North Island Tsunami

December 03 2017

North Island Girls Competing in U16 and U18 Provincial Finals Today at UBC

The Girls' age-grade finals take place today at UBC. The North Island U16 team will be competing for Gold against Abbotsford. The U18 girls will be vying for Bronze against Richilano, a combination of Richmond and Capilano programs. Times are listed below.

The coaching and management staff for the North Island teams are:

Cowichan RFC: Sherry Spence, Angie Davies
Comox Valley Kickers: Geoff Postle, Ona Thorington
Nanaimo Hornets: Pam Hadikin, Jeremy Hamilton

North Island U16
1 Trysha Ribo Nanaimo Hornets
2 Gia Neauman Cowichan RFC
3 Sydney Postle Comox Valley Kickers
4 Naia Armstrong Cowichan RFC
5 Victoria Van Neikerk Cowichan RFC
6 Maxine O'Leary Cowichan RFC
7 Aikira Le (C) Comox Valley Kickers
8 Deanna Cvitanovich Cowichan RFC
9 Jade Froehlich Comox Valley Kickers
10 Maddy May Nanaimo Hornets
14 Jaxon Baker Cowichan RFC
13 Amelia Gallow Comox Valley Kickers
14 Fabienne Montgomery Nanaimo Hornets
15 Mia Eagar (C) Cowichan RFC
16 Jaden Williams Comox Valley Kickers
17 Eden Martin Comox Valley Kickers
18 Bailey Novack Cowichan RFC
19 Sky Koyote Nanaimo Hornets
20 Sarah McVicar Nanaimo Hornets
21 Zoe Malainey Nanaimo Hornets
22 Jordan Cooper Nanaimo Hornets
23 Olivia Bau Nanaimo Hornets
24 Erin McNutt Cowichan RFC
25 Mackinley Bourne Cowichan RFC
26 Macy Weibe Cowichan RFC
27 Bailey McMillan Cowichan RFC
28 Mattise Ward Cowichan RFC
29 Ana Quinzanos Cowichan RFC

North Island U18
1 Kaite Near Nanaimo Hornets
2 Joan Hubert Nanaimo Hornets
3 Haley Berg Cowichan RFC
4 Alexa Edmonds Nanaimo Hornets
5 Hazel Bice Cowichan RFC
6 Sara Nuez Comox Valley Kickers
7 Olivia Vallee Nanaimo Hornets
8 Madi Jumeau (C) Cowichan RFC
9 Madelaine Jones (C) Nanaimo Hornets
10 Nicolette Vinnedge Comox Valley Kickers
11 Angelina Hollihn Nanaimo Hornets
12 Amelia Emmerson Nanaimo Hornets
13 Hallie Scallon Nanaimo Hornets
14 Alex Adams Comox Valley Kickers
15 Kaitlyn Watson Nanaimo Hornets
16 Lauren McRae Cowichan RFC
17 Deisy Jimenez Nanaimo Hornets
18 Emma Janzen Comox Valley Kickers
19 Erin O'Sullivan Nanaimo Hornets
20 Constanza Guizzetti Nanaimo Hornets
21 Irene Pennati Nanaimo Hornets
22 Beatrice Ilgrande Nanaimo Hornets

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