Canada U19 vs Leinster U18 - Match #3

March 30 2018

Siaki Vikilani laying down the boom vs Leinster

Canada U19 Keep It Closer Against Leinster U18 39-27: Match Video and Commentary

0:15 A good start from Canada off the kickoff showing some much needed aggression off the bat. Harrison Hooke #6 who played at Brentwood last year came up fast on the tackle, and Sief El Din Sanad the #7 came over and stole the ball. Canada take the 3 points on offer.

5:39 Prolonged pressure by Leinster inside the Canada half, a few tackles missed, good patience by the Irish side, recycling the ball and they eventually make it across the line. Looks like #13 who does a forward somersault in the air while touching down, a bit of dramatic flair, a Brian O'Driscoll in the making perhaps.

10:11 Canada get their box kick clearance inside the 22 stuffed. They've had a difficult time on tour getting that right, getting the protection setup at the fringe of the ruck and then executing properly. A sigh from behind the camera, scrum to Leinster 5 metres out. Leinster knock it on, Canada scrum. Clearance kick doesn't find touch and Leinster are on attack, a chip kick goes in goal and Canada get a 22 drop out.

16:43 Leinster have a scrum 30 metres out centre of the field, they split the backs, go right and two passes later are under the posts. A well worked play not very well defended.

19:01 Leinster back under the posts for another try, again through the backs, they have a clear advantage out wide over Canada. Multiple phases leading up to the try and one key missed tackle out wide.

22:37 Canada lose the ball at the breakdown, messy breakdown and it could have been called as a penalty against Leinster but the support players didn't clear out very well.

25:27 Canada get called on obstruction at their 22, marginal call, a couple of decisions back to back that went against them.

28:30 Another penalty against Canada after they knocked the ball on trying to get out of their 22. Subsequent breakdown was penalized. Canada not looking very sharp, a few sighs from the camera, understandable. A few phases and then out wide #13 to #15 and under the posts.

31:32 Leinster botch the kickoff reception and Canada have a 22 metre scrum. A few phases a penalty and Canada choose a 5 metre scrum in front of the posts. That goes well, they keep it simple, 10 to 12 to 13 and it's in. The Canadian backs are bigger and do well in the power game but not as mobile or skilled out wide.

40:39 A few breakdown penalties traded back and forth, whistle ends the first half.


59:20 Canada putting together some nice phases and working down the field, one offload attempt that's a little ambitious kills it off however.

1:02:32 Leinster have a lineout at the 22, get clean ball, and run a deception play in the backs that completely baffles Canada, #11 runs in without having a hand laid on him. Canada really mismatched in the backs but forwards holding their own.

1:12:34 Canada have the ball for a prolonged period inside Leinster 22 but are making it difficult for themselves with overlaps not being exploited. Scrum half held up over the line. Instead of scrum they quick tap and give it to #8 Nicholas Carson who gets over the line.

1:20:14 #9 Brock Gallagher scores a solo try from a mid-field scrum, taking a pass from the #8 and scampering down the field. It was almost a duplicate of the first try scored in the first match vs Ireland when Brandon Schellenberger was scrum half, definitely Canada's most productive play to date on the tour.

1:23:59 Leinster scrum, Canada have a few changes, #20 is playing blindside now, Guershom Mukendi. Siaki Vikilani is in the centres and just laid a kaboom on the #15 trying to run the gap, shoulder to the solar plexus, arms wrapped, perfect hit. If Canada had done that in the first 5 minutes of the match guarantee the Irish backline would have had a bit more respect and trepidation taking passes at pace. Well done Siaki. Leinster retain possession but next time the ball is spun wide the 2nd receiver drops it as he has one eye on the advancing defence. Coincidence, I think not. Play of the game right there, let's see that in first 5 minutes next match.

1:27:27 Siaki gets the ball in hand but tries to do too much takes on 2 tacklers one after another but runs diagonally and right into touch, so much potential talent but also so raw and so much to learn.

1:31:23 Leinster pressing inside 22, an attempt counter-ruck is dinged by the ref. Mindset was right but technique poor, choosing the football type shoulder charge instead of an engage, grapple and leg drive approach which won't get penalized. Leinster make the surprise choice of a penalty, I think the Siaki hit may still be in the back of their mind, the game is already won with time ticking down. They get the 3.

