BC Rugby Weekend of January 27th 2018

January 28 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: T-Birds Edge Vikes; Ravens Soar Past Lomas; Burnaby Double Westshore; CW Tip Caps; Nanaimo Upset Seattle

UVic 20 @ UBC 22

We predicted this would be a closer match than the 20+ win for UBC last time after seeing the strong UVic roster, we said +5 and it was even closer +2. UBC having to fight back for the win. Vikes not too happy about the late penalty count that marched them down the field and led to a late score but that's rugby, sometimes you're the nail, sometimes you're the hammer. UBC don't get a bonus point win so are tied with the Ravens at the top of the standings. UVic get a bonus point in the loss but still languish in 10th place not looking a top prospect for a playoff spot.

This is the second leg of the Wightman Boot, a two game series between the universities held every season. UBC won the first match 44-24 so bring a 20 point lead into match. The teams will be more interested in winning the match which will affect their Premier standings. UBC as #1 will want to keep the wins rolling over and secure a home field advantage in the semis and a quarter-final bye. UVic are in 10th place and 12 points out of 6th, the final playoff spot. Based on the standings it's not close but UVic have one of their better rosters this season. Ollie Nott has retured from extended injury, Grady Bowd is back at #10, Conor Keys is back in the roster as is James Pitblado. They may even get Guiseppe du Toit back for the match. They're in with a good shot. Not much to say about UBC except they keep winning, they had an easy game last week against Nanaimo while UVic had a bye week. It was +20 last time but it should be closer this match. Prediction: UBC by 5.

1. Spencer Cooper
2. Thomas DiFiore
3. MacBryan Bos
4. Gavin Kratz
5. Conor Keys
6. Ollie Nott
7. James O’Neill
8. Jackson Matthews
9. James Pitblado
10. Gradyn Bowd
11. Aidan McMullan
12. Logan Martin- Feek / Guiseppe du Toit
13. Ethan Hager
14. Cathal Long
15. Brennig Prevost

15: Theo Sauder (St George’s) ©
14: Cole Keffer(Sutherland)
13: Elias Ergas (Collingwood)
12: John Jubenvill (Earl Marriott)
11: Evan Norris (Shawnigan Lake)
10: Nick Collett (Southridge)
9: Fraser Hurst (St George’s)
8: Nick Allen (Mulgrave)
7: Michael Smith (Earl Marriott)
6: Jake Ikeda (Magee) ©
5: Cam McWilliam (St George’s)
4: James Carson (Oak Bay)
3: Nick Frost (Collingwood)
2: Connor Sampson (Charles Tupper)
1: Cali Martinez (Earl Marriott)

Lomas 19 @ Ravens 42

It was all Ravens in first half, 25-0. Lomas fought back in the second half and it was 32-19 at one time but Ravens put their foot on the gas and added 10 more points for a +23 win. Ravens tied for 1st, Lomas in 9th. Next week Ravens host Burnaby while Lomas host Seattle.

#2 hosting #9, Ravens will want to keep their #2 spot with Burnaby on the chase, Lomas at 20 points are 10 adrift of a playoff spot. Lomas were blanked last week by Burnaby and gave up 29, their 422 points allowed is second worst in the competition as is the -201 point differential. They aren't renowned for keeping teams out of the try zone. Ravens are missing Moran the #8 and Phelan the second row, two key players. They have a dangerous backline and if they match up in the forwards should put up enough points for the bonus point win. Prediction: Ravens by 12.

1 Dimitri Gotsopoulos
2 Paul Ahn
3 Chris Taylor
4 Kiernan Collie
5 Sam Clarke
6 Nick Waggot
7 David O'Donoghue (i)
8 Kol Henrikson
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Harjun Gill
11 Karsten Leitner
12 Ben Grant
13 Cully Quirke ©
14 Sean Ferguson
15 Aaron McLelland (i)
16 Curtis Delmonico
17 Matias Suez
18 Marc Belvedere
19 Tom Mcgrath (i)
20 Simon Etheve (i)
21 Graham Turner
22 Aj King (i)

