BC Rugby Weekend of October 28th 2017

October 28 2017


Weekend Results: Burnaby Defeat Lomas; Ravens Topple Bays; Hornets Edge Caps; T-Birds Dominate CW; Saracens Storm Past Valhallians

Meraloma 7 @ Burnaby 25

A bonus point win for Burnaby and even missing some of their top players they were able to handle the Lomas and limit them to one try. Burnaby rise to 4th place, Lomas drop to 9th. It was 8-0 Burnaby at the half with a try by fullback Cole McQueen. Second half tries by Sam Hayward, Jack Caithness and Johnny McLoughlin secured the bonus point. Next week Burnaby host Westshore and Meraloma host UBC.

The Lomas are a new look team with the addition of a couple of imports as they proved against UVic on the road. Can they prove that again by taking down one of the established top teams, Burnaby? Anthony Luca still not show up in the starting XV, a few names missing from the Burnaby front row like Ryan Ackerman. No sign of Jeke Gotegote or James Reekie, Cody Rockson, Lucas Albornoz. Admir Cejvanovic is committed to the 7s program. Burnaby just squeezed by Caps last weekend by 2 points and are looking vulnerable. We'll see how good the new look Lomas are but until they defeat one of the top five teams we'll give the spread to Burnaby. Prediction: Burnbaby by 5.

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Micha Govorchin
3 Bryce Worden
4 Craig Mclaughlin
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O'Toole
7 Brian Robinson (i)
8 Fuku Vikilani
9 Mark Higgins (i)
10 Jack Caithness
11 Dan Josok
12 Neil Maclaine (i)
13 Sam Hayward
14 Andrew Porter
15 Cole McQueen

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Dan Fumano
3. Isaac Smith
4. Ben Martin
5. Anton Belozerov
6. Billy Noonan
7. Connor McCann
8. Josh Clarke
9. Mike Hall
10. Tom Dougherty
11. Shawn Mercier
12. Guy Shcwikkard
13. Benji Cottle
14. Derek Townsend
15. Antun Peko
16. Scott McGinley
17. James Beck
18. Darren Du
19. Justin Fanselow
20. Wes lee
21. Steve Lam
22. Brock Staller
23. Calum Baynham

Ravens 17 @ James Bay 9

It was looking positive for the Bays at the half up 6-3 but they only managed one PG in the second half in a tight defensive battle. The Ravens scored the tries. We look forward to the match report to hear the details. The Bays drop to 5th place while the Ravens now expand the gap at the top to 8 points and are the only undefeated team in the league. Next week Ravens have a bye while JBAA host Capilano.

A battle between #1 and #4. Ravens missing Chris Taylor in the front row and Karsten Leitner out wide. The Bays missing Cole Keith in the front row, Phil Mack and Connor Braid at 9/10. There are certain key players missing this weekend who may be selected for the Maori match long list. Chris Taylor, the former Ireland U20 prop should be Canada eligible by now, it would be good if the new coach gave him a look at least. Liam Murray, the Langley prop who is part of the centralized program gets the start for the Bays. It should be a good match, the Bays always tough at home as Burnaby can attest to after their visit to MacDonald Park. The Ravens undefeated so far this season. The centre matchup will be interesting Sean White and Clayton Meeres up against Ben Grant and Cully Quirk. We'll go with the undefeated team although this will be a tough test for them. Prediction: Ravens by 3.

1. Paul Ahn
2. Matiaz Suez
3. Garret Garbe
4. Jon Phelan
5. Sam Clarke
6. Kol Henrikson
7. Simon Etheve (i)
8. Karl Moran (i)
9. Aj King (i)
10. Harjun Gill
11. Sean Hase
12. Ben Grant
13. Cully Quirk (C)
14. Graham Turner
15. Aaron Mclelland (i)
16. Liam Flanagan (i)
17. Jono Wong
18. Dimitri Gotsopoulos
19. Nick Waggot
20. Kiernan Collie
21. James Thompson
22. Jake Wolfman


Capilano 37 @ Nanaimo 38

What an upset and the Hornets claim their first Premier win. The Nanaimo defence was key and the Nanaimo players tackled like men possessed, you could hear the collisions from the sideline. Jared Stephens was the man of the match as he scored two tries and set up a third as he skinned national 7s player Adam Zaruba on the outside on a second half run. Zaruba moved from #13 to the wing in the second half and powered over for a try of his own. It was an even matchup with Caps coming back from a 26-12 deficit at the half. They held most of the possession in the second half but couldn't completely shut down the Nanaimo attack. Glen McKinnon as usual played a strong match along with Connor Weyell and Chris Robinson for the Caps. Kiko Halaliku had a strong game for Nanaimo in the forwards. Next week Nanaimo travel to Seattle while Caps travel to James Bay.

