Burnaby Lake - November 2017

November 29 2017

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Burnaby 4 for 4 on Weekend; Wins Over UVic, CW, Kelowna: FULL MATCH VIDEOS

by Mike Devlin

BLRC 2nd Div Men 55 - Kelowna Crows 12

A good start to the day for the BLRC with a healthy & deep 2nd div roster setting the tone for the club. This was one of, if not the, best XV that the 2nd have put out so far this year and Kelowna were the unfortunate opponents. Not an easy day for them as they would have had to leave Kelowna around 6am in order to make it to Burnaby Lake for kickoff. The BLRC would like to thank Kelowna for committing to that early trip and kickoff.

The BLRC were on the front foot early with tries from Jack Brady and Mike Misky (and a Menzies convert) putting the home side ahead 12-0 before Kelowna’s Jeff Lohse grabbed a Burnaby pass out of there at the halfway point of the pitch and ran it back for a try. The Kelowna #9 hit the convert to tighten the score up 12-7. Cris Amoroso answered for the BLRC when he bullied his way through a few defenders and touched down. Convert was good. A few minutes later winger Haydn Melin caught the ball with some momentum and took it 40m for a try. 2 more tries from the BLRC big boys had Prop Dustin “The Dude” Luther and Lock Mark Wilkinson  each scoring from in close and close to the posts, making kicker Haydn Melins job easy. The 6 tries and 4 converts had the home side ahead 38-7 at the half.

The 2nd half saw a handful of fresh players enter the game for the BLRC and that kept the pressure on the Crows. Trent Shelley made an impact immediately at Fullback, capitalizing on a long Sean McKeown break. McKeown was tracked down by Lohse inside the Kelowna 22m but he popped to a hard charging Shelley who took it in between the posts. Barry Bonell scored next from a BLRC scrum at the Kelowna 5m. 8man Vish Kumar picked up from the back and pulled a nice fake that drew 2 defenders before popping to Bonell for the score. Sean McKeown added the final BLRC try, finishing a series of plays wide in the corner before Jeff Lohse got some points back for Kelowna. Lohse made a break from his own end and beat 3 BLRC defenders on his way in for 5 points. The game ended 55- 12 in favour of the home side.

I thought going into the game that Kelowna might be in tough with the BLRC roster as deep as it appeared, and I was proven correct. It wasn’t all one way traffic though, Lohse was obviously the biggest weapon the Crows had and a case could be made that he was not just the Crows M.O.M. but was possibly the player of the game. He tackled well and his speed and awareness of space with the ball was impressive. The Kelowna prop, Wes Black, was also dangerous. He’s a hard runner + hard tackler who I know has made a name for himself playing rugby league. He was a load to take down whenever he got the ball.

On the BLRC side, it’s hard to name the Men of the Match when the margin of victory is that great as everybody looks pretty good and some players who are usually in the discussion get subbed off early, but I thought Flanker Cole Turner and Hooker Raf Malcolm stood out in the forwards. The Burnaby North and Moscrop grads made a ton of tackles with little regard for their own safety and I know they must have been hurting on Sunday! Really fun to watch them play! Sean McKeown was my choice for M.O.M. in the backs. Sean played the whole game and I believe ended up playing 3 positions in total. His play earned him some time in the Reserves game as well where he didn’t look out of place.

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/j0RUDc_W0-g

Saturday the 2nd Div Men are the lone BLRC Team in action locally as they travel out to Coquitlam to take on United at 12:45! If you’re looking for a rugby fix please get out and show your support.

BLRC Premier Reserve Men 36 - UVIC Norsemen 5

These 2 teams have owned this division for most of the decade, having contested the championship game in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017. UVIC defeated the BLRC for the league title in 2013 while the BLRC toppled UVIC in 2014, 2015 and 2017 as well as James Bay in 2011. Regular season matches are played at a “premier” level pace and are always fun to watch. The odds were not in UVIC’s favour today however. Their top team sustained some injuries in the previous week’s National University Championship, and that combined with the cross Strait travel undoubtedly hurt their lineup. To their credit I didn’t hear any moaning about it from the UVIC players. The BLRC players were up for the game and came out flying. Brian Robinson got the scoring started early when he touched down in the corner at the 7 minute mark. Gino Paolella would add to the lead at 14 minutes. Mark Higgins quick tapped from just inside the UVIC half. Higgins passed wide to Gino who ran in for a try from 40 metres. Shelley added 2 points to put the BLRC ahead 12-0. Brian Robinson scored his 2nd about 15 minutes later and Shelley converted to increase the lead to 19-0 which is how it stayed until half time.

