CW Overpower Hornets; T-Birds Soar Past Saracens; Ravens Vanquish Vikes

Burnaby 13 @ Capilano 11

A good showing by Caps and the rains were the great equalizer today and favoured teams who do well in the trenches. Adam Zaruba scored a try for Caps and Burnaby just held on for the win. Burnaby up to 15 points and 5th place with the win while Caps hit 11 points and a 3-way tie for 6th with the bonus point loss. Caps travel to Nanaimo next week and Burnaby host Lomas.

It's that time of year when injuries start to become a factor and teams test their depth. It's good to see Bryce Worden back in the mix, he showed up in one game in September after returning from two years in Auckland then went off our Premier radar until now. He was on the Canada U20 team in 2015 and we're surprised he hasn't been in the mix more for the senior A squad. Mike Gough another who last shows up on the Prem roster in September, the veteran has been captaining the Burnaby side for many years before it was turned over to Anthony Luca in 2013. Canada could have used a player like Mike, a big uncomromising second row. Sam Hayward is a young player who needs to be on the national radar, he can play anywhere in the backline including #10. He returned from a spell in Australia and needs a good look from both Damian and Francois at the national level. There are a few key players missing but it looks a formidable lineup. For Caps Adam Zaruba suits up again on the outside, some are wondering why he's not moved inside to take advantage of his ball carrying abilities a bit better. Connor Weyell and Jordan Reid-Harvey are two players who are pushing for a look at the Canada A level after winning the national title with the BC Bears. Burnaby are 2-2 and Caps 2-3 both middle of the pack and needing a win to catch the top four. Burnaby should have the edge in this one. Burnaby by 7.

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Bryce Worden
4 Craig Mclaughlin
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O'Toole
7 Cody Rockson
8 Brian Robinson (i)
9 Mark Higgins (i)
10 Jack Caithness
11 Dan Josok
12 James Reekie
13 Sam Hayward
14 Matt Chan
15 Cole McQueen

1 Rowan Baker
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Mackenzie Mills
4 Reid Tucker
5 Connor Weyell
6 Jonathan Webster
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon (C)
9 Chris Robinson
10 Steven Cassells
11 Giles Klaver
12 Chad Carlsen
13 Scott Rogers
14 Adam Zaruba
15 Austin Karius

James Bay 20 @ Westshore 14

Apparently the Westshore forwards did well but the backs had difficulty in the rainy conditions. Travis Larsen scored one for the Bays just returning from Canada A duty. It was 20-7 for the Bays at one point and Westshore battled back but came up short. Bays remain in fourth spot with 19 points and host league leaders Ravens next weekend, Westshore are tied with Caps and Lomas for 6th and host Seattle next weekend.

Westshore are happy to have front row players back, Ryan Kotlewski returns from Canada A duty. Jason Allen returns from injury. The last two matches Westshore have relied on reserve front row and loose forwards converted to front row. It should help their game immensely. They have a decent set of loose forwards who were part of the BC Bears national championship team. Clay Panga has been doing well at #10 and the kiwi import Taylor McQuire looks very useful. The Bays are missing Connor Braid and Phil Mack from last week's match but Elliot Mitrou has been improving each season and takes the #10 role. Travis Larsen returns from Canada A duty and Shea Wakefield looked very good last week against Nanaimo. It's a good matchup in the loose forwards and hopefully RC selectors will be there to watch. A very good centre combination for the Bays with Sean White and Clayton Meeres, they'll be up agains the Westshore imports and that should be another good battle. Westshore were blown out by CW so a little tentative in giving them too much but they were without their best front row in that match. Could be an upset in the making but will go with Bays on this. Prediction: Bays by 3.


1 Jason Allen
2 Cory Walker
3 Ryan Kotlewski (RC)
4 David Philips
5 Daryl Hall
6 Foster Dewitt
7 Nakai Penny
8 Tua VAa
9 Adam Roer
10 Clay Panga
11 Cody Gervais
12 Taylor McQuire (I)
13 Jade Billings (I)
14 Rhett Moore (l)
15 Matt Kemp
16 Neil Hagerty
17 Jay Jimmo
18 Wade Hodgen
19 Jason Gagnier
20 Dane McKinney
21 Aidan McCleary
22 Tyrone Gersch
23 Jordan Tait

Nanaimo 11 @ CW 51

Nanaimo were in the match for the first half but the flood gates opened in the second stanza. The score was 12-11 midway through the first half, 24-11 at HT then it was all CW in the second 40. CW remain undefeated and just behind first place Ravens in the standings with a game in hand, CW travel to UBC next weekend while Nanaimo host Capilano.

