Rugby Videos

December 17 2017

Hans de Goede - BC Sports Hall of Fame 2007 Inductee

Halftime Speech by Hans de Goede in 1987; Growth of Rugby in Easter Island and Ivory Coast

Three informative videos to watch. The first a visit back to 1987 Canada v Tonga and Hans de Goede as captain giving the team the halftime message. The theme is physically wear down your opponent, it's traditionally been the Canadian model in hockey and was successful for rugby in the 80s and 90s. Interesting that the 7s team is bringing this back with their style of play under Damian McGrath. The XVs team under a succession of foreign coaches haven't got the message yet, either in player selection or style of play.

The other two videos are from World Rugby and feature rugby programs in unique areas, Easter Island, the most isolated rugby club in the world and Ivory Coast in one of the poorest areas of Abidjan, the largest city.



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