Gino Paolella sprints away for a try

Gino Paolella added his 2nd try of the match early in the new half when he beat his opposite at the UVIC 10m line and raced in untouched to put Burnaby ahead 24-0. Winger Nick Vandergoes got on the board next after a long series of BLRC phases. Nick took a well timed skip pass from Higgins at full pace and scored in the corner to put Burnaby up 29-0. Mark Higgins was rewarded for his strong performance in the game as he touched down the BLRC’s final try after his forwards banged the ball in close for a few minutes. Higgins saw a lack of “post” around the side of a ruck and dove over for the try. Shelley converted to end the BLRC scoring at 36. The Norsemen got on the board in the games dying minutes through scrum half Jonas Robinson! UVIC were threatening inside the BLRC 22m but kept getting turned away in the forwards. The ball was swung wide where Robinson put in a nice individual effort, stepping through a few “would-be” tacklers to score in the corner. 
A solid game from the Blue & White that entertained many of the fans on the sidelines. The BLRC centres John McLoughlin and Gino Paolella continue to impress with their hard + straight running. The versatile Mathew Chan had another great game, this time at Fullback. The tight five continue to look strong. Adrian Longbone’s return to the Reserves was certainly noticeable as is the return of Scott MacKay. They are big nasty SOB’s in the scrum. Tom Dear and Cooper Johnston also continue to stand out for their work rate and fantastic work in the line out. Dear and McLoughlin were chosen as Men of the Match. 

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/_lwkxPDCrOg

Next week sees the Reserves on the I5 down to Seattle for what is always a challenging match up.

BLRC Premier Women 29 - Oak Bay Castaway Wanderers 27

A character win for the BLRC Women who have been the victim of some one sided losses this half. The BLRC will go into the long Christmas break with a 2 and 5 record, and still in the playoff hunt after Saturday’s victory.

It was the visitors who got on the board first at the 10 minute mark through their open side flanker who was the recipient of a quick tap pass at the BLRC 5m. It looked like it may be another long day for the girls in blue & white but they stormed back with Mele Vikilani and Gabrielle Hindley posting 2 1st half try’s apiece. Mele’s first try came after long runs from Hindley, Hajesmaeel & Walker took the BLRC to the CW doorstep. Mele picked up a ball at the base of a ruck and scored the first of what I’m sure will be many Premier try’s! After a few phases from the kickoff, the ball went to Hindley who found a gap in the Oak Bay defence and charged through it, scoring between the posts from her own 10m. Alicia Noger hit the conversion to give Burnaby Lake a 12-5 lead. 23 minutes in and the BLRC are threatening at the Castaways 22 metre. BLRC forwards running hard through Van Gulik & Coutts but CW’s defence holding steady. The ball finally get’s shipped to the backs where Angel Santos (playing outside of her normal comfort zone at #10) executes a play just like it was drawn on paper! Angel tools right and flips the ball back inside to a charging Vikilani who crashes through the CW defence for her 2nd of the game! Alicia Noger’s conversion hits nothing but net and the BLRC have a 19-5 lead. The BLRC were on the front foot and controlling the action now, Gabrielle Hindley links up with Camilla Maslo to drive the ball in deep. 2 phases later, Hindley gets the ball back and drives through the Oak Bay defenders to tough the ball down and put the BLRC ahead 24-5 which is how it stayed going into the 2nd half.

Mele Vikilani scores her first Premier try!

