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February 08 2018

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Seattle Seawolves Pull Plug on Victoria Match

In a bizarre twist that will have many fans wondering about the "professionalism" of the new league. The Seattle Seawolves cancelled the game through social media without notifying or consulting the host team first. The Crimson Tide organizers were out at Westshore RFC watching their 40+ players prepare for Sunday's match when word came in about the Twitter and Facebook posts. The Seawolves subsequently pulled the posts to leave zero footprint, almost, we have this archived version of their tweet which went out around 6:20pm.

The event was generating a lot of excitement on the Island, a good crowd was anticipated at Westhills Stadium. The reason seems to be insurance for their players outside of USA. The Seawolves haven't issued a formal statement on the reason for the cancellation.

Crimson Tide organizers had to scramble to notify fans, local media, catering staff for hosting and others involved. A framed First Nations piece of art had been arranged to present to the Seawolves at the hosting. The Tide put out the following public notice.

It's not a good start for the new Seattle MLR franchise, it indicates gaps in their organizational and communication capabilities. Hopefully they'll learn from this, as will the league. After the PRO Rugby failure the previous year, people are hoping MLR will be be legit, calling yourself professional doesn't mean much, it has to be proven.

Vancouver Island Announce 37 Player Training Squad for Sunday Match vs Seattle Seawolves

The Island have moved quickly to organize a team to take on the new pro franchise, Seattle Seawolves, in an exhibition match. It's a bye week in the BC Premier so the timing is perfect. The only hiccup is a 7s tournament on the Saturday at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo which will take a number of UVic players. There's representation from every Premier and Division One club on the Island, except UVic.

The match squad will be selected later in the week after coaches evaluate players at Wednesday's training session. Island rugby fans wanting to watch the training, it's 6:30 pm at Westshore RFC.

There may be one or two names added after it's known which players Canada are selecting for their match against USA on Saturday.

The game is Sunday, Feb 11th, at Westhills Stadium. Gates open at 6pm, kickoff is at 7pm. Admission is $10 adult, $5 student and free for Under 14.

We'll post the Seattle Seawolves squad when it's made available.

Forwards (1 to 7 front row, 8 to 12 second row, 13 to 19 loose forwards)
1. John Braddock, Castaway Wanderers
2. Blake Van Heyningen, James Bay
3. Cody McClary, Port Alberni
4. Clayton Thornber, Castaway Wanderers
5. Noah Barker, James Bay
6. Steve Ng, James Bay
7. Casey Reed, Westshore
8. Shea Wakefield, James Bay
9. Liam Chisolm, Castaway Wanderers
10. Graham Harriman, James Bay
11. Aidan Mcleary, Westshore
12. Damon Adams, Castaway Wanderers
13. Kiko Halaliku, Nanaimo
14. Clay Panga, Westshore
15. Nathan Stewart, Castaway Wanderers
16. Moe Abdelnomen, James Bay
17. Kieran McAuley, James Bay
18. Foster DeWitt, Westshore
19. Peyton Eagar, Nanaimo

Backs (1 to 4 scrum half, 5 to 7 fly half, 8 to 11 centres, 12 to 18 back three)
1. Brandon Schellenberger, Castaway Wanderers
2. Sam Fowler, Nanaimo
3. Jenner Teufel, Cowichan
4. Riley Dinardo, Castaway Wanderers
5. Mark Discombe, Westshore
6. Elliot Johnson, James Bay
7. Danny Hamstra, Cowichan
8. Jared Stephens, Nanaimo
9. Mike Niewenheysen, James Bay
10. Taylor McGuire, Westshore
11. Connor Pullin, Castaway Wanderers
12. Sitiveni Nacoko Westshore
13. Anton Ngongo, Castaway Wanderers
14. Brett Johnson, Castaway Wanderers
15. Jordan Tait, Westshore
16. Justin Logan, Castaway Wanderers
17. Brock Gallagher, James Bay
18. Mitch Sorra, James Bay

Coaching Staff
Roger Robinson - Head Coach
Sean White - Assistant Coach
Aaron Frisby - Backs Coach
Clay Panga - Forwards Coach
Gary Dukelow - Scrum Coach

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