Nanaimo not having the best luck to start their first Premier season. Last week when Canada A were away Phil Mack and Connor Braid made a cameo appearance for the Bays and they put out their strongest lineup of the year. This week CW have their nationals back with Dobravsky, Chisolm and Povey returning to club action. They have a good centre pairing with Fraser and Lorimer. Nanyak Dala again comes in off the bench. Nanaimo struggling in the early going until they up their recruiting drive. They have the professional prop they brought in from Australia, Tim Metcher, but he's still on the injured list from his last match in Australia. Dave Evans just in from Alberta and starting his first match looks the real deal but like Zaruba may be a bit wasted on the wing. Nanaimo have a point differential of -121 and going up against one of the two undefeated teams. If they can keep it respectable it will be a win for them. Prediction: CW by 20.



UBC 36 @ Seattle 14

A strong showing from the T-Birds on the road. They fly up to 3rd place chasing CW and Ravens and just ahead of Bays. UBC host CW in a top match next weekend while Seattle visit Westshore.

Seattle gave the Ravens a scare last weekend and they were on the road, Seattle are always stronger at home. Plus they have a couple of USA players returning Wooching and Schirmer. This could be an upset in the making as UBC go in as favourites. However we just received the Seattle roster and no sign of Psalm Wooching or Alladin Schirmer. UBC aren't as strong as the previous years when they repeated as league champions, they're sitting in fourth place with a 3-2 record. Andrew Coe is back which is a big bonus for them, bringing back the Sauder-Coe connection. It's a great backline the question is do they match up in the forwards? Outside of Lemkus who can match up with anyone in the league it's a question that will be answered on game day. This game is like the weather forecast, UBC to win with 30% chance of an upset. Prediction: UBC by 8.

1: C. Lemkus (Paul Roos)
2: C. Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3: C. Martinez (Earl Marriott)
4: N. Howell (Hugh McRoberts)
5: J. Carson (Oak Bay)
6: C. McWilliam (St George’s)
7: O. Ruttan (St Mary’s)
8: N. Allen (Mulgrave)
9: F. Hurst (St George’s)
10: Sauder (St George’s) ©
11: C Keffer (Sutherland)
12: N. Clironomos (Lord Byng)
13: B. Le Sage (Henry Wisewood)
14: J. Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
15: A. Coe (Bill Crothers)

1: Kellen Gordon
2: Daniel Trierweiler
3: Olive Kilifi
4: Taylor Krumrei
5: Nick McKenna
6: Cole Van Harn
7: Ryan Snider
8: Eric Soto
9: Jope Motokana
10: Driu Neori
11: Dion Crowder
12: William Stowers
13: Sequoyah Burke-Combs
14: Maverick Schirmer
15: Mosese Munez Lalasava

UVic 11 @ Ravens 22

The venue changed but the predicted result didn't. Ravens keep their unbeaten record intact and put it on the line at James Bay next weekend. UVic are on their way to Kelowna next weekend to meet the Alberta university champion, the winner to represent West #2 at the inaugural university XVs championship in November. UBC have already claimed the West #1 spot.

The Ravens had to work last week to come back for the win against Seattle, perhaps the winning streak is making them over confident. However they were carrying some key injuries such as Jon Phelan and Harjun Gill. Both of those players are back this week along with Jorden Sandover-Best and Karsten Leitner from Canada A duty. UVic have Conor Keys and Guiseppe du Toit back from Canada A duty plus U20 flanker James O'Neill back from injury. Think the Ravens have too much consistency throughout their lineout, something the Vikes can't match. A late update that may change matters, Jericho is closed due to rain so the game is taking place at UVic. Prediction: Ravens by 5.