The BLRC Women kept the pressure on at the dawn of the 2nd stanza and found themselves set up inside the visitors 22m. Alicia Noger took a crash ball at the 5m and shoved her way over the line to give the BLRC 5 more points. Unfortunately the BLRC final try sparked something inside the CW players who came alive and controlled the remaining 30 minutes. Off the re-start the Oak Bay #15 found some space on the outside and used an impressive pace to outleg the defenders into the end zone. 29-10 Burnaby Lake. Shortly after, the CW #10 exploited an overlap in the BLRC defence and stiff armed her way through one final tackler to score from the halfway point of the field. Now the score sat at 29-15 and it was a 2-try game with 25 minutes left, No one on the BLRC side of the pitch was breathing easy. A few minutes later and it’s the CW#8 who finds a hole in the line and then a path to the BLRC end zone. Now 29-20 and the BLRC have started to right the ship, setting up some phases inside the CW 20m…but then disaster strikes and a BLRC pass goes straight to a hard charging Oak Bay #8 who takes it all the way back for a try! The convert is good and now it’s a 2 point game with 10 minutes to go. The final 10 minutes are a grind with both sides going looking for the game turning or game clinching moment. The BLRC are content to use the big forwards to control the ball while CW look to spin it when possible. A penalty moves the visitors down to the BLRC 22m but the defence holds and Camilla Maslo punts the ball out of bounds to end the game!

Gabrielle Hindley shakes off a tackle

There were some great performances on Saturday by a few of the Burnaby Lake women. The Blue & White dominated the sets today and Fedewa, Walker + Schamberger will get the shout out that they deserve! Gabrielle Hindley + Alicia Noger were both outstanding with Hindley and her 2 try’s my choice for M.O.M. Angel Santos stepped in at Flyhallf this week and looked very good there today, controlling the play. She was also as solid as they come on D. Mele Vikilani got her first start in the senior team and was as good as everyone thought she would be; doling out some solid tackles and scoring 2 first half try’s. The teenage Vikilani lowered the average age of the already young BLRC backline headed by Alya Govorchin, Hedieh Hajesmaeel, Kyra Groll, Camilla Maslo + Jazel Caynap! If the club can keep these girls engaged and develop them as a unit for a few more years they might be able to claim a title or two…especially if we could ever get young Maggie Banks into the club colours for a cameo or two from time to time! 

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/qiqks9lJCsM

Now, a long break for the BLRC who will look forward to the return of a handful of veterans before their next game. Great first half ladies!

BLRC Premier Men 29 - UVIC Vikes 10

The Premier match was closer than the score line made it out to be. Every breakdown was a battle and UVIC fared better in the scrums, at least in the early going, than they had vs the BLRC in years. The students can make you pay if you turn the ball over or aren't paying attention when the ball is in touch and the speed they possess was on display all day.

Fifteen minutes of stalemate rugby greeted those in attendance as the game started with a few too many knock-ons or passes deemed, in hindsight, to be a little too fancy flying into to touch. The BLRC forwards started to put their stamp on the game as they pushed UVIC back into their own 5m before Reid Watkins picked from the base of a ruck and went left but popped the ball right, directly into the hands of Neil MacLaine who finished in the end zone for 5 points. MacLaine turned 5 to 7 with the convert and Burnaby Lake had a lead that they wouldn’t relinquish. The next points came from young Mate McLeod-Genest who got his first Premier start today on the wing. Mate is a former running back, most recently with the Langley Rams, who has concentrated on rugby part time since he was in high school. This year he has fully committed to Tuesday & Thursdays and he’s moved steadily up the depth chart. The BLRC had a scrum at the Vikes 5m and the ball was spun wide to Mate who dodged 2 tackles and dove over for his first Premier try on his first Premier touch of the ball. That put the BLRC up 12-0. UVIC would answer near the end of the half when Burnaby Lake was penalized in front of the posts and Grady Bowd got 3 points back. Half time score 12-3.

Mate McLeod-Genest dodges a tackle on his way to a try

At the dawn of the 2nd half, the BLRC found themselves with a lineout at the UVIC 5m. The throw hit the mark and the pack set up a driving maul that saw Anthony Luca finish with a try inside the 5m channel. MacLaine’s kick looked good but it would bang off the uprights so the score sat at 17-3. The BLRC would attack again from another lineout at the Vikes 5m. This time it was McLaughlin coming down with the ball and a driving maul followed. Ed Swire was at the back of the maul as it sped over the try line! MacLaine’s convert was good and Burnaby Lake now led 24-3. A Burnaby Lake penalty inside their own end allowed UVIC to pull the score closer. Crosby Stewart quick tapped but was quickly tracked down by Cody Rockson. Stewart moved the ball to a streaking Grady Bowd who ran the rest of the way for a try. Bowd converted his own to move the score to 24-10. In the games dying minutes, the Burnaby Lake squad were pressing near the UVIC line. Gino Paolella ran a hard line that almost found pay dirt but he was stuffed. The ball went wide where Andrew Lackner was waiting on the touch line. Lackner wouldn’t be denied and the game ended 29-10.