1:33:38 Canada win the kickoff, good work by #18 Reid Davis in winning that. A couple of passes and #15 Campbell Clarke is in for the try. This is the way to finish off the match, the fight seems to have gone from Leinster. If Canada had laid those big hits early on, especially to slow down the backline, this might have ended differently.

1:35:38 Leinster get one at the end, #7 Sief El Din Sanad tried to do too much, basically pushed #13 out of the way "mate if you're not going to make the tackle I will" but #13 got in the way which created an overlap and Leinster scored. Can't fault #7 too much, Canada backline defenders have been too slow and passive coming off the line, could feel his frustration wanting to make that tackle. I wouldn't mind seeing him and Siaki in the centres next match if they had enough backrow to go around, they couldn't do worse and look to be aggressive backrow players who can make the adjustment. Lay down some big hits early on and try to slow down their backs a bit and make them think twice when taking a line at pace.

Overall a good last 20 from Canada, except that one late try. If Canada can continue that last 20 and play like that to start against Ulster then good things will happen. Still enjoying that big hit by Siaki and wanting to see more of that from Canada.


1. Thomas Hagan
2. Aurelien Muller
3. Nathan Lake
4. Kaden Duguid
5. Quentin James (C)
6. Harrison Hooke
7. Sief El Din Sanad
8. Nicholas Carson
9. Brock Gallagher
10. Max Radcliffe
11. John Buck
12. Jim Newman
13. Kyle Tremblay
14. Lucas Tuffin
15. Campbell Clarke
16. Tyler Wong
17. Jackson Scott
18. Reid Davis
19. Tyler Rowland
20. Guershom Mukendi
21. Siaki Vikilani
22. Jacob Siems
23. David Stolz

Head coach Dean Murten will be leading the tour along with Tony LaCarte (assistant coach), Conan Cooper (strength and conditioning coach), Ben Motum (Therapist) and Des Lynch (manager and mental skills coach).

Canada’s Under-19 Squad:

John Buck - Calgary Canucks RFC (Calgary, AB)
Connor Byron - University of British Columbia (Abbotsford, BC)
Dalton Campbell - Calgary Hornets RFC (Calgary, AB)
Nicholas Carson - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Gabriel Casey - Bytown Blues RFC (Ottawa, ON)
Campbell Clarke - Swilers RFC (St. John's, NL)
Reid Davis - Bayside RFC (Surrey, BC)
Myles Donoghue - University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)
Kaden Duguid - NOR'WESTERS (Edmonton, AB)
Peyton Eagar - Nanaimo Hornets RFC (Nanaimo, BC)
Sief El Din Sanad - TARS RFC (Bedford, NS)
Hunter Grant - Westshore Valhallians RFC (Victoria, BC)
Thomas Hagan - Swilers RFC (St. John's, NL)
Harrison Hooke - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Fort St. James, BC)
Quentin James - Perpignan Academy France (Vancouver, BC)
Samuel Kahn - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Nathan Lake - Windsor Machine RFC (Windsor, ON)
Guerschom Mukendi - Stoney Creek Camels (Stoney Creek, ON)
Aurélien Muller - Beaconfeild RFC (Montreal, QC)
Jim Newman - University of British Columbia (Victoria, BC)
Evan Norris - University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)
Cameron Pope - James Bay RFC (Belleisle Creek, NB)
Max Radcliffe - Bayside RFC (Surrey, BC)
Tyler Rowland - Toronto Nomads (Vancouver, BC)
Gui Sala De Melo Costa - Shawnigan Lake School (Shawnigan Lake, BC)
Brandon Schellenberger - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Jackson Scott - Norfolk Harvesters RFC (Toronto, ON)
David Stoltz - Barrhaven Scottish RFC (Stittsville, ON)
Kyle Tremblay - Bayside RFC (Surrey, BC)
Lucas Tuffin - Castaway Wanderers RFC (Victoria, BC)
Siaki Vikalani - Burnaby Lake RFC (Burnaby, B)
Tyler Wong - University of Victoria (Vancouver, BC)


Dean Murten – Head Coach
Tony LaCarte – Assistant Coach
Conan Cooper – Strength and Conditioning Coach
Ben Motum – Therapist
Des Lynch – Manager and Mental skills coach


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March 28 – Canada U19 vs Ireland Clubs & Schools - Result: ICS 51-12 Canada
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April 02 – Canada U19 vs Ulster
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