1. Paul Moriarty
2. Scott McGinley
3. Cian Byrne
4. Anton Belozerov
5. Hank Mcqueen
6. Justin Fanselow
7. Ben Martin
8. Josh Clarke (C)
9. Tom Viljoen
10. Guy Schwikkard
11. Antun Peko
12. Calum Baynham
13. Benji Cottle
14. Derek Townsend
15. Mike Hall
16. James Lambert
17. David Zhang
18. James Beck
19. Billy Noonan
20. David Bramall
21. Steff Evans
22. Ben Bula
23. Evan Lloyd

Westshore 16 @ Burnaby 34

This was a tight match for a while, the halftime score 17-16 for BLRC. Westshore had scored early which set Burnaby on the back foot and the lead changed hands throughout the first half. It was all Burnaby in the second 40 as they put in another 17 to 0 for Westshore. Burnaby remain in 3rd, Westshore remain in 8th. Next week Burnaby meet Ravens while Westshore have a bye.

#3 hosting #8. Burnaby at 45 points still trail Ravens by 3 points and UBC by 4 points so keeping within striking distance of a top two finish is important. Westshore are 9 points adrift of a playoff spot at 21 points. They have a couple of strike runners in Taylor Maguire and Sitiveni Nacoko, Jordan Tait scored two tries last week and lines up at fullback. Burnaby keep rolling along, shutting out the Lomas last weekend. They have a strong forward pack and the Fijian midfield of Gotegote and Vunituraga can unlock defences. Prediction: Burnaby by 9.


1 Tobias Berg
2 Casey Reed
3 Ryan Kotlewski (RC)
4 Jason Gagnier
5 David Phillips
6 Aidan Mcleary
7 Jade Billington (I) (FR)
8 Clay Panga
9 Mark Didscombe
10 Tyrone Gersh (I)
11 Tommy Lee (I)
12 Niu Savea
13 Taylor Maguire (I)
14 Sitiveni Nacoko
15 Jordan Tait
16 Neil Hagerty (FR)
17 Tyran Hunter (FR)
18 Cody Walker
19 Adam Roer
20 Isaac Gonevou
21 Cody Gervais

Capilano 19 @ CW 21

Another close match, CW went up 13-0 but Caps fought back and it was a close 13-12 game at halftime. Caps went up 19-18 with a few minutes left but Povey was the hero and kicked a penalty at the end for the CW win. CW remain in 4th and Caps in 6th. CW travel across town to James Bay next week while Caps host UBC.

#4 hosting #6 with 7 points the gap. CW at 37 points are unlikely to catch the top two UBC and Ravens for a quarter-final bye but they look good for a home stand in the quarters if they can remain in 4th. The Caps will be worried with Seattle closing in on the final playoff spot, only 2 points behind and playing the cellar dwellars Nanaimo this weekend. CW have slightly revamped their roster with Nanyak Dala getting the start at hooker, at 33 he's 4 years younger than Canada's starting hooker, Ray Barkwill. With 37 caps at flanker, Nanyak may be looking at a return to the national squad if he's so inclined, he was one of Canada's premium opensides when he was younger, before the injury bug hit. Doug Fraser and Dustin Dobravsky return to the roster which will strengthen the squad. Caps lost to Westshore last weekend, they lost concentration in the second half and Westshore ran in 25 unanswered points. Caps do well when they control the game but if they lose focus it can go downhill fast. They have some top players like Neil Courtney, Glenn Mckinnon and Chris Robinson. Think CW at home will have too much especially with the roster upgrades. Prediction: CW by 7.

1. Neil Courtney
2. Jason de Freitas
3. Mackenzie Mills
4. Reid Tucker
5. Rich Merinsky
6. John Webster
7. Jordan Harvey
8. Glen Mckinnon (C)
9. Chris Robinson
10. Steve Cassells
11. Erik Hunter-James
12. Chad Carlsen
13. John Franklin
14. Austin Karius
15. Sam Franklin


Seattle 29 @ Nanaimo 39

Only the second win for the new Premier club, they've defeated Caps and Seattle in their inaugural season, both at home. Seattle were looking to overtake Caps for the 6th and final spot but the loss has put that plan on hold, there are still 7 games left in the regular season for most teams. Seattle started with confidence and were up 21-0 before Nanaimo got on the board. Nanaimo clawed their way back into the match and the lead changed throughout the match with Nanaimo pulling away at the end. Peyton Eagar the U20 prospect who spent 6 months in North Otago seems to be hitting his stride as he scored two tries from his openside position and was named man of the match. Nanaimo visit UVic next week while Seattle travel to Lomas.