Another solid game from the BLRC Prems who used the set piece to dominate the terms of the game. The line-outs and mauls worked well and were, again, responsible, for points on the board. I do think a bit more cohesion is needed in the backline in order for the team to really reach their potential. A few too many passes go to ground where a player was rather than where he would be. 

Neil MacLaine had perhaps, his best game of the season. Neil ran some terrific lines which always seemed to move the team forward. Jack Caithness, who has seen this season dogged by injuries, has improved each run out at Flyhalf and he ran the backline well today. The forwards were led by Cody Rockson who got the unanimous nod for Man of the Match. Cody was a beast all day, making tackle after tackle and had some good runs with the ball. He also got to step in a few times and fire the ball to the backs when Watkins had been tackled. Lastly, I was informed that long time Preston Petrovitch is now the 2nd oldest player to start a Premier game for Burnaby Lake (the eldest being Colin McKenzie). The BLRC stalwart was given the nod and a starting spot on Saturday after another fine season in the Premier Reserves. Preston does not have the traditional “dad bod” carried by most of the men his age, and is actually one of the fitter players on the pitch no matter what grade he’s playing. Today was no different. Preston got around the park well and was involved heavily in stifling the UVIC attack in the first half. I’m sure that most of the UVIC players were aware that they were by and large younger than their opposites on Saturday but most would be surprised to find out that they were playing against a guy who started playing top level rugby before they were born! Preston is a die hard rugby guy and the BLRC are fortunate to have him.

The full game can be seen here:https://youtu.be/jZ3Rt0AReEI

Big thanks to Brett Hay, Scott Johnson, Colin Stroeder + Colin Sexton for their work in the middle and on the touch lines and to UVIC, CW and Kelowna for making the trip to Burnaby Lake on Saturday. This week sees the Men’s Premier down in Seattle battling the Saracens. 

Many Teams~One Club

Burnaby Claim Two Wins at Home Against CW from Oak Bay: FULL MATCH VIDEO

by Mike Devlin

BLRC 2nd Div Men 24 – Kamloops RFC 28

Another great game between the 2 clubs. A few weeks back the BLRC travelled through a Coquihalla blizzard into the interior to take on the Raiders and the 2 clubs put on an 80 minute defensive battle that saw the Raiders hold on to a 6-3 victory. On Saturday, the Raiders brought their A game to Burnaby Lake for what was a shoot-out by comparison. BLRC Flanker Tom Menzies owned the game’s first 30 minutes, making lots of tackles while adding 3 penalties and a conversion. Tom’s convert was on a big scoring run from BLRC newcomer Matt McKenzie who played with James Bay previously before moving to Burnaby this fall. Matt made his club debut last week vs the College Rifles and had a solid outing. He played an exciting 40 minutes on Saturday before being subbed off to go up and join the Reserves.

Cris Amoroso uses “blue steel” to corral the pass vs KRC

Kamloops would put 3 points on the board through their veteran prop/kicker Greg Thomson. Greg is a talented rugger who has suited up for Kamloops every Saturday for what seems like an eternity! Great to still see him out there mentoring the next generation of Kamloops rugby players. The score was 16-3 just before the half when Kamloops set up a maul at the BLRC 5m and pushed over they try line with their Hooker Joe Castellano touching down the ball. Thomson made the convert and the first half ended 16-10 in favour of the BLRC.

Tom Menzies opened the 2nd half with a penalty that extended the Burnaby lead to 19-10 but then the Raiders came storming back with 2 try’s. Their #9 Dylan Neath pounced on a loose ball, taking it at pace for a try. Shortly after, Kamloops #14 Jordan Wolfe made a break along the sideline and ran the ball in from the BLRC 10m all the way under the posts. Thomson was good on one of the converts and Kamloops led 22-19. The BLRC backline came back off the kickoff though with Botes driving the ball into the Kamloops half. A few passes later and it was scrumhalf Paul Murphy who dove over in the corner to put the BLRC back in the lead, 24-22. Unfortunately (for the home side) the win was not to be, as Greg Thomson would be given 2 more shots at the posts in the games dying moments and made good on both of them to put the nails in the coffin and end the game 28-24 for the Kamloops Raiders.

