BC Rugby Weekend of November 18th 2017

November 18 2017


Weekend Results: Lakers Edge CW; Saracens Power Past Bays; Lomas Dominate Valhallians; Ravens Soar Past Hornets

CW 22 @ Burnaby 24

This turned out to be a back and forth battle with Burnaby coming out the victors. The game was tied at 12 with Haydn Evans scoring 2 for CW and Breadon and Govorchin countering for Burnaby. Cole McQueen scored two more for Burnaby while Pullin put one up for CW. The result a bonus point win for Burnaby and a bonus point for CW in the loss.

An epic battle brewing here with the teams tied for 3rd spot at 25 points. CW coming off two straight losses after starting the season at 5-0. They're missing their Canada players so playing a bit under strength. Burnaby coming off three straight league wins but got pumelled by the touring team from Auckland. How will they react to that, come out stronger or carry the lingering effects? CW has Andrew Tiedemann back in the starting roster, a good front row with John Braddock. Burnaby have Anthony Luca back after a brief tour to Georgia where he subbed in for Canada. Sam Hayward starts at #10 for Burnaby, going up against Povey who we thought was on the Canada tour... (so who is backing up Parfrey then, must be du Toit). CW will be happy to have him back and that will be a matchup worth watching, Hayward having Canada aspirations but not getting the call yet. Brett Johnson and Anton Ngongo may give CW the edge on the outside, Josok and Porter countering for Burnaby. This one is almost a toss up but Burnaby at home should have the edge. Prediction: Burnaby by 5.



Seattle 36 @ JBAA 20

It was a close match 22-20 for Seattle going into the final quarter but an injury to Sean White shifted the balance. Without the skills of White on the field the athleticism of Seattle came through and they scored two more to close out the match. Besides Sean White for James Bay other standouts were Aladdin Schirmer and Shalom Suniala for Seattle, all quality players with national experience.

#6 hosting #8 and with only the top 6 making the playoffs it's an important match. Seattle missing USA players like Olive Kilifi but they have Aladinn Schirmer who was outstanding in the Americas Pacific tournament and the Bays have moved Travis Larsen to #8 to counter, a battle worth noting. Shalom Suniala, a national 7s player comes in at scrum half for the Saracens and young Brock Gallagher will have to play a top game for the Bays to keep him in check. Sean White at #10 for the Bays could be a game changer, like Phil Mack, always looking for a weakness in the defences and trying to exploit it. Should be top entertainment, give the slight edge to the home side. Prediction: Bays by 8.



Westshore 13 @ Meraloma 35

The Lomas look the real deal with the addition of key imports, whether they'll make the playoffs is questionable but they'll be in the chase. Westshore drop to 10th and need to regain their form if they want to advance to post season play. Lomas host James Bay next weekend while Westshore visit Capilano.

Two teams returning to Premier after a few years away from the top league. Both near the bottom of the standings with two wins each. Lomas with 5 imports to boost their playing level, Westshore have added 2 of their own. The return of Ryan Kotlewski from national duty will boost their front row stability. Westshore have a good backrow with Dewitt, Penny and Va'a. They may not have the necessary consistency across the backs and they're missing Clay Panga. The Lomas came over and defeated the Vikes so at home they may have a slight edge in this contest. Prediction: Lomas by 2.


1. Cian Byrne (I)
2. Dan Fumano (C)
3. Paul Moriarty
4. Ben Martin (I)
5. Anton Belozerov
6. Billy Noonan
7. Connor McCann
8. Wes Lee
9. Tom Viljoen (I)
10. Tom Dougherty (I)
11. Derek Townsend
12. Calum Baynham
13. Benji Cottle (I)
14. Gavri Grossman
15. Anton Peko
16. Scott McGinley
17. James Beck
18. Darren Du
19. Justin Fanselow
20. David Brammall
21. Hayes Bishop
22. Emile Wilson
23. Ben Bula

Ravens 29 @ Nanaimo 5

The Hornets were in it at the half 12-5 but the team faded in the last 20, a recurring problem for the BC Premier debutantes. The Ravens remain undefeated and remain top of the table, Hornets remain at the bottom. Nanaimo face UBC next weekend while Ravens visit CW.

The first place team visiting the last place team, not much doubt about the outcome here. Ravens are undefeated and have a good mix of imports, former national team players like Jon Phelan, and future national team players like Aaron McLelland. Karl Moran is one to watch from #8. Nanaimo a blue collar team with good work ethic but missing a few stars, the cagey South African veteran Brad Marshall always puts in a good shift and Jared Stephens at #13 is their scoring threat. Should be competitive for 60 minutes with Ravens pulling away in last 20. Prediction: Ravens by 15.