#11 hosting #7, both teams lost last week. Nanaimo has one win, that was at home against Capilano. Can they dig deep for a second win? The Seattle SaberCats are now assembled in training camp, how will that impact the Saracens roster, we haven't seen their roster for a couple of weeks so it's hard to tell. We'll post the rosters when we get them but the Saracens have to be favourites based on previous record, even if on the road. Seattle have a PD of -38 compared to -364 for Nanaimo, Nainaimo average 14 points per match, they'll have to exceed that on Saturday to get the win. Prediction: Seattle by 14.


1. Ryan Kirk
2. Dan Trierweiler
3. Dan Sonnon
4. Taylor Krumrei
5. Ben Gustaphson
6. Cole Van Harn
7. Jonathan Valz
8. Ryan Snider
9. Isaiah Chinen
10. Jon Reed
11. Dion Crowder
12. Neori Driu
13. Sequyah Coombs
14. Will Stowers
15. Cecil Ala



Mens Premier League
12:45 Jericho UBCOB RAVENS V MERALOMA Harry Mason
13:15 UBC UBC V U OF VICTORIA Christopher Assmus
13:30 Burnaby Lake WESTSHORE V BURNABY LAKE Kevin Smith
14:30 May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO V SEATTLE Saro Turner

Mens Premier Reserve
11:15 Jericho UBCOB RAVENS 2 V MERALOMA 2 Shanda Mosher-Gallant
12:00 Burnaby Lake WESTSHORE 2 V BURNABY LAKE 2 Brad Schwalger
12:45 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS 2 V CAPILANO 2 Derek Horton
12:45 May Bennett Pioneer NANAIMO 2 V SEATTLE 2 Michael Moss

Womens Premier League
11:00 Windsor Park CASTAWAY WANDERERS V CAPILANO Darren Sage

Mens Division 1
12:45 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD V UNITED Tyler Dawson
12:45 South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB Jivan Dhaliwal
13:00 Cowichan COWICHAN V LANGLEY Anthony Forth

Mens Division 2
11:15 Exhibition Park ABBOTSFORD 2 V UNITED 2 Sean Dingley
11:15 South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE 2 V VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB 2 Toby Mustill
11:30 Rupert Park SCRIBES V SURREY BEAVERS AA 2 Brett Hay
12:45 John Oliver Park BRIT LIONS 2 V KAMLOOPS Scott Johnson

Womens Division 1
11:15 South Surrey Ath Pk BAYSIDE V NANAIMO Colin Campbell
11:15 John Oliver Park BRIT LIONS V ABBOTSFORD Barry Cummins
11:15 Cowichan COWICHAN V COMOX David Hale
11:15 Connaught Park MERALOMA V KAMLOOPS Katie Robertson

Womens Division 2
10:15 Rupert Park SCRIBES V LANGLEY
11:15 Thomas Haney RIDGE MEADOWS V SURREY BEAVERS AA Russell Street
11:15 Brockton Oval VANCOUVER ROWING CLUB V CAPILANO 2 Robert Crowe

Mens Division 3
11:15 Chilliwack CHILLIWACK V SQUAMISH Chad Radonskick off moved earlier
12:45 Balaclava Park KATS V MERALOMA 3 Peter Hilgendorf
12:45 King George Park RICHMOND V CAPILANO 3 Andy Cannon
12:45 Thomas Haney RIDGE MEADOWS V SURREY BEAVERS AA 3 Lindsay Bottomer

U23 Division
11:15 King George Park RICHMOND V CAPILANO ACADEMY Matt Myers

Exhibition Game
11:15 UBC WESTSHORE V VANCOUVER THUNDERBIRDS 1 David Holmes womens exhibition

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