What a game. There was drama, lots of scoring and some big hits. Much credit to the Kamloops players for making the early morning trip down the highway and pulling out the come from behind victory. I thought their players of the game were Thomson and their Flyhalf Darsha Thilakarathne. On the BLRC side, Tom Menzies stood out for his work around the park while Mike Misky led the way in the backline.

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/GPNYbdPX1O8

This Saturday, the BLRC 2nds host another travelling team, the Kelowna Crows. It should be another good one!

BLRC Premier Women 10 – Seattle Saracens 34

Another tough game for the BLRC women who need to scrape together some healthy bodies to finish out the fall season. After a promising start to the season the Ladies have seen major injuries take down many of their key players. Adding those injuries to general “life” availability issues that most players face on any given Saturday PLUS rugby unavailability to some key players like Katie Grudzinski (Rugby League World Cup) and former captain Carolyn McEwen who is taking a needed break from the game to make up some time at work…and the roster which looks robust on paper has been thin on the pitch. The BLRC have chosen to play 2 of their games this year shorthanded, losing one close one at CW and taking a beating from Westshore the 2nd time. Much credit is due to the BLRC’s captain Emily Van Gulik who is a warrior out there. She was given the captaincy this year with good reason and has led from the front every game. I can tell that it’s her positive attitude and hard play that inspires the women on her team to give 110% all game. The BLRC have had a long list of strong women lead the team since its inception. They have been fortunate to have names like McEwen, Schnell, Sugawara, Steele, Donaldson, Larson and Harmse at the helm and Emily fits the mold of these great leaders. I hope that the BLRC are able to get some players healthy and available so that they can string some wins together. The players who have been committed and stayed healthy this fall deserve it.

Alya Govorchin and a Seattle player try to corral a loose ball

Seattle started the game hard and scored for the first time about 7 minutes into the game on a well worked backline move and never looked back. The BLRC tackled and tackled all game but eventually found themselves out of defenders which was when the Seattle team were able to get space on the outside and score. Gabrielle Hindley and Hedieh Hajesmaeel were the BLRC try scorers on the day. Hindley continues to impress me week in and week out. She’s a strong & athletic backrower who never misses a tackle and understands the game better than most. In the backs, Gen Gratton had a great game, using her foot intelligently to relieve some pressure while never missing a tackle.

Angel Santos spins the ball from the base of a ruck in her vintage BLRC shorts

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/DLb2o2Sh1AY

One game left in this half for the women. They host CW this Saturday at Burnaby Lake.

BLRC Premier Reserves 20 – Oak Bay CW 0

Big thanks to the CW players who got up early and took the boat to the Mainland on Saturday. They came over knowing that the games result was already written and they were most likely going to be pounded physically. In spite of that, the players who arrived and took the pitch played hard and never backed down.

Siaki Vikilani finds a gap in the CW defence

The unofficial score (I’m told) was BLRC 55 – CW 22. Gino Paolella scored a hat trick for the BLRC, Scott MacKay, Mathew Chan and Johnny McLoughlin ran aggressively through a few CW defenders. Vikilani, Provost-Smith and Brian Robinson were present at every breakdown and the engine room combo of Cooper Johnston and Tom Dear carried the ball A LOT, made some great yards and looked good doing it! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the effort and performance of CW legend Doug Hepp who put in a full 80 minutes on Saturday. He was certainly the leader of the young CW team on Saturday. I’m told that he’s moved into housing some of the young Canada hopefuls who move to Victoria. He’s a club guy through and through. He tells me that this is the last time I will see him in a jersey. Not sure I believe him though.