1 Dimitri Gotsopoulos
2 Paul Ahn
3 Chris Taylor
4 Jon Phelan
5 Sam Clarke
6 Nick Waggot
7 Simon Etheve (i)
8 Karl Moran (i)
9 Aj King (i)
10 Adam McQueen
11 Karsten Leithner
12 Ben Grant
13 James Thompson
14 Cully Quirk (C)
15 Graham Turner
16 Curtis Delaminco
17 Matiaz Suez
18 Trystan Clironomos
19 Liam Flanagan (i)
20 Kiernan Collie
21 Aaron McLelland (i)
22 Kelepi Gucake
23 Kol Henrikson




Saturday 18th November, 2017

Grade/Div Venue Time Home Away Referee

Mens Premier League Burnaby Lake 14:30 Burnaby Lake v Castaway Wanderers Saro Turner
Mens Premier League James Bay AA 14:30 James Bay AA v Seattle Brett Hay
Mens Premier League Connaught Park 14:30 Meraloma v Westshore Christopher Assmus
Mens Premier League May Bennett Pioneer 14:30 Nanaimo v UBCOB Ravens Kevin Smith

Mens Premier Reserve Burnaby Lake 12:45 Burnaby Lake 2 v Castaway Wanderers 2 Jamie Levchuk
Mens Premier Reserve James Bay AA 12:45 James Bay AA 2 v Seattle 2 Latoya Blackwood
Mens Premier Reserve Connaught Park 12:45 Meraloma 2 v Westshore 2 Ben Lambrick
Mens Premier Reserve May Bennett Pioneer 12:45 Nanaimo 2 v UBCOB Ravens 2 Michael Moss

Womens Premier League Windsor Park 12:45 Castaway Wanderers v Westshore Derek Horton
Womens Premier League Burnaby Lake 12:45 Burnaby Lake v Seattle Jivan Dhaliwal

Mens Division 1 U Of Victoria 13:00 U Of Victoria Saxons v Westshore 3 Robert Klatt
Mens Division 1 Brockton Oval 14:30 Vancouver Rowing Club v Abbotsford Jay MacDonald
Mens Division 1 Cowichan 14:30 Cowichan v Port Alberni
Mens Division 1 Sullivan Heights 14:30 Surrey Beavers AA v Langley Colin Stroeder

Mens Division 2 South Surrey Ath Pk 11:00 Bayside 2 v United 2 Colin Sexton
Mens Division 2 Burnaby Lake 11:15 Burnaby Lake 3 v Kamloops Brad Schwalger
Mens Division 2 Sullivan Heights 12:45 Surrey Beavers AA 2 v Langley 2 Andy Cannon
Mens Division 2 Brockton Oval 12:45 Vancouver Rowing Club 2 v Abbotsford 2 Tyler Dawson
Mens Division 2 Simon Fraser no.4 12:45 Simon Fraser RC v Kelowna Crows 2 Graham Stone
Mens Division 2 John Oliver Park 12:45 Brit Lions 2 v Scribes Scott Johnson

Womens Division 1 Cowichan 11:15 Cowichan v Abbotsford Clive Stocks
Womens Division 1 May Bennett Pioneer 11:15 Nanaimo v Bayside Tim Stokes
Womens Division 1 Connaught Park 11:15 Meraloma v Simon Fraser RC Heather Lilburn
Womens Division 1 John Oliver Park 11:15 Brit Lions v Kamloops Colin Campbell

Womens Division 2 Brockton Oval 11:15 Vancouver Rowing Club v Capilano 2 Robin Tolbert
Womens Division 2 Sullivan Heights 11:15 Surrey Beavers AA v Langley Paul Kelly
Womens Division 2 Thomas Haney 11:15 Ridge Meadows v Westshore 2 Julie Beyea

Mens Division 3 Connaught Park 11:15 Meraloma 3 v Squamish David Nelley
Mens Division 3 Thomas Haney 12:45 Ridge Meadows v Kats Mike landiak
Mens Division 3 Chilliwack 12:45 Chilliwack v Capilano 3 Rod Watkins
Mens Division 3 King George Park 12:45 Richmond v Surrey Beavers AA 3 Lance Davison

U23 Division UBC 11:15 UBC A v Capilano Academy Shanda Mosher-Gallant
U23 Division King George Park 11:15 Richmond v UBCO Heat James Kelly

Exhibition Game Cowichan 12:45 Cowichan v Port Alberni Andrew Foster

Sunday 19th November, 2017

Grade/Div Venue Time Home Away Referee

Exhibition Game Jericho 14:30 UBCOB Ravens v Surrey Beavers AA Scott Johnson

U18 Boys Mainland Crush Crescent 13:00 Langley v United Paul Kelly
U18 Boys Mainland Exhibition Park 14:30 Abbotsford v Capilano Ben Lambrick
U18 Boys Mainland South Surrey Ath Pk 14:30 Bayside v Bayside 2 James Kelly

U18 Girls Mainland Burnaby Lake 11:00 Burnaby Lake /United v Richmond /Capilanos Matt Fraser

U18 Boys Island Windsor Park 14:30 Castaway Wanderers v Cowichan Kevin Smith
U18 Boys Island Juan De Fuca 14:30 Westshore v James Bay AA Robert Klatt

U16 Boys Mainland Exhibition Park 13:00 Abbotsford v Capilano Black Chad Radons
U16 Boys Mainland Klahanie Park 13:00 Capilano Gold v Bayside 1 Graham Stone
U16 Boys Mainland Jericho 13:00 UBCOB Ravens v Meraloma Tyler Dawson

U16 Boys Island Windsor Park 13:00 Castaway Wanderers v Port Alberni John DeGoede
U16 Boys Island James Bay AA 13:00 James Bay AA v Cowichan Derek Horton

U16 Girls Mainland South Surrey Ath Pk 10:00 Bayside A v Abbotsford A Lance Davison
U16 Girls Mainland Thomas Haney 10:00 Ridge Meadows v Richmond /Capilanos Rod Watkins

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