Good to see Adam Zaruba still playing club rugby as he ponders his next move. The Caps have moved him from wing to outside centre which should see him get more ball and create some havoc with the Nanaimo defence. Jared Stephens has the job of marking him and that will be an epic battle as Jared is Nanaimo's top player and a physical player as well although giving up a few pounds to Zaruba. Nanaimo are winless but slowly improving, they have a couple of kiwis who arrived Friday but likely won't get into the Premier game until next weekend. Nanaimo usually do well for the first 60 then fade, expecting a good match but Caps should prevail in the end. Prediction: Caps by 8.

1 Jesse Ryan
2 Jason de Freitas
3 Mackenzie Mills
4 Reid Tucker
5 Connor Weyell
6 Jonathan Webster
7 Jordan Reid-Harvey
8 Glen McKinnon (C)
9 Chris Robinson
10 Steven Cassells
11 Giles Klaver
12 Chad Carlsen
13 Adam Zaruba
14 Austin Karius
15 Sam Franklin


CW 7 @ UBC 53

We predicted a UBC win but were surprised by the margin. CW's perfect record goes down in flames in a big way. UBC proved they are championship contenders and CW without their Canada and Canada A players are a different team. It was close 17-7 at the half but UBC exploded in the second half for 36 unanswered points. UBC now catch CW in the standings for second but CW have a game in hand. Next week CW travel to UVic while UBC travel to the Lomas.

The #2 and #3 teams battle it out. CW undefeated and playing good rugby even without their national team "stars". Some of the players who may be preparing for upcoming Canada matches like Barkwill, Dobravsky, Tiedemann are absent. Povey and Chisolm are available however, we'll see if that means anything when Canada's roster vs NZ Maori is announced. With Braid and possibly O'Leary available at #10, Povey might be the odd man out. UBC are missing Andrew Coe, another player likely in the Canada mix next week. This match will answer a couple of questions, are UBC capable of another run at the title if they're improving each week and are CW a solid contender for the title without their top players? We'll see how much the loss of Dobravsky and the front row reserves effects CW. Prediction: UBC by 2.

1: C. Lemkus (Paul Roos)
2: C. Sampson (Charles Tupper)
3: C. Martinez (Earl Marriott)
4: D. Carson (Southpointe)
5: J. Carson (Oak Bay)
6: O. Ruttan (St Mary’s)
7: J. Ikeda (Magee)
8: N. Allen (Mulgrave)
9: F. Hurst (St George’s)
10: Sauder (St George’s) ©
11: C Keffer (Sutherland)
12: N. Clironomos (Lord Byng)
13: B. Le Sage (Henry Wisewood)
14: J. Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
15: N. Collett (Southridge)


Seattle 39 @ Westshore 30

We called it Seattle by 7 and it was Seattle by 9. Westshore battled back as they were down 36-18 at one point in the second half but the comeback came up short. Seattle are tied with Caps in 6th place while Westshore drop to 8th place. Seattle host Nanaimo next week while Westshore travel to Burnaby.

Westshore are missing a few players who may feature in Canada's plans next week, Ryan Kotlewski, Andrew Ferguson, Eric Howard. Nakai Penny is also not available this weekend. Unfortunately for Westshore while Canada are pulling certain players out of club rugby this weekend in prep for the Maori match, the USA aren't and Seattle has its strongest roster this weekend. Olive Kilifi was named to the USA November tour but is still playing club rugby. Also Alladin Schirmer returns to the lineup after a strong USA Selects tour and Shalom Suniula who recently signed with the Sealwolves is also suiting up for the Saracens. It may be one of their strongest rosters this season. Prediction: Seattle by 7.



Vikes Update

The Vikes destroyed Calgary 70-0 in their match and will face UBC Okanagan on Sunday to determine who goes through as West #2 in the national championships.