Man of the Match Gino Paolella on his way to another try

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/tRhvo8hkGJQ

Premier Men 24 – Oak Bay CW 22

The rain which threatened all day held off just long enough to make Saturday a great rugby day! CW and the BLRC were tied for 3rd place in the standings and a BP Win would vault either team into a tie with UBC for 2nd place. Oak Bay came out flying and controlled the early going. Their 8man Haydn Evans opened the scoring only 4 minutes in when the CW players had moved inside the BLRC 5m for the2nd time. Evans picked and went from the base of a ruck and bullied his way in next to the posts! Povey added 2 points and CW were in the lead early. The BLRC started to exert some pressure and were rewarded at the 8 and a half minute mark when CW were penalised at a ruck inside the Oak Bay 22m. Ben McIvor quick tapped and tossed the ball to Micha Govorchin who rumbled through some tacklers for 10m on his way to 5 points. MacLaine’s convert tied the game at 7. At 17 minutes, a high cross kick from Povey had Ngongo and Porter contesting for the jump ball. The ball took a fortuitous CW bounce and deflected into the waiting arms of Haydn Evans. Evans popped the ball to Mike Adibe who charged into the BLRC 5m before he was stopped. Adibe had the wherewithal to find Evans who was running in support with a perfectly timed pass and the Oak Bay 8man had his 2nd try of the game. Povey’s kick hung wide so the score was 12-7 in favour of the visitors. 36 minutes in, and the BLRC were threatening. A CW penalty gave Burnaby a Lineout at the 5m. The lineout was stolen by CW and batted back into their own end zone where Doug Breadon was the first to arrive on the scene and tied the game at 12. Povey would add 3 more points for Oak Bay before the halftime whistle, so the visitors led 15-12 at the break.

Cody Rockson looks for the offload

The BLRC opened the 2nd stanza by pushing down into the CW end. Cole McQueen would be the final recipient of a few offloads and a behind the back pass and he got a head of steam built up that took him straight through a defender for 5 points. The BLRC now found themselves ahead 17-15. 10 minutes later the visitors had set up shop inside the BLRC 22m ruing phase after phase and stretching the BLRC defence. Eventually the Blue & White wall opened and Conor Pullin rushed through it to score untouched. Povey hit the convert to put Oak Bay back in the lead 22-17. The leads was short lived however as less than 2 minutes later, Dan Josok made a long run into the CW 22m before being pulled down. Higgins saw no one home and box kicked the ball over the CW try line where Cole McQueen touched it down for a try and a tie game. Neil MacLaine made the conversion and Burnaby Lake found themselves ahead 24-22. The game’s final 22 minutes were played at an intense pace and both teams emptied the gas tank but no more points were scored.

Michael Gough goes horizontal to avoid a tackle

The full game can be seen here: https://youtu.be/814fiXlBzkA

Oak Bay brought a star backfield with danger men at every position. I wasn’t familiar with the Fullback Mike Adibe but I thought he had the strongest game amongst their backline. He was a threat when he had the ball, constantly driving his legs in contact and made some try saving tackles when he needed to. Haydn Evans had a good game in the forwards scoring 2 tries but I thought their 2nd row Shataro Yamano was the Man of the Match. He seemed to be involved in every breakdown, was their primary lineout jumper and was a pest around the breakdown.

On the Burnaby Lake side, Cody Rockson was deemed to be the Forward of the Match and was well deserving although I thought that either of his back row partners, Doug Breadon or Mike O’Toole would have been worthy choices as well. Cody was one of the top scrum halves in BC for a long time and decided this summer to transition to the back row. He plays the position like a veteran, making hits and poaching balls at the breakdown but also gives an extra option out there for those times that that #9 has been pulled into the tackle or ruck. The Back of the Match went to Ben McIvor who has been playing great since making the jump from 2nd Division 3 weeks ago. Ben has a boot on him that got the BLRC out of trouble a few times in their own end and runs hard into contact when necessary. In spite of Ben’s best efforts, the BLRC won the boat race afterwards.

Big thanks to the BCRRS’s Saro Turner, Jamie Levchuk, Jivan Dhaliwal and Brad Schwalger for their work officiating on Saturday! This Saturday the Premier Men and Premier Reserves host UVIC at 12:45 and 2:30.

Many Teams~One Club

Burnaby Take One on the Chin Against College Rifles Team from Auckland

by Mike Devlin

The Burnaby Lake Rugby Club were fortunate to have the opportunity to host the touring College Rifles RFC from Auckland this past weekend. The College Rifles were originally a military club, having been established in 1897 by members of the Volunteer Corps. At the post game, they explained that their club lost 300 members in the 1st and 2nd World War and awarded a commemorative jersey to the BLRC that lists the names of every College Rifle who gave their lives in service to their country. In honour of those veterans and serviceman who sacrificed in WWI & WWII, the Korean War and in many peacekeeping missions as well as the ongoing war on terror the BLRC organized a trumpeter to play the Last Post followed by a minute of silence before kickoff.

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