James Bay November 2017

November 27 2017


Bays Grind It Over Lomas – 27 to 14

by Phil Meyer

Saturday at Connaught Park, JBAA Prems ground to a 27-14 win over Meralomas. The atmosphere and the field was damp. The referee set the game pace at very slow. Soon, both teams seemed to be walking between whistles. So it was a grind – for players and spectators alike.

While again looking nervous wide right on D, overall, the Bays contained Lomas throughout – save for a five minute stretch at the end of the first half, when Lomas played with a man advantage and scored their only try, plus a penalty goal.

The talented toe of Elliot Mitrou led Bays’ scoring with five penalties and a convert. In the first half, Jimmy de Goede’s defensive block of an attempted clearing kick set up Blue Crush pressure, with scrum half Brock Gallagher diving over to score. Near game’s end, more Blue Crush pressure set up Shea Wakefield for a second Navy Blue try.

At the half, Lomas 11 – JBAA 10. At full time, Bays 27 – Lomas 14.

In the early game, Meraloma Premier Reserves overwhelmed JBAA for a 56 to 7 win.

The week completed, JBAA Prems still stand in 6th place in BCRU standings. JBAA Ones stand 7th in Premier Reserve play.

Next Saturday, Bays host U Vic Vikes in the second leg of the Bays-Vikes Challenge Trophy. JBAA won the first leg in September 61 to 36. JBAA Ones will host U Vic Norsemen in the early game. Meralomas will host Capilanos at Connaught.

Seattle in Deserved Premier Win Over JBAA: Evening Focuses on Youth Rugby

by Phil Meyer

On Saturday at MacDonald Park, Seattle Saracens used straight ahead outside running and speed in coverage to forge a 36 to 20 win over JBAA. In the first half, it looked like Seattle might sprint away. They went out to a 15 to 6 lead on trys by John Valz and Sequoyah Burke-Coombs; with Shalom Suniula contributing a penalty goal and a convert. Bays were having trouble finishing some of their tackles out wide – and discovering this, Saracens ran right at them. JBAA hung on grimly – with Elliot Mitrou keeping them in touch with two penalties.

In the second half, Sean White led the Bays backwith a try finishing off Blue Crush pressure at 48 minutes, converted by Mitrou. Then more pressure resulting in award of a penalty try five minutes on. JBAA 20 – Seattle 15; Bays looking to be in command.

But Saracens continued to play straight ahead rugby, attacking and defending – and this was one of those times where the needs of Canada, real in Spain, and real or semi-imagined here at home, left the JBAA lineup paper thin. About mid second half, White was forced to wobble off after a heavy collision. Luke Campbell followed shortly. After that, the strength of the Saracens simply wore the Bays down – and eventually out. Tries by Aladdin Schirmer, Burke Coombs, and Moses Munez – all converted by Suniula – sealed the Emerald deal. At the end: Seattle 36 – JBAA 20.

In the early game, Seattle arrived short players – dictating a five point default win for JBAA. That recorded, the Bays leant Seattle some players – and a 13 against 13 man exhibition ensued. The Bays, led by Jake de Goede, prevailed 6 tries to 2. Next week, JBAA travels to Connaught Park to face the Lomas.

In the evening, at the House of Bays, the work of building young rugby in Victoria continued with a joint fundraiser for the Esquimalt High Rugby Academy, and the Vancouver Island First Nations Thunder rugby team. John Lyall welcomed us to the gathering on behalf of three First Nations in the Greater Victoria Area – and spoke about the Thunder rugby program. Tom Woods, Esquimalt Academy President, described the Academy objectives: steady school attendance, good marks, respect for fellow students, development of young Canadian citizens, and advancing rugby skills. John de Goede, JBAA President, welcomed attendees on behalf of hosting JBAA – emphasizing that JBAA has a part to play in ongoing reconciliation with First Nations – and urging all youth to “Get Involved With Rugby”.

Esquimalt Academy Scholarship winners were Evan Boothroyd and Loki Zeisig – each receiving a $500 award. Hunter Grant, Thunder and former Esquimalt Academy player, now at U Vic, received the Phil Mack Trophy from last year’s recipient, Crosby Stewart. It is awarded to an outstanding young First Nations athlete who has contributed to First Nations rugby on the field, and to development of self-confidence and awareness in his community. It comes with a $1,000 scholarship. Phil Mack, JBAA player and Thunder coach, congratulated all three young winners via Skype from Spain, where he joined DTH and Taylor Paris in leading Canada to a much needed victory over the Spaniards.

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