The UVic Vikes are heading to Kelowna to play a three team tournament, winner to represent West #2 in the inaugural men's University XVs championship at Queens in November. UBC Okanagan and Calgary the other universities. Final is on Sunday. Players missing to Canada action are Guiseppe du Toit and Conor Keys.

FULL SCHEDULE FROM BCRU WEBSITE (Time, Venue, Home, Visitor, Referee)

Mens Premier League
14:30 Burnaby Lake BURNABY LAKE V MERALOMA Brett Hay
14:30 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA V UBCOB RAVENS Nathan Abdelnour
14:30 May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO V CAPILANO Colin Stroeder
14:30 UBC UBC V CASTAWAY WANDERERS Christopher Assmus
14:30 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE V SEATTLE Andrew Foster

Mens Premier Reserve
12:45 Burnaby Lake BURNABY LAKE 2 V MERALOMA 2 David Smortchevsky
12:45 James Bay AA JAMES BAY AA 2 V UBCOB RAVENS 2 Latoya Blackwood
12:45 May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO 2 V CAPILANO 2 Michael Moss
12:45 Juan De Fuca WESTSHORE 2 V SEATTLE 2 Kevin Smith

Womens Premier League
12:45Magnuson ParkSEATTLE V CAPILANO

Mens Division 1
13:00Windsor ParkCASTAWAY WANDERERS 3 V COMOXJohn DeGoede
13:00Port AlberniPORT ALBERNI V WESTSHORE 3Mauke Mauke
14:30South Surrey Ath PkBAYSIDE V SURREY BEAVERS AASaro Turner
14:30Crush CrescentLANGLEY V ABBOTSFORDShanda Mosher-Gallant
14:30Brockton OvalVANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V UNITEDToby Mustill

Mens Division 2
11:15Burnaby LakeBURNABY LAKE 3 V SIMON FRASER RCBrad Schwalger
12:00Trout LakeSCRIBES V KAMLOOPSGraham Stone
12:45South Surrey Ath PkBAYSIDE 2 V SURREY BEAVERS AA 2Scott Johnson
12:45John Oliver ParkBRIT LIONS 2 V KELOWNA CROWS 2Trevor Honey
12:45Crush CrescentLANGLEY 2 V ABBOTSFORD 2Colin Sexton
12:45Brockton OvalVANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 V UNITED 2Robert Crowe

Womens Division 1
11:15Exhibition ParkABBOTSFORD V UBCO HEATJulie Beyea
11:15South Surrey Ath PkBAYSIDE V SIMON FRASER RCColin Campbell
11:15John Oliver ParkBRIT LIONS V UNITEDIan Trevor
11:15May Bennett PioneerNANAIMO V COWICHANClive Stocks
11:30ComoxCOMOX V MERALOMADon Barber

Womens Division 2
10:00Juan De FucaWESTSHORE 2 V SURREY BEAVERS AAConnor Klatt (Pending)
11:15Thomas HaneyRIDGE MEADOWS V CAPILANO 2Lindsay Bottomer

Mens Division 3
12:45Balaclava ParkKATS V CAPILANO 3Neil Grant
12:45King George ParkRICHMOND V MERALOMA 3Mike landiak
12:45SquamishSQUAMISH V SURREY BEAVERS AA 3Robin Tolbert

U23 Division
10:00King George ParkUNITED V RICHMONDSean Dingley

Exhibition Game
13:00U Of VictoriaU OF VICTORIA NORSEMEN V COWICHANAshley Andersontimes cup


U18 Boys Mainland
14:30Exhibition ParkABBOTSFORD V BAYSIDE 2
14:30Klahanie ParkCAPILANO V UNITED

U18 Girls Mainland

U18 Boys Island
14:30CowichanCOWICHAN V WESTSHOREAshley Anderson

U16 Boys Mainland
12:45South Surrey Ath PkBAYSIDE 1 V MERALOMA

U16 Boys Island
13:00Port AlberniPORT ALBERNI V COWICHANMauke Mauke

U16 Girls Mainland
10:00Exhibition ParkABBOTSFORD B V BAYSIDE B
10:00Exhibition ParkABBOTSFORD A V BAYSIDE A

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