Top Stories of 2017

December 18 2017

Phil Mack and Tony Healy celebrating with BC Bears

Top BCRN Stories of 2017 by Viewer Numbers

What were the most popular stories with our readers in 2017? BCRN gets about a million page views a year, there were about 140 stories that hit four figure numbers in viewership but we'll look at the top 10. Since 80% of our viewership is BC based it's not surprising that BC stories dominated.

The only national story to make the top 10 wasn't the senior XVs men or women or the national 7s sides although they would have made the top 100. It was the Canada U18 men's tour to Europe at #2. They finished the tournament defeating USA which always makes BC and Canadian rugby fans happy. We didn't see much of that winning style with the senior men's team, XVs in particular, and that showed in viewing numbers.

The #1 story and the #3 and #6 stories were on the BC Bears. They won it all this year under Tony Healy and Phil Mack and BCRN readers liked to read about that. With Tony and Phil joining the Seattle Seawolves this coming season along with a number of BC Bear players, it's quite likely those articles will be popular as well. As for the Bears and the CRC we'll wait and see what happens there.

The rest of the top 10 were mostly BC club stories. The 2017 finals weekend in May at #4 was the most popular club article, UBC in the three-peat. The semi-final weekend in April was next at #5, then the beginning of the 2017-18 season in September when the excitement of a new season is high, that included stories #8, #9, #10.

There was one 7s story that hit the top 10 at, appropriately enough, #7 and it wasn't the women's success or the men winning Singapore it was the Langford 7s, a local tournament.

1. BC Bears Win Canadian Rugby Championship

2. Canada U18 Defeat USA

3. BC Bears Defeat Wolfpack 43-0

4. UBC Claim Three-Peat in Men's Premier

5. BC Club April 29th - Semi-Finals

6. Bears Release Their Long List for Summer Matches

7. Maple Leafs Win Langford 7s

8. BC Rugby Weekend of September 9th 2017

9. BC Rugby Weekend of September 23rd 2017

10. BC Rugby Weekend of September 30th 2017

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