National Club Championship 2018

March 07 2018

Jamie Collins 2006 - James Bay
© Pat Sayer

National Club XVs Championship Planned for 2018 - BC to Host

A proposal is out to bring back the National Club Championship in 2018 after a long period of hibernation. The one and only National Club Championship took place in 2006 at Ellerslie Park in Edmonton. That was won by James Bay over Irish Canadians from Toronto.

The new proposal is backed and subsidized in large part by the Canadian Rugby Foundation. The final will be held Thanksgiving Weekend in BC, possibly in Abbotsford. The final tournament will include four teams; the BC Champion, Western Champion, Eastern Champion and Maritime Champion.

The Western Champion will be determined by matches in August and Labour Day weekend. In August the University of Manitoba Wombats will face the Saskatchewan Badgers, the winner of that match will meet the Nor'Westers from Edmonton who were the 2017 Alberta Division One champions. The winner of that match advance as Western Champions.

The Eastern Champion will be determined by a game between Brantford Harlequins and Montreal Irish, likely on Labour Day weekend. The Maritime Champion will be contested between Newfoundland Dogs and Fredericton Loyalists.

The BC Champion will likely be the Premier winner determined in May.

First prize will be $5,000, 2nd prize $2,000 and 3rd prize $1,000.

The proposal calls for an initial four year cycle for championships with 2 years a possibility if funding is available. The men's and women's championship would alternate within the cycle, so on a 4 year cycle, the women's championship would be in 2020 (2019 on a 2 year cycle).

The chair of the organizing committee is Hans de Goede.

More details as they become available.

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