BC Rugby Weekend of March 3rd 2018

March 04 2018

BCRN 2018

Weekend Results: Burnaby Smite Hornets; Bays Topple Lomas ; Vikes Edge Ravens; Westshore Upset CW

[ed. a reminder UBC v Cal Bears at Thunderbird Stadium on Sunday. UBC are down -3 going into the final match of the two game series.]

Nanaimo 30 @ Burnaby 79

Nanaimo played a good 40 minutes and Jared Stephens scored 2 first half tries, that's about all that can be said for the visitors. Half time was a close match at 27-20, then the wheels fell off. The home team added 52 second half points to 10 for Nanaimo, Burnaby get 5 for the win, Nanaimo claim a BP in the loss. The win bumps Burnaby up 3rd place with 58 points, Nanaimo are in the cellar with 19. Nanaimo host CW in 2 weeks week while Burnaby have a bye.

Nanaimo looked good against the Bays, not so good against Lomas last week. They have Paul Jacobsen back which gives their loose forwards a little more toughness but they've lost Peyton Eagar to the Vegas 7s, so lose a bit in mobility. Jacobsen moves from his usual blindside to openside to cover. Their big man in the second row (also #8), Kiko Halaliku, isn't show in the starting XV which is a loss. Jared Stephens is their danger man, 3 tries against James Bay, 2 against Lomas and has been on form this season. Brad Marshall, the veteran South African player, returns to his #10 role. Burnaby will be hurting from their clobbering at UVic two weeks ago and then the close loss to CW last week. They finally have a return to Burnaby and will be wanting to play well in front of the home crowd to turn things around. They sit comfortably in 4th place, 12 points ahead of Capilano, a home quarter-final almost assured if they win this match. Cody Rockson returns to his #9 role with Doug Breadon coming into the openside slot. Burnaby should have too much talent across the park while Nanaimo still have a few gaps to fill. Prediction: Burnaby by 8.

1 Adrian Longbone
2 Andrew Lackner
3 Nik Hildebrand
4 Craig Mclaughlin
5 Mike Gough (Capt)
6 Mike O' Toole
7 Doug Breadon
8 Siaki Vikilani
9 Cody Rockson
10 Nolan Shelley
11 Andrew Porter
12 Max Tacket
13 Cole Macqueen
14 Giuseppe Laudisio
15 Ben Mcivor


Lomas 12 @ James Bay 32

Bays got the job done and put some room between them and the 7th place team UVic. Bays now have 39 points, Uvic passed Seattle and sit at 34 points. Lomas are tied with Westshore for 9th/10th. There's no Premier matches next weekend with the Canada 7s at BC Place.

Lomas looked good in their win against Nanaimo last weekend, they had a balanced attack and played a structured game. Their big wing Evan Lloyd is someone I'd like to see in a rep level match. The Bays have one of their stronger rosters this year however. Jim de Goede and Graham Harriman are back in the second row, Travis Larsen is back at #8, Clayton Meeres is back in the centres. The Bays will be smarting a bit after losing to last place Nanaimo, then having a week off to think about it, this is a must win for them if they want to make the playoffs. The Bays are only a slim 1 point ahead of Seattle in the race for 6th, the last playoff spot. They have two games in hand however, so a win on Saturday will give them some breathing room. If Lomas win they'll be right in the mix for the 6th place battle, a loss will put them in a difficult spot with only 3 matches left. Think Bays at home with the roster they have go in as favourites. Prediction: Bay by 6.

1. Cian Byrne
2. Scott McGinley
3. Nathan Amey
4. Ben Martin
5. Anton Belozerov
6. Justin Fanselow
7. Connor McCann
8. Josh Clarke (C)
9. Tom Viljoen
10. Olly Owen
11. Evan Lloyd
12. Calum Baynham
13. Benji Cottle
14. Derek Townsend
15. Mike Hall
16. Dan Fumano
17. Paul Moriarty
18. Darren Du
19. Billy Noonan
20. David Brammall
21. Dom Boyd
22. Steff Evans
23. Ben Bula

James Bay

UVic 36 @ Ravens 31

The Vikes are on a resurgence, 2 major upsets in 2 weeks taking down Burnaby then Ravens. If they make the playoffs, they may be the team nobody wants to play. Ravens have now put UBC in the driver's seat. Ravens still on top of the standings by 2 points but UBC have a game in hand.