1. Curtis Delmonico
2. Matiaz Suez
3. Chris Taylor
4. Jon Phelan (C)
5. Sam Clarke
6. Nick Waggot
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Karl Moran (i)
9. Jorden Sandover-Best
10. Harjun Gill
11. Graham Turner
12. Ben Grant
13. Aj King (i)
14. Karsten Leitner
15. Aaron Mclelland (i)
16. Liam Flanagan (i)
17. Kol Henrikson
18. Paul Ahn
19. Jono Wong
20. Kiernan Collie
21. James Thompson
22. Cully Quirk
23. Jef Vreys

1 Macbryan Bos
2 Tyler Wong
3 Spencer Cooper
4 Gavin Kratz
5 Conor Keys
6 Jesse Burns
7 James O’Neill
8 Thomas Di Fore
9 James Pitblado
10 Aaron Hersaint
11 Cathal Long
12 Guiseppe du Toit
13 Aiden McMullan
14 Liam Mahon
15 Liam Morrison

Premier Standings Oct 21st (click for larger image)


Mens Premier League
14:30 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO V BURNABY LAKE - Harry Mason
14:30 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS V NANAIMO - Kevin Smith
14:30 Chuckanut - SEATTLE V UBC
14:30 Jericho - UBCOB RAVENS V U OF VICTORIA - Saro Turner
14:45 Juan De Fuca - WESTSHORE V JAMES BAY AA - Nathan Abdelnour

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO 2 V BURNABY LAKE 2 - Brett Hay
12:45 Windsor Park - CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 V NANAIMO 2 - George Van (Pending)
12:45 Chuckanut - SEATTLE 2 V UBC 2
12:45 Jericho - UBCOB RAVENS 2 V U OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN - Colin Stroeder
13:00 Juan De Fuca - WESTSHORE 2 V JAMES BAY AA 2 - Michael Moss

Womens Premier League
11:15 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO V BURNABY LAKE - Tyler Dawson
12:45 Magnuson Park - SEATTLE V WESTSHORE

Mens Division 1
11:30 Juan De Fuca - WESTSHORE 3 V CASTAWAY WANDERERS 3 - Ashley Anderson
13:00 Port Alberni - PORT ALBERNI V COWICHAN - Mauke Mauke
13:00 U Of Victoria - U OF VICTORIA SAXONS V COMOX - Robert Klatt
14:30 Town Centre South - UNITED V BAYSIDE - Jivan Dhaliwal

Mens Division 2
12:45 John Oliver Park - BRIT LIONS 2 V LANGLEY 2 - Scott Johnson
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field - KELOWNA CROWS 2 V KAMLOOPS
12:45 Simon Fraser no.4 - SIMON FRASER RC V VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 - Jamie Levchuk
12:45 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 V BURNABY LAKE 3 - Sean Dingley
12:45 Town Centre South - UNITED 2 V SCRIBES - Paul Kelly

Womens Division 1
11:15 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE V COMOX - Lance Davison
11:15 John Oliver Park - BRIT LIONS V NANAIMO - Tere Blake
11:15 Kamloops Park - KAMLOOPS V ABBOTSFORD
11:15 Parkinson Rec Field - UBCO HEAT V SIMON FRASER RC
11:15 Town Centre South - UNITED V COWICHAN - Darryl Lucas (Pending)

Womens Division 2
09:45 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO 2 V LANGLEY - David Williams
11:15 Sullivan Heights - SURREY BEAVERS AA V SCRIBES - Rod Watkins

Mens Division 3
12:45 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO 3 V MERALOMA 3 - Heather Lilburn
12:45 Thomas Haney - RIDGE MEADOWS V KATS - James Kelly
12:45 Squamish - SQUAMISH V CHILLIWACK - Andy Cannon

U23 Division
11:15 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO ACADEMY V UBC A - Brad Schwalger
12:45 Parkinson Rec Field - UBCO HEAT V RICHMOND

Exhibition Game
13:30 May Bennett Pioneer - VIU V QUEST UNIVERSITY - Clive Stocks

U18 Boys Mainland
14:30 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE V UBCOB RAVENS - Paul Kelly
14:30 Crush Crescent - LANGLEY V BAYSIDE 2 - James Kelly
14:30 Town Centre South - UNITED V ABBOTSFORD - Tyler Dawson

U18 Boys Island
14:30 Juan De Fuca - WESTSHORE V COWICHAN - Robert Klatt

U16 Boys Mainland
12:45 South Surrey Ath Pk - BAYSIDE 1 V UBCOB RAVENS - Robin Tolbert
12:45 Klahanie Park - CAPILANO BLACK V MERALOMA - Lindsay Bottomer

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