UVic are starting to find their form, they decimated Burnaby at home two weeks ago, a big upset. Can they pull another rabbit or Raven out of the hat. Their fullback Brennig Prevost scored three tries against Burnaby and Ravens are missing their top fullback, Aaron McLelland, who is playing for the Ontario Arrows this weekend in Houston. The Ravens forwards didn't look that dominant against Westshore in their last outing, Westshore gave them some problems in that area. It could be they underestimated the opponent as they started some of their top players on the bench for that match, then Phelan picked up an injury during the match. He's back but on the bench to start. It doesn't look like they're taking the Vikes too lightly this week. The return of Ollie Nott has rejuvinated the Vikes and James O'Neill is playing well, they have a good group of loose forwards. Grady Bowd at #10 is finding his form again, going up against the BC Bears #10, Harjun Gill. If I were a Canada selector I'd have eyes on that matchup. Ravens at home are favourites, they sit top of the standings. Prediction: Ravens by 7.

1 Dimitri G
2 Alex Mascott
3 Chris Taylor
4 Connor Hamilton
5 Sam Clarke
6 David O'Donoghue (i)
7 Simon Etheve (i)
8 Karl Moran (i)
9 Jorden Sandover-Best
10 Harjun Gill
11 Jeff Vreys
12 Ben Grant
13 Adam Mcqueen
14 Sean Ferguson
15 AJ King (i)
16 David Pelosi
17 Paul Ahn
18 Marc Belvedere
19 Jon Phelan
20 Nathan Kendrick(i)
21 Kol Henrikson
22 James Thompson
23 Karsten Leitner

1. MacBryan Bos
2. Spencer Cooper
3. Alex McAra
4. Gavin Kratz
5. Jesse Burns
6. Ollie Nott
7. James O’Neill
8. Jackson Matthews
9. James Pitblado
10. Gradyn Bowd
11. Aidan McMullan
12. Logan Martin- Feek
13. Jack McCarthy
14. Cathal Long
15. Brennig Prevost

CW 10 @ Westshore 29

Another upset, Westshore gave Ravens trouble two weeks ago and they created the upset today. Strong forward play, a possession game and attention to defence seem to be key components. Clay Panga is playing some of his best rugby right now at #8. The loss has dropped CW to 4th spot behind Burnaby. Westshore won all four games against CW, 3rds, Reserve, Men Premier and Women Premier. In 2 weeks Westshore travel to Seattle while CW travel to Nanaimo.

CW dipping into the UVic connection with Kapi Vitaki getting the start at wing, UVic Coach's son Morgan Tate at #10 and Liam Chisolm at second row. Nova Scotia native Brett Johnson gets the start at #12. There's no sign of speedy winger Anton Ngongo in the roster, with Vegas 7s, Canada ARC and Seattle Seawolves all on the go, CW have a few players missing or moving on. Talking of moving on, young professional Rugby League hopeful, Quinn Ngawati, remains in Victoria until his UK paperwork gets sorted and suits up for Westshore again. He looked good against Ravens two weeks ago. #14 Sitiveni Nacoko is always a threat on the outside. It should be an entertaining and competitive match. CW are sitting comfortably in 3rd place and look to have a home quarter-final spot secured. Westshore are in 10th and perhaps out of the running for the playoffs this year, although not mathematically eliminated they need to string some wins together. CW seem to be playing well as a team and only have 4 losses. Prediction: CW by 5.


1 Neil Hagerty
2 Jade Billington (i)
3 Nick Macauley
4 Jason Gagnier
5 Aidan McCleary
6 Foster Dewitt
7 Kyle White
8 Clay Panga
9 Mark Discombe
10 Tyrone Gersch (I)
11 Niu Savea
12 Taylor McGuire (I)
13 Quinn Ngawati
14 Sitiveni Nacoko
15 Jordan Tait
16 Jay Jimmo
17 Simon Abel (i)
18 Ryan Waldrif
19 Paul Henri Van Thiel
20 Isaac Gonevou
21 Matt Kemp
22 Tommy Lee (i)
23 Julian